Home Events Team FireBird wins at Imagine Cup 2013 finals in Russia!

Team FireBird wins at Imagine Cup 2013 finals in Russia!


We are delighted to inform our readers that team FireBird, 4 students from IIT (Informatics Institute of Technology) have won 1st place in ‘Samsung Digital Native Award’ at Imagine Cup 2013 in Russia. The team also secured $10,000 in prize money.  Congratulations are in order since its the first time that a team from Sri Lanka have been able to clinch first place in a world final at Imagine Cup!

Full winners list here

amal-stefan-imagine-cup2013Amal Gunatilake and Stefan Udumalagala showcasing at Imagine Cup finals in Saint Petersburg City, Russia. (Image courtesy Microsoft Imagine Cup fb page)

Regarding the project:

Name : I – Chum

Members of the Firebird team – Stefan Udumalagala, Amal Gunatilake, Mohamed Shehan, Kishore Kumar

Project Description

The product i-Chum is a significant leap in enabling the visually impaired helping them to lead a normal and productive life. It provides augmented sensory aids: allowing the visually impaired to experience and comfortably interact with both the physical and virtual environments and animate and inanimate objects within these environments without compromising their safety. i-Chum uses a novel approach to package a combination of sensory techniques together. By connecting the device into a smartphone or tablet PC with Windows 8 OS user has the ability to perform task such as obstacle avoidance and -navigation,object identification and generic reading and writing.

We researched the gaps in the current society where technology could actually be a help to improve the life style. Through the research we found out that even though there are products which have been introduced into the market already, still those products do not cater to a broad range of capabilities.Our team had a brainstorm session and we put our thoughts and knowledge together to come up with a perfect product which does cater wide range of capabilities for the visually impaired people.

“With our product “I-Chum” the visually impaired will no longer be impaired, they could be just as independent and normal as their next door neighbor who has perfect vision.”– Team Firebird

Team Trailer

We managed to capture the full presentation of team Firebird when they presented at the finals in Sri Lanka


FirebirdsTeamTeam Firebird in Russia (Image courtesy of Stefan Udumalagala)




W.G.T. Fernando is an author of over 15 ICT books and Founder/CEO at GTS. Gihan is a former lecturer at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He began his education at Thurstan College before going to Wycherley International School. He graduated with Honors in Computer Science at University of Liverpool in the UK and MSc in Advanced Software Engineering at Kings College, University of London.


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