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The most anticipated event of the Sri Lankan Twittersphere, #TweetupSL is around the corner, just few more days to go! Keeping the tradition of annual events, TweetupSL 5 will be held on 20th of December 2014 at Orion City Car Park Premises. This time, the Principal Sponsor would be Mobitel Sri Lanka and they have more than Tshirts to give to the tweeps during the event! A grand carnival atmosphere is planned for the tweeps to get engaged in interactive activities  with other tweeps.

So, what is TweetupSL? TweetupSL is the annual gathering of the Twitter users of Sri Lanka, where tweeps meet in person. This is an event that allows tweeps to take forward the networking that was limited to keyboards in previous instances. Tweeps meet in person, some of them meet each other for the first time and for some, it is one of their regular meetups with their Twitter friends.

TweetupSL is not limited to networking, it also allows Twitter users to have fun in a carnival atmosphere. Many games and activities are planned for the day, where tweeps can take part in these activities as a group or individually.

Another interesting aspect of TweetupSL is the voting and prizes! With the election fever hitting the town, Twitter community also has its own election allowing tweeps to vote for their favourite tweeps under 13 categories, which are highly unique to Twitter behaviors. Some of the unique awards are hashtagaholic, instagramaholic, Twitter news breaker of the year and Twitterholic. Most interestingly, TweetupSL voting also include crowning Mr. Tweep and Ms. Tweep, which are considered to be the most highlighted segments of the event.

So, interested in TweetupSL? J You need to get yourself registered to attend TweepupSL 5. It is a must for you to have a Twitter account to attend TweetupSL 5 and also your account needs to be at least one month old. If you qualify in these criteria, log into www.TweetupSL.org to get yourself registered.

TweetupSL also focuses on ‘social good’ while allowing Tweeps to network and have fun. All the tweeps attending the event have to purchase a coupon worth of Rs. 200/=. The proceedings will be allocated to serve the community in need, in due course. Therefore, TweetupSL is not only about fun, but also making a positive impact on the society to spread the message of love and harmony.

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Video captured from TweetupSL 4


Twitter community of Sri Lanka is unique! They have been arranging various community building activities online as well as offline including events such as TweetupSL and Tweeps Iftar. The most recent event of Sri Lankan Twitter community was its blood donation camp, which was named #iDonateLK. Twitter in Sri Lanka is regularly used as a methodology to communicate requests for blood donors where Twitter accounts such as @BloodLK and @BloodNeedSL push updates on urgent blood requests and Tweeps regularly engage in such donations. Taking this practice a step further, few tweeps got together and organised #iDonateLK exclusive blood donation camp for tweeps to donate blood. This event was held on 6th of April 2014 at the National Blood Transfusion Service. This is the very first time the Sri Lankan Twitter community organised such an event, going beyond typical events of networking and fun.

How did it Start?

Like in the case of most the Twitter event, iDonateLK also started simply with a tweet, which was posted by Gayathri Seveneviratne (gsenev).



Proving the point that a simple tweet can do wonders, there were many tweets acknowledging the idea which led to another ‘social media for social good initiative’ by Sri Lankan Twitter community.


Who was behind iDonateLK?


Organising an event of this nature is challenging because all the coordination and communications happen online. But, there were tweeps to accept this challenge and be a part of this great initiate. The team behind iDonateLK include @milindat @MoAwesomeSauce @udithaumesh @SNSalgado @BuduMalli @nisald @Yeheshan @ShafrazKhahir, Vishmi and @gsenev. @dialogLK  was the sole sponsor who backed the event financially.



What Happened at iDonateLK? 

Proving the point that social media can be used for social good, there were many Twitter users who made themselves available on that day to donate blood. 44 donors succeeded in donating blood at iDonateLK and there were many who were turned down in the donor filtering process.

The diversity was the most interesting element of iDonateLK where differences such as religion, age,  social status and gender did not have any impact on making social good through social media. They all came together as ‘tweeps’ to donate blood and support the needy people.



What do Tweeps Say about iDonateLK?

As I told you before, organizing an event of this nature is challenging and we spoke to the main personality behind to iDonateLK, Gayathri Seneviratne @gsenev on her experience  and this is what she had to say:

“I am excited and so extremely happy that we were able to record 50+ donors today. Why it is so is that first, it happened to fall on the day of the finals and promotion of the event was done solely through Twitter. A lot more than 50 turned out but most of them were rejected due to various causes. This meant that not everyone knows a lot of the prerequisites of donating blood and among other plans of having another event of the same caliber, we’re also hoping on building a system to improve this knowledge and awareness among the young people. I also want to thank the team for all their efforts both online and offline. On behalf of the team, I thank all the donors who donated and to everyone else who made an effort to be there.”

Not only the organisers, but also the donors consider this event to be an exciting experience as they were part of a social good initiative.  One of the donors of iDonateLK, Udara Dharmasena (@udaraumd) says “It was the first pint of blood I have ever donated. I was not planning to donate yesterday since I’m barely passing the minimum weight required for blood donation. But suddenly I felt like giving and Umesh encouraged me. It’s a great feeling to donate blood and physically I didn’t feel that I have lost 450ml of blood from my system at all. Anyway It was a great effort by the tweeps of Sri Lanka. I’m very happy to be a part of this social good activity.”


There were many first time donors and many were inspired fellow tweeps to donate blood. Sri Lankan Twitter community has embarked on something extra ordinary and this is not the end! The organizing committee of iDonateLK is certain that there will be many more similar events happening in the future. In the time of negatives about social media, Sri Lankan Twitter community has set an example that social media can be used to generate social good, if it is used in the right manner.

For full pics from the blood donation, see our fb album


The most highlighted event of the Twitter community of Sri Lanka in 2013 – #TweetupSL4 was held on 7th December at Mercantile Cricket Association Ground with the participation of over 500 tweeps. There had been many conversations around how good the event was.  Since there were many talking of the success of the event, we thought of  unveiling the hardworking committee behind this major event.

#TweetupSL4 had  nine organizers who were from various backgrounds with one common element, which was their passion for social media. The organizing committee included @UdaraUMD @MoAwesomeSauce @GihanGamos @Gopiharan @UdithaUmesh @HimalKK @Chamara @rebelinpurple and myself (@hajara_).

One of the founders of #TweetupSL, @UdaraUMD who is proud about the journey of #TweetupSL says:

“It was the 4th time that I was involved in organizing TweetupSL. I never thought this event would go this far when we did come up with the first TweetupSL way back in 2010. It grew year by year and tweeple are always eagerly waiting to attend it.”

He is right, none of the tweeps would have thought that #TweetupSL would become an annual event, but thanks to the anticipation of tweeps and committed organizing committee, it has become the most popular annual event among the Sri Lankan Twitter community. Another founding member of TweetupSL team, @rebelinpurple says,

‘It really is humbling and pleasing to see how far TweetupSL has come, from nearly 70 attendees in 2010 to the over 500 last month.’

Organizing an event of this scale requires huge commitment and there was one person who kept reminding all the orgainzers about their pending duties. He is none other than @MoAwesomeSauce. If not for his follow ups, most of us would not have put in such an effort and he says:

“Organizing an event of this magnitude isn’t easy and will never be easy. But then again, being able to work with an awesome team who contributed in any way possible to make this event a success, did help to pull it off. This year we faced many difficulties in terms of finding the time to dedicate ourselves to get this off the ground, finalizing a venue and date and finally securing the right sponsors. Once these major obstacles were overcome, it was smooth sailing ahead till the actually event took place.’

There were new faces in the team who were not involved in organizing previous TweetupSL events. For them it was a new experience, but they were able to fit in perfectly well among all the odds. One of the newcomers to the team, @Gopiharan says:

“At first I wasn’t sure whether I would fit into the team, but eventually I liked being part of something exciting. It was a great experience, even though my contribution was relatively low. For me, it was more about learning from the awesome team.”

@UdithaUmesh also added:

“As a person who is coming from an analytical and consulting background it was great to be a part of a volunteer driven nationwide event like TweetupSL. This set a different tone to my personal day to day activities which is why it was exciting. There was lot of experience gathered by being a part of this team. “

For the organizers, it was all about the experience that they got and also the fun of being a part of a great team. @GihanGamos says :

“It was indeed a pleasure to be back with the TweetupSL team in brainstorming and organising an entertaining and fun filled event. It was great to work with the team with new faces who did an immense contribution towards making the event a success. Look forward to many more TweetupSL events in the coming years to bind together a closer knit family of tweeps.”

However, being an organizer of TweetupSL is not easy, when all of organizers are employed full time. For the participants, the event day was all about networking, but for the organizers it was all about making sure a smooth flow of the event occured. Commenting on the experience, @UdithaUmesh says :

‘Being a part of the organizing committee of an event like this is in one word was exciting. But I must say, on the day of the event it was exhausting.’

And @Gopiharan believes that the learning experience should continue to make future events better :

‘The event may not have been perfect due to various challenges we encountered, but it sure has taught us what to avoid and where to focus more, if we end up organizing again.’

This is not the end, concluding note from @UdaraUMD says:

“May #TweetupSL live long !”

In case you missed out in attending, view the video here


As many of you know, #TweetUpSL which is the largest gathering of the Sri Lankan Twitter community will be held on 7th of December at Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA). As the online media partner of #TweetupSL 4, Digit Magazine will be bringing back the memories of Sri Lankan Twittershpere by digging into popular hashtags that were used by Tweeps.

Sri Lankan tweeps are known to create conversation around a topic which then converts into a popular hashtag among the community for a given time. The most important aspect is the fun element in these hashtags, where tweeps make it a way to have entertainment on their timeline. Sri Lankan Twitter community seems to be very democratic with voting rights for tweeps to vote for different categories of Tweeps. Since the voting for TweetupSL has already started, we thought of digging into a hashtag which is related to elections and politics - #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters

The interesting point to note about  funny hashtags is that they initiated by a tweep, based on a current incident or a situational factor. #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters was initiated on 27th of January 2013 with the reshuffling and the expansion of Cabinet of Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka is on its way to the Guinness record for the largest cabinet, Twitter community also made their own version of the cabinet which was initiated by Mr. Tweep @GayanMW.

That was the birth of one hillarious hash tag! With this tweet, the hash tag started to get viral on Sri Lankan Twittersphere. These tweets were full of fun and creativity while communicating messages about many issues in the community.

Some tweets were related to the lifestyles of tweeps, then converted to a ministry.

Many tweeps were talking about celibrities, sports and many more random aspects of life.

There were also tweets related to tweep’s full time jobs, which had made them masters to handle the ministries related to the field of work.

Some of the hash tags also talked about the Twitter personalities and also the Twitter routine of Tweeps

Once the ministers were appointed, these Twi-Ministers were also planning for their deputy ministers.

Among these tweeps, there were also tweeps trying really hard to get certain ministries under them with ‘promises and manifestos’, which is very similar to normal situation with Sri Lankan cabinet.

Similar to the situation with any cabinet reshuffle, we also noticed many clashes and fights for few popular ministries such as food and beverages and SRK related activities.

Tweeps were also suggesting that @PresRajapaksa should check out these #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters tweets to get an idea of the preferences of the citizens.

And this is what happened!

It is about fun! But at times, it goes beyond that! The note below, sums up all :)


The highly anticipated annual gathering of Sri Lankan Tweeps, more famously known as TweetupSL is scheduled to be held on 07th December at the Mercantile Cricket Association (@MCA_SriLanka). This year marks the fourth TweetupSL and every year we have seen the number of local tweeps participating increase exponentially.

The official TweetupSL Twitter handle (@TweetupSL) broke out the good news in a famous tweet (gave out a ‘false’ tease prior to this, we must also stress).

There! Finally the date is fixed and the organizing team is working extremely hard to give everyone a memorable experience this time around with TweetupSL 4. Reliable resources have guaranteed that this year too, participants are in for a world of fun and joy. But tweeps as well as the organizing committee will be missing one key component this year though. The warm, inspiring presence of late Mr. Sarath Sathiamoorthy will be heavily missed. His contributions over the last three years to make this event what it is today, is well know and appreciated by everyone, everywhere.

diGIT is extremely proud to be the online media partner for TweetupSL 4. We pushed a celebratory tweet few hours back to share the wonderful news.

Keep tuned in with us and we will keep you up to date with the latest happenings related to this massive, fun filled event. (Thanks Nazly for the feature image from TweetupSL 3)

Our earlier article( on 18th July) about the preparations can be found here and to find out more about ‘The TweetupSL Book’ follow this link.

The very first TweetupSL back in 2010 is captured in a nutshell in this article. TweetupSL 2 is summerized here.


Twitter users are reporting you can no longer include links in direct messages to other users. Direct messages are the only private means of communication on the otherwise public messaging network.

This could be a result of Twitter’s move to broaden the range of accounts that can send each other direct messages. A feature that lets any follower send private messages is now available to a larger group of users.

Not allowing links to be sent via private messages could be a move on Twitter’s end to combat spam. Malicious parties often use hacked Twitter accounts to spread malware that hijacks recipients’ Twitter accounts.

But the main reason people use the direct message feature is to send private messages, and those could contain links to personal websites, projects or events that the user doesn’t want made public.

When we tested it, only links to Facebook.comTwitter.com and Instagram.comcould be sent. However, email addresses can still be sent through direct messages. If we attempted to send a different link, we got a pop-up message from Twitter that said, “Failed to send message. Whoops! You already said that.”

If this is in fact true, it will add additional hassle to anyone wanting to send a link in a private message: first send your email, and then wait for a reply.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment and have not heard back.

Update (11:42 p.m.)We still have not received word from Twitter, howeverother sources are reporting that there is a “technical issue” with links sent via direct message. Let us know in the comments if you’ve experienced this problem as well.Update (9:24 a.m.): A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to ReadWrite that there is a “technical issue with URLs in direct messages,” but did not provide any additional information as to what caused the problem.

Source : http://readwrite.com/2013/10/16/twitter-direct-messages-dm-links-blocked-spam#awesm=~okZ0Jfx5MzNsPO


As the co-founder of Twitter and Square, two of the most high profile tech companies in Silicon Valley, Jack Dorsey can claim at least some sage wisdom in the way of building successful companies.

That’s why a recent meeting in which the tech innovator delivered a few choice pieces of advice has drawn the attention of would-be tech moguls, as well as those with vested interests in his companies.

These latest comments come just weeks after the release of Hatching Twitter, a book that dented Dorsey’s reputation in some respects.

The comments were made during Y Combinator’s Startup School event on Saturday in Cupertino, California. No stranger to making bold pronouncements regarding how to approach business and life, Dorsey laid out a check list of Dos and Don’ts to the assembled audience.

According to Techcrunch, the list included the following Dos:

  • Stay present
  • Be vulnerable
  • Drink only lemon water and red wine
  • Six sets of 20 squats and push-ups every day
  • Run for 3 miles
  • Meditate on this list
  • Stand up straight
  • Spend 10 minutes with a heavy bag
  • Say hello to everyone
  • Get 7 hours of sleep

Those were followed by a shorter set of Don’ts:

  • Don’t avoid eye contact
  • Don’t be late
  • Don’t set expectations that you can’t meet
  • Don’t eat sugar
  • Don’t drink hard liquor or beer during the weekday

Some parts of Dorsey’s list suggest an extremely ascetic lifestyle, while other parts of the list read as simple common sense.

Nevertheless, the common thread among all the items on Dorsey’s Dos and Don’ts list appears to be the practice of consistency, a habit that has earned Dorsey a seat at the table of two of tech’s most interesting brands, no matter what his critics may say.


Source : http://mashable.com/2013/10/20/twitter-founder-jack-dorsey-dos-and-donts/#_


Some Twitter users can no longer send links through the social network’s direct message service. According to our early tests, unverified users are the ones seeing the issue, with unverified-to-verified and unverified-to-unverified DMs both affected. Meanwhile, those that are more fair than the others are free to send links privately to whoever they want. We’ve replicated the issue with several editors, and we’ve had no trouble sending page links (and, importantly, gifs) on DM to other (verified and unverified) Twitter users. This was across the web browser client, TweetDeck and the iOS app. According to ReadWrite, it was only able to send links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with all other links bouncing back with an error message. The site reckons it could be a protective measure against spam, which could make sense, following the new ability to receive DMs from people you don’t follow – if you opt-in for it — which launched this week. Then again, it could just be a bug — we’re receiving mixed reports from readers. We’ve also got in touch with Twitter, and will let you know what it says.

Source : http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/17/twitter-direct-messages-no-links-unverified/


Twitter may limit you to 140 characters, but a picture says a thousand words, and can even entice people to read your story.

At least that seems to be the key to accumulating retweets on the microblogging site. A new study published Monday by Dan Zarrella, HubSpot’s social-media scientist, found that tweets including photos are significantly more likely to be passed along via retweet. The study also reveals that tweets containing pictures uploaded using pic.Twitter.com links are nearly twice as likely to be retweeted than those without the link. Photos embedded with pic.Twitter.com show up directly in the Twitter stream, meaning people only need to open the tweet to view the photo.



Image: Dan Zarrella of HubSpot


However, not all pictures are created equal. Tweeting out a photo from Facebook or Instagramdoes not improve the likelihood of getting a retweet. In fact, it’s the opposite. A tweet containing a link to an Instagram photo is 42% less likely to be retweeted than a tweet without an Instagram link, according to the study. That number is 47% less likely for Facebook photo links.

Twitter users used to be able to embed Instagram photos directly into their tweets, but as of last December, the photo- and video-sharing service changed that functionality so that a link appears instead, directing those who click on it to Instagram.

Zarrella’s study is based off an examination of nearly 500,000 random, public tweets.