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Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka reached its grand finale on 01st of September under the patronage of Etisalat Sri Lanka at the Wesley College Grounds. The cricketing buzz that engulfed the local Twittershpere culminated into one of the most well organized Social Media events ever held in the country. We have covered the preparations for #TPLSL in a couple of previous articles.


The structure itself for this year’s edition of #TPLSL was indeed revolutionary and technological backing Etisalat provided with a novel approach was commendable. The tweeps too responded with a huge enthusiasm from the very beginning and on last Sunday, they had one of the best days of their Social Media lives. It was indeed a great sight to see tweeps from different parts of the island converging to one place despite the distance that stood between them. Such commitment clearly accentuates that Twitter is very different and very real compared to other social media services we see nowadays.

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Final twenty four teams battled for the TPLSL supremacy with utmost intensity, but never transgressed the comradary they have with one another. It provided immense entertainment for the spectators and the cheering squads added color and spirit to all the matches. Although the day was all about cricket, tweeps found this a very good opportunity to get to know each other, make new friends and consolidate their existing friendships. Even a loss of a game was not a disappointment, since TPLSL was all about having a good time with the fellow Sri Lankan Twitter fraternity.


After an intense battle, Binthenna XI emerged as the Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka Champions. Runners Up was the Malabe PumpKINGS who gave the champions a good run for their money. It was refreshing to see the cricketing talent local Twittersphere possessed and some of the shots played, balls bowled and the fielding displayed were indeed remarkable. It is safe to say that tweeps are eagerly waiting for #TPLSL2014. It too would be a great spectacle of fun and fellowship, one would speculate without hesitation.


Finally, congratulations to Etisalt for making TPLSL happen and to Binthanna XI for becoming the champs!


#TPLSL organizing team, lead by the Tournament Director Koshal Krishnakumar


Image source – Etisalat Twitter Premier League Album


For the first time since the “green revolution” that followed the 2009 elections in Iran, citizens of the country can access Twitter and Facebook.

The social media sites, blocked for four years, were available in at least some parts of the country Monday, according to multiple local reports, tweets and updates. They were available via multiple service providers. No official announcement was made, however, leading some observers to speculate that the access could be a technical glitch. (Normally you’d see the government-imposed screenshot above when trying to access Facebook.com in Iran.)

But, then again, granting access would also make sense. Iranian officials have been moving in this direction for some time. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been on Facebook since December and on Instagram since August 2012. Newly elected president Hassan Rouhani has described Internet censorship as “futile.”

Rouhani started tweeting vigorously in June. Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the Iranian foreign minister was verified after some controversy late last week. A state committee, rather than the president, would have had to take the decision to unblock the services, but no doubt Rouhani wields some influence there.

Many tech-savvy Iranians have been accessing social networks despite the blackout, via encrypted VPN networks. An Iranian police chief said in January that the country was developing “intelligent software to control social networking websites” — clamping down on posts and tweets used to organize anti-government rallies or spread dissent.

In other words, Iran may have decided it’s a lot easier to control dissidents by letting them on social media without a private VPN — all the better to see what the mood of the country actually is.

Still, Iranians were thrilled to be rejoining the international community on social media.

Source: http://mashable.com/2013/09/16/twitter-facebook-iran/


In a quest to scale and better tap into real-time sentiment and mobile targeting, Twitter has gone on an acquisition spree with the purchase of Trendrr, a social-TV analytics company, as well as MoPub, the world’s largest mobile ad exchange. Both moves solidify Twitter’s desire to bring together and own, particularly vis-à-vis Facebook, three key spaces: TV and online multi-screening, mobile, and programmatic buying.

Today, many advertisers use Twitter to support their TV ads and as a consequence the social network has been developing its analytics platform to help. Twitter also added a TV slant on its targeting when earlier this summer it rolled out a TV Ad Targeting in the US. This product allows advertisers to target their ads towards users who are likely to have seen the shows where their ads ran based on what individuals have tweeted or the hashtags they have used.

The acquisition of Trendrr adds two key products to Twitter’s stable: Trendrr.TV and Curatorr. Trendrr.TV provides TV networks, publishers and media agencies with tools to track TV engagement across social networks, including Twitter. Curatorr allows those same parties to sort through social streams to visualize data and to help them identify high-quality tweets. These tweets can then be re-tweeted by a TV show’s Twitter account or show up on air during a live show that includes Twitter conversations as part of their show format.

With these two key products, the ability to now insert MoPubs technology into the equation becomes even more powerful; according to Twitter “they plan to use MoPub’s technology to build real-time bidding into the Twitter ads platform so our advertisers can more easily automate and scale their buys.”
As Twitter points out in the release “The two major trends in the ad world right now are the rapid consumer shift toward mobile usage, and the industry shift to programmatic buying. Twitter sits at the intersection of these, and we think by bringing MoPub’s technology and team to Twitter, we can further drive these trends for the benefit of consumers, advertisers, and agencies.”

These recent acquisitions actually compliment a third major trend occurring with TV and mobile which is two screen viewing and conversations, especially around live events. The ability to track and target real-time messages to relevant users more accurately is being reinforced with these acquisitions.
Finally, there is widespread speculation of a forthcoming Twitter IPO next year; these acquisitions should further improve its attractiveness to advertisers, and therefore Twitter’s financial performance and profitability.


These acquisitions will not only allow Twitter to offer deeper audience insights and functionality to marketers, networks, publishers and other organizations, it will also bring in-house a competing service. Trendrr was the last independent player in the social TV chatter space; Twitter bought Bluefin Labs in February and Nielsen bought SocialGuide in November. This is all notable as Facebook has been evolving its platform to become more of a contender in the real-time conversation market with the development of new tools like Trending Topics and hashtags. Facebook has also indicated that it’s looking at its association with TV much more closely. Facebook announced in July (coincidentally from the results of a Trendrr research piece) that it has more TV chatter than Twitter just behind “closed doors” due to its users’ ability to restrict access to their content. By absorbing Trendrr, Twitter has not only bolstered their appeal to advertisers, but they have also ensured Facebook have limited options for future acquisitions.


For many users Twitter is the place where real-time conversation happens. This engaged audience and stream of real-time data has attracted advertisers and has started to turn into much needed advertising revenue.
The additional functionality and expertise Twitter gains as result of this acquisition will add to its second screen credentials and give advertisers more tools to better target their consumers across whatever screen they are engaging. No doubt we will see much more development in this TV, social, and mobile intersection.

Source: http://www.dailymirror.lk/tech/digital-media/35252–twitter-goes-on-the-offensive.html


Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka, organized by Etisalat will take place on 01st of September at the Wesley College Grounds from 8.30 AM onwards. #TPLSL is celebrating its second consecutive year and so far it has inspired immense enthusiasm among the local cricket loving Twittersphere. We have brought you a detailed article earlier about the format of this year’s edition and also about how it all happened last year. This however is an update just a week before the big day.

Twenty four teams have been chosen from a community vote, where the Twittersphere voted for the respective Franchise Owners. The selected teams have been creative this year and have created their own social media profiles on Twitter and even on Facebook. Currently the teams are handling these profiles very imaginatively and has attracted a lot of support from their fellow Twitter comrades by becoming what Etisalat has termed as ‘Cheerleaders’.

Teams that would be playing in this year’s TPLSL are:

After the final twenty four teams were announced, the Franchise Owners were then given the chance to reserve four players for each of their respective teams. Afterwards they had the opportunity to bid for the rest of the team members based on a ‘Bidding Currency’ that was influenced by the Tweet Count of the owner.

Etisalat had the draw on the 28th August (video which is shown below) in front of a live audience via their Hangout YouTube channel.

With that we have the full #TPLSL Fixtures scheduled for 01st of September and they are as follows:


TPLSL Team Draw (Thank you Isuru Dodangoda for the tweet earlier containing the team list)

It would be fascinating to watch how the Twitter comradery  transforms into friendly cricketing rivalry on the coming Sunday. All of us here at diGIT.lk wish all the very best to all the contesting teams and their supporters. 


Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka or more famously known as #TPLSL, a soft ball cricket tournament among the Sri Lankan Twitter community organized by Etisalat is scheduled to be held on 01st of September this year. After the immense success they had last year, Etisalat say they have some pleasant surprises in store for the TPLSL second edition, to make it another more exciting experience for the local Tweeps.

306381_10151986585355203_1695595771_nCricket and the Sri Lankan Twittersphere have what could only be described as an intimate bond. Whenever a cricket game is being played, especially if the game involves the Sri Lankan team, the local Twitter space buzzes with enthusiasm, encouragement and sometimes even frustration. So being able to play some serious cricket with the fellow Twitter comrades was indeed a new experience for the local Tweeps. With TPLSL first edition last year, Tweeps had the chance to showcase their cricketing skills competitively, yet with undeniable comradery.

This year too, TPLSL is going to be packed with excitement and also some surprises, says Koshal Krishnakumar (@KoshalKK), one of the organizers this year representing Etisalat Sri Lanka. One of the most significant changes this year is the Indian Premier League (IPL) based model for the 24 teams that will be playing for supremacy on September 01st. Each team has a ‘Franchise Owner’ who was selected from a Twitter community vote. They are responsible for the subsequent player reservations and player bidding processes. To coordinate and direct the progress of TPLSL this year, Etisalat has formed a Governing Council which would provide guidance for the movement of the tournament. Also they have hosted a dedicated web portal (play.etisalat.lk) for all the TPLSL related activities and information flow where the Tweeps were able to register themselves as players and they were provided with user profiles. This would indeed be a refreshing experience to the community and by the time of this article was being drafted; TPLSL 2nd Edition has reached the step where the Franchise Owners will be bidding for players.


TPLSL first edition had twelve teams which competed for the coveted trophy. After an intense battle among the teams, Panadura Talk-O-Holics emerged as the champions. J.M. Arshad (@jm_arshad) was nominated as the Man of the Match and also Man of the Series. Some of the memorable moments of TPLSL last year can be found here. Also you can find the video for the presentation ceremony. We will keep you updated with the progress of TPLSL and the entertainment it has to offer.

















Sri Lankan Twitter community is known to be organizing unique events setting it apart from other social networks that are popular in the country. Among such unique events, networking events have been highly attended by the tweeps who express themselves with 140 characters on regular basis.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 16.27.53

Adding a new flavor to such events in the Twitter community, #TweepsIftar was held on 30th July at the Sasakawa Memorial Hall –Colombo 03 with the participation of 70+ tweeps. This was an initiative started in the Ramazan season last year with few tweeps attending the event. The event this year kicked off as a result of a casual conversation between Muhammad Nasir (@MoAwesomeSauce) and Akram Mutaliph (@Akram_Z) regarding meeting up for an Iftar as a reunion. Tweeps Iftar 2013 took the practice to a whole different level where an open invitation was sent out to all the tweeps in the Sri Lankan Twitter community. The most outstanding feature of the Tweeps Ifthar 2013 was that it was not limited to Muslim tweeps where non-Muslims were also welcome to join the event.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 16.28.54

The event gave a great opportunity for Non-Muslim tweeps to get exposed to the rituals of Muslims during the Ramazan season. Iftar arrangements were made with delicious buffet from Arabian Knights who are known for authentic Arabic Food in town. Arabic food such as Shawarmas, Falafel, Humus Dip and Laban (yogurt drink) added the real flavor of an Iftar to the event. Upon completing Iftar with delicious food, Maghrib Jamath prayers (group prayers) were conducted and it was led by @MoAwesomeSauce. Prayers were followed by a speech by @MoAwesomSauce who enlightened the non-Muslim community about aims, obligations, rituals and practices of Ramazan which was of high value to the society in terms of creating awareness during a time of misconceptions.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 16.28.27

Similar to other Twitter events, the Tweeps Iftar was also followed by a networking session for participants where they had the opportunity mingle with fellow tweeps. As per the main organizer of the event; @MoAwesomeSauce the aims of this event were of two folds namely; to provide Muslim tweeps to have reunion for an Ifthar and to promote communal harmony through allowing Non-Muslims to experience rituals/practices of the religion and these two aims were achieved to a great extent.

The event was able to gather a massive momentum and positive comments from the participants as well as people who were not able to join the event. Many highlighted the contribution made to create the inter-religious understanding, networking as well as fellowship among tweeps who interact with each other online on a regular basis. Due to the positive impact, this event is expected to continue as an annual event at larger scale in coming years.

Pictures from the event are on the facebook page here

Click here for tweets from the tweeps about #TweepsIftar.