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Information technology (IT) is one of the most emerging industries both locally and internationally. Sri Lanka is reputed for producing high numbers of experts in this domain and consists of many IT companies with international recognition for their high quality products and services.

Employees with expertise IT knowledge, ambitious and adaptive personality are the greatest asset of the IT industry. Their strength and dedication is the key for all the success achieved by local IT industry worldwide.  Therefore it’s not a secret that all the employers in IT industry seek for recruiting the most suitable employees for their companies.

University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) is renowned for building both academic knowledge and good personalities of its students in order to produce quality graduates to the society. Therefore UCSC undergraduates have strengthened with up-to date domain knowledge and skills which make them potential employees with enthusiasm and dedication to prosper in their future careers.

“Career Fair 2014” is organized by UCSC for the second consecutive year and will be staged on 30th October 2014 from 9.00am onwards at UCSC premises.  It is an opportunity for 4th year undergraduates to show-case their talents to the well-known companies in the IT industry with the intention of exploring inspiring careers.

This is a great opportunity for IT industry to access a large pool of candidates who have expertise in the exact fields which the companies are seeking for recruitment. It’s really great that many of the leading IT companies in Sri Lanka have already identified the potential of UCSC students and joined hands with us.

For more details:

Website: http://careers.ucsc.lk/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ucsccf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CareerFairUCSC


This meetup group aims to bring together people from all industries, university academics, students who are interested in dealing with large amounts of data, offering interesting talks, hands-on advice and a forum for exchange and networking. Topics include (but are not limited to);

Big Data, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Cloud Computing with Big Data , Distributed Computing with Big Data, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Tools/Frameworks such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, NoSQL storage & search technologies, Predictive Analysis.

Going a step further, this group also aims to improve the research work done in this area by connecting university students with industrial professionals and academics on various big data related research topics. This will also provide a platform for students to present their ideas to a larger crowd in order to get feedback and funding opportunities for their work.

Colombo Big Day Meetup

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We have been listening to the word ‘Startup’ more often these days, haven’t we? Well, what’s a start-up? A start-up is nothing more than starting a company on your own, being an entrepreneur and taking risks. Some people might get the idea “two foreign guys in a garage”, just like the most success stories out there. But then we also have our local experts, who have excelled starting their own business.

_MG_0753“Getting a startup going on is very risky. At times you get emotionally involved” said Manoj Ranaweera, who has founded many startups, such as Techcelerate in UK and was down in Sri Lanka when this forum took place. He said, having an MBA gives you overconfidence and that is what happened to him when he was struggling to get up on his own.

“It is a myth that all the businesses from Silicon Valley will take over the world. In UK, it is harder than San Francisco, and in Sri Lanka, it is much harder to start a start-up and keep going.” – Manoj


And then we also had Shakya Lahiru Pathmalal, who is the Founder and CEO of takas.lk. To inspire the gathering, Shakya shared some tips he followed. “If you can’t connect with people, if you don’t know what your investors are interested in, you are doing it wrong. You need to really brush up on the story before pitching.” He also suggested that you pitch to your family before you pitch to your investors, so that you can think through your business model according to their feedback.

“Believe in what you do while being honest. Investment doesn’t come only in the form of Rupees, but you make lifelong friends as well” Lahiru concluded with that note.

Jeevan Gnanam was next up to present his speech. Being an Angel Investor, Director at SAKS and SLASSCOM which is the leading IT body in the country and CEO of Orion City as well as St. Antony’s Industries Group. Orion City was started because there was a lack of proper IT ecosystem in Sri Lanka. ‘Lankan Angel Network funds and inspires start-ups. Having created that, it is great to see that Startup ecosystem is growing in SL’, said Jeevan.

“Don’t be afraid to fail, but get used to it and get up, quick.” a tip by Jeevan.


Once the main speakers were done with their presentations, we moved on to a Panel Discussion where the speakers touched on some delicate matters which were raised by the audience. “I suppose I have a very expensive taste. Essentially this gave me two options, a calculated decision was taken into consideration which led me to create takas.lk” – Lahiru.

“Whether we like it or not, our parents make decisions for us for our betterment. We need more people here in Sri Lanka to take chances at a very young age. This is the lesson I have learnt from Manchester, UK” – Manoj.


“Do more, with less. We have at least 5-6 new competition every year. Ecosystem is lacking mentorship, people giving time rather than money is more valuable these days” – Jeevan.

The first panel discussion was followed by another panel discussion consisting of Ruwindhu Peiris, Anushka Wijesinha, Fayaz Hudah and Deshal De Mel. Manoj moderated the session. Issues were raised and addressed. For instance, PayPal issue. “I agree, there are things to be done from government’s end as well, such as PayPal. It is important that Government make these things feasible. Government has the role of creating the ecosystem” – Deshal.


Time was running out and a cocktail session was awaiting all of us. The crowd dispersed after having some refreshments while networking and enhancing their understanding about proper mechanism of starting a start-up.

Catch-up with archived live blog post here. Also check the photo album which can be found here.


The mobile landscape has undergone a tectonic shift in the last couple of years with record numbers of adoption and usage. This has resulted in new ways of looking at old problems and re-definition of user experience in a mobile age. With this territory comes a whole new set of challenges as well as opportunities to re-invent traditional experiences with the aid of the smartphone. This session aims to cover the limits of these possibilities and explore what’s next.

Event is scheduled to start at 5.30 Pm at Virtusa Auditorium in Orion City. More info about the event.

Stay tuned with our Live Blog for detailed updates.

Full video coverage:


Photo Album: here.


Annual industrial visit to software giants IFS and Virtusa by the fourth year batch of Computing & Information Systems (CIS) of Sabaragamuwa University was held on 15th August. Both companies are world famous software development firms which are also reputed for their human resource policies as well. The seminar and practical sessions conducted by both firms were extremely helpful for the CIS students. CIS is a new four-year special degree awarded by Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, which celebrated the passing out of its first batch this year.

Both organizations covered a wide range of topics during the sessions they conducted for us. They included the skills a computing student should acquire, an introduction to mobile computing, cloud computing, big data, embedded system development and finally  a brief introduction about various job opportunities available in the industry. They also elaborated on the skills required to be competent professionals and organizational expectations from fresh graduates.

In the first session at Virtusa, a Senior Tech Lead explained about the organization and their operational area in the industry. After that he discussed the future opportunities for the IT undergraduates and the skills undergraduates should build up along with technological expertise.


Then Virtusa introduced their annual “LAN Challenge” gaming competition. Afterwards two project managers explained about their projects. First one relating to the aviation industry and the other “Akura”, which is an open source project. In the third session all undergraduates got the chance to visit the project development environments and discuss with the project managers, developers and testers about the projects and they demonstrated how those systems really performed. This really was an  interesting team activity done by Virtusa who encouraged students to showcase their resource planning and time management abilities too. Before moving on to the next session at IFS, Virtusa provided food and beverage including lunch for all of us.

Then we visited IFS and  they briefed us about their company and the products they are delivering. Then students participated in an interactive discussion about the emerging technologies in the industry and the industrial placement opportunities for the CIS students. Members of IFS staff also provided necessary guidance for each an every individual student and exchanged their experiences with us. At the end of the sessions IFS provided refreshments as well.

This was the second industry visit of CIS undergraduates and it was a riveting experience. Our sincere gratitude goes out Virtusa and IFS for investing time and money on behalf of the new comers to the industry and showing them the path to succeed and excel in the industry.



Virtusa Corporation, a global business consulting and IT outsourcing company that combines innovation, technology leadership and industry solutions to transform the customer experience, yesterday announced that it has earned a Bronze Stevie Award for ‘Human Resources (HR) Department of the Year- Computer Software and Services’ in the 11th annual American Business Awards.
This year, more than 3,200 nominations were submitted, and Virtusa was one of just three companies to receive an award in this category.
“We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised by the American Business Awards for our innovative HR practices,” said Virtusa Chairman and CEO Kris Canekeratne. “Our team members are at the heart of who we are and what we do, and our HR team works tirelessly to provide a stimulating environment that is both challenging and motivating. Our global commitment to our core values, pursuit of excellence, integrity, respect and leadership, is demonstrated day after day across our geographies of operation and in every single department, strengthening our ethos and bringing our global team members, no matter how close or how far, into a unified high-performance culture. For our Human Resources and team member engagement efforts to be singled out and recognized for excellence for the second year in a row is both gratifying and humbling.”
Named a “Millennial Enterprise,” Virtusa was honoured for driving HR excellence on a global scale and for implementing unique development strategies and programs, particularly catered towards Millennials, who make up 86% of Virtusa’s workforce. The company regularly solicits feedback from team members through surveys, uses a communications framework platform to improve communication between team members and its leadership team, and has built custom internal social networks where Virtusans can interact and collaborate. The company holds interactive “YamJam” sessions using Yammer and leverages gamification, rewarding team members for their dedication and hard work.
“We work hard to ensure that we have the tools, technologies and programs in place to help our team members grow and succeed; whether they’re just starting out or have been in the workforce for many years,” said Virtusa Vice President and Global Head of HR Sundararajan Narayanan. “We are honoured to be recognised as an innovative Millennial Enterprise by such a prestigious organisation and will continue to uphold our commitment to our team members, who are the heart and soul of our organisation.”
Over the past year, Virtusa has been recognized all over the globe with numerous awards, including “Best Employer” awards in the US, Britain, India and Sri Lanka. Recently, Virtusa was named to Britain’s Top Employers list and The Boston Globe’s Globe 100, in addition to being recognised with a Pegasystems Partner Excellence Award for ‘Thought Leadership in Legal Services.’
This is the second consecutive year Virtusa has been honoured by the American Business Awards for ‘Human Resources (HR) Department of the Year.’ To see a full list of this year’s winners, please visit: http://www.stevieawards.com/pubs/awards/403_2183_22394.cfm.

Source : DailyFT


Virtusa Corporation, a global IT services company that combines innovation, technology leadership and industry solutions to transform the customer experience, today announced that it is ranked in the 25th annual Boston Globe ‘Globe 100 List’ for the second consecutive year.
Each year, The Globe 100 ranks Massachusetts companies based on how well they increased sales, profits and returns for shareholders in the previous year. Virtusa was ranked number27 on the list, moving up 15 spots from 2012 when it was ranked number 42.
“We are delighted to be recognised for the second consecutive year among Massachusetts’ best performing companies,” said Kris Canekeratne, Chairman and CEO of Virtusa. “The Globe 100 recognition validates Virtusa’s leadership role in helping our clients transform their businesses, improve their consumer experience and launch millennial products and services. Our strong growth is a direct result of the confidence and trust our clients have placed in Virtusa coupled with the extraordinary commitment and dedication of our global account teams who work passionately to accelerate the launch of new products and services.”
The 25th annual Globe 100 honours companies that delivered exceptional financial results during 2012. This year’s list includes Massachusetts’ best-performing companies – organisations that contributed substantially to the resurgence and well-being of the local Massachusetts economy. The list continues to be dominated by the technology, biotechnology and telecommunications sectors.
“As it always has, the Globe 100 list reflects the dynamic nature of business not only in Massachusetts but also the world,” said Steve Syre, Boston Globe business columnist and editor of the 2013 Globe 100 Magazine. “Several companies on this year’s list did not even exist when it debuted in 1989. In fact, it’s quite possible those companies employ people who weren’t even born in 1989.”
As a top-performing Massachusetts company, Virtusa has garnered a reputation for implementing innovative programs and practices in order to engage its Millennials, who make up 86 percent of its global workforce. Virtusa regularly solicits feedback from team members through surveys, hands out monthly and quarterly awards, uses a Communications Framework platform to improve communication between team members and its leadership team, and has built a custom internal social network where Virtusans can interact and collaborate.
The annual ranking of companies appeared in a magazine published in The Boston Sunday Globe on May 19, 2013

Source: DailyFT