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zMessenger launches enhanced mobile device management platform


zMessenger, Sri Lanka’s award winning integrated mobile media company, launched an enhanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Sri Lanka to help private and the public sector to meet the growing challenges. The company plans to cover the Banking and Finance, Manufacture and Distribution, Healthcare and Telco’s  which have been identified as the key segments that needs to be more concerned about IT systems, as more and more people in these segments are becoming mobile savvy day by day. The zMessenger MDM solution is designed for IT administrators to quickly secure, monitor and control smart phones along with other personal mobile devices under their care.

The key benefits of using zMessenger MDM are to extend IT systems management policies to devices and operating systems including Android, iOS, RIM and Windows phones / tablets. Protect business data no matter where it sits or is accessed from. At the same time an organization can reduce help desk requests such as mobile email configurations through remote and automatic management capabilities.

“As users continue to access business data and applications through their mobile devices, it will be essential for organizations to find a way to manage those devices for business continuity, accessibility and security reasons” said Ms. Jayomi Lokuliyana, Co-founder / CEO of zMessenger.

Jayomi Lokuliyana


She further said, “Local organizations need a robust mobile device management solution that meets IT’s need for security and management, while addressing user needs for seamless access to apps, data and support services from any mobile device.  zMessenger, the pioneering company in providing “total mobile solutions” introduces a solution that delivers everything required to mobilize your enterprise, where an IT department, through mobile device management, can keep a track of, protect and update all mobile devices”.

With the surge of ever more powerful mobile devices, users are becoming increasingly mobile, and critical business data is being dragged along with them. Organizations are increasingly finding their users accessing email, files and applications through personal smartphones and tablets, requiring them to extend their existing IT systems management policies to cover mobile devices. With the continued spread of mobile devices, many people are utilizing their personal devices for work as well. Accessing sensitive data on these devices is causing an array of security and compliance issues for businesses and their IT staff, which are now tasked with enabling the use of consumer devices, developing new mobile applications for business use while maintaining consistent policies and device compliance across all employees.




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