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#TweepsIftar 2013 – A multicultural Sri Lankan tweeps gathering


Sri Lankan Twitter community is known to be organizing unique events setting it apart from other social networks that are popular in the country. Among such unique events, networking events have been highly attended by the tweeps who express themselves with 140 characters on regular basis.

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Adding a new flavor to such events in the Twitter community, #TweepsIftar was held on 30th July at the Sasakawa Memorial Hall –Colombo 03 with the participation of 70+ tweeps. This was an initiative started in the Ramazan season last year with few tweeps attending the event. The event this year kicked off as a result of a casual conversation between Muhammad Nasir (@MoAwesomeSauce) and Akram Mutaliph (@Akram_Z) regarding meeting up for an Iftar as a reunion. Tweeps Iftar 2013 took the practice to a whole different level where an open invitation was sent out to all the tweeps in the Sri Lankan Twitter community. The most outstanding feature of the Tweeps Ifthar 2013 was that it was not limited to Muslim tweeps where non-Muslims were also welcome to join the event.

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The event gave a great opportunity for Non-Muslim tweeps to get exposed to the rituals of Muslims during the Ramazan season. Iftar arrangements were made with delicious buffet from Arabian Knights who are known for authentic Arabic Food in town. Arabic food such as Shawarmas, Falafel, Humus Dip and Laban (yogurt drink) added the real flavor of an Iftar to the event. Upon completing Iftar with delicious food, Maghrib Jamath prayers (group prayers) were conducted and it was led by @MoAwesomeSauce. Prayers were followed by a speech by @MoAwesomSauce who enlightened the non-Muslim community about aims, obligations, rituals and practices of Ramazan which was of high value to the society in terms of creating awareness during a time of misconceptions.

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Similar to other Twitter events, the Tweeps Iftar was also followed by a networking session for participants where they had the opportunity mingle with fellow tweeps. As per the main organizer of the event; @MoAwesomeSauce the aims of this event were of two folds namely; to provide Muslim tweeps to have reunion for an Ifthar and to promote communal harmony through allowing Non-Muslims to experience rituals/practices of the religion and these two aims were achieved to a great extent.

The event was able to gather a massive momentum and positive comments from the participants as well as people who were not able to join the event. Many highlighted the contribution made to create the inter-religious understanding, networking as well as fellowship among tweeps who interact with each other online on a regular basis. Due to the positive impact, this event is expected to continue as an annual event at larger scale in coming years.

Pictures from the event are on the facebook page here

Click here for tweets from the tweeps about #TweepsIftar.



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