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The most anticipated event of the Sri Lankan Twittersphere, #TweetupSL is around the corner, just few more days to go! Keeping the tradition of annual events, TweetupSL 5 will be held on 20th of December 2014 at Orion City Car Park Premises. This time, the Principal Sponsor would be Mobitel Sri Lanka and they have more than Tshirts to give to the tweeps during the event! A grand carnival atmosphere is planned for the tweeps to get engaged in interactive activities  with other tweeps.

So, what is TweetupSL? TweetupSL is the annual gathering of the Twitter users of Sri Lanka, where tweeps meet in person. This is an event that allows tweeps to take forward the networking that was limited to keyboards in previous instances. Tweeps meet in person, some of them meet each other for the first time and for some, it is one of their regular meetups with their Twitter friends.

TweetupSL is not limited to networking, it also allows Twitter users to have fun in a carnival atmosphere. Many games and activities are planned for the day, where tweeps can take part in these activities as a group or individually.

Another interesting aspect of TweetupSL is the voting and prizes! With the election fever hitting the town, Twitter community also has its own election allowing tweeps to vote for their favourite tweeps under 13 categories, which are highly unique to Twitter behaviors. Some of the unique awards are hashtagaholic, instagramaholic, Twitter news breaker of the year and Twitterholic. Most interestingly, TweetupSL voting also include crowning Mr. Tweep and Ms. Tweep, which are considered to be the most highlighted segments of the event.

So, interested in TweetupSL? J You need to get yourself registered to attend TweepupSL 5. It is a must for you to have a Twitter account to attend TweetupSL 5 and also your account needs to be at least one month old. If you qualify in these criteria, log into www.TweetupSL.org to get yourself registered.

TweetupSL also focuses on ‘social good’ while allowing Tweeps to network and have fun. All the tweeps attending the event have to purchase a coupon worth of Rs. 200/=. The proceedings will be allocated to serve the community in need, in due course. Therefore, TweetupSL is not only about fun, but also making a positive impact on the society to spread the message of love and harmony.

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Video captured from TweetupSL 4


As many of you know, #TweetUpSL which is the largest gathering of the Sri Lankan Twitter community will be held on 7th of December at Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA). As the online media partner of #TweetupSL 4, Digit Magazine will be bringing back the memories of Sri Lankan Twittershpere by digging into popular hashtags that were used by Tweeps.

Sri Lankan tweeps are known to create conversation around a topic which then converts into a popular hashtag among the community for a given time. The most important aspect is the fun element in these hashtags, where tweeps make it a way to have entertainment on their timeline. Sri Lankan Twitter community seems to be very democratic with voting rights for tweeps to vote for different categories of Tweeps. Since the voting for TweetupSL has already started, we thought of digging into a hashtag which is related to elections and politics - #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters

The interesting point to note about  funny hashtags is that they initiated by a tweep, based on a current incident or a situational factor. #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters was initiated on 27th of January 2013 with the reshuffling and the expansion of Cabinet of Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka is on its way to the Guinness record for the largest cabinet, Twitter community also made their own version of the cabinet which was initiated by Mr. Tweep @GayanMW.

That was the birth of one hillarious hash tag! With this tweet, the hash tag started to get viral on Sri Lankan Twittersphere. These tweets were full of fun and creativity while communicating messages about many issues in the community.

Some tweets were related to the lifestyles of tweeps, then converted to a ministry.

Many tweeps were talking about celibrities, sports and many more random aspects of life.

There were also tweets related to tweep’s full time jobs, which had made them masters to handle the ministries related to the field of work.

Some of the hash tags also talked about the Twitter personalities and also the Twitter routine of Tweeps

Once the ministers were appointed, these Twi-Ministers were also planning for their deputy ministers.

Among these tweeps, there were also tweeps trying really hard to get certain ministries under them with ‘promises and manifestos’, which is very similar to normal situation with Sri Lankan cabinet.

Similar to the situation with any cabinet reshuffle, we also noticed many clashes and fights for few popular ministries such as food and beverages and SRK related activities.

Tweeps were also suggesting that @PresRajapaksa should check out these #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters tweets to get an idea of the preferences of the citizens.

And this is what happened!

It is about fun! But at times, it goes beyond that! The note below, sums up all :)


The highly anticipated annual gathering of Sri Lankan Tweeps, more famously known as TweetupSL is scheduled to be held on 07th December at the Mercantile Cricket Association (@MCA_SriLanka). This year marks the fourth TweetupSL and every year we have seen the number of local tweeps participating increase exponentially.

The official TweetupSL Twitter handle (@TweetupSL) broke out the good news in a famous tweet (gave out a ‘false’ tease prior to this, we must also stress).

There! Finally the date is fixed and the organizing team is working extremely hard to give everyone a memorable experience this time around with TweetupSL 4. Reliable resources have guaranteed that this year too, participants are in for a world of fun and joy. But tweeps as well as the organizing committee will be missing one key component this year though. The warm, inspiring presence of late Mr. Sarath Sathiamoorthy will be heavily missed. His contributions over the last three years to make this event what it is today, is well know and appreciated by everyone, everywhere.

diGIT is extremely proud to be the online media partner for TweetupSL 4. We pushed a celebratory tweet few hours back to share the wonderful news.

Keep tuned in with us and we will keep you up to date with the latest happenings related to this massive, fun filled event. (Thanks Nazly for the feature image from TweetupSL 3)

Our earlier article( on 18th July) about the preparations can be found here and to find out more about ‘The TweetupSL Book’ follow this link.

The very first TweetupSL back in 2010 is captured in a nutshell in this article. TweetupSL 2 is summerized here.


Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka reached its grand finale on 01st of September under the patronage of Etisalat Sri Lanka at the Wesley College Grounds. The cricketing buzz that engulfed the local Twittershpere culminated into one of the most well organized Social Media events ever held in the country. We have covered the preparations for #TPLSL in a couple of previous articles.


The structure itself for this year’s edition of #TPLSL was indeed revolutionary and technological backing Etisalat provided with a novel approach was commendable. The tweeps too responded with a huge enthusiasm from the very beginning and on last Sunday, they had one of the best days of their Social Media lives. It was indeed a great sight to see tweeps from different parts of the island converging to one place despite the distance that stood between them. Such commitment clearly accentuates that Twitter is very different and very real compared to other social media services we see nowadays.

1237154_10153182311760203_1029202114_n1186005_10153182233745203_829083240_n (1)

Final twenty four teams battled for the TPLSL supremacy with utmost intensity, but never transgressed the comradary they have with one another. It provided immense entertainment for the spectators and the cheering squads added color and spirit to all the matches. Although the day was all about cricket, tweeps found this a very good opportunity to get to know each other, make new friends and consolidate their existing friendships. Even a loss of a game was not a disappointment, since TPLSL was all about having a good time with the fellow Sri Lankan Twitter fraternity.


After an intense battle, Binthenna XI emerged as the Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka Champions. Runners Up was the Malabe PumpKINGS who gave the champions a good run for their money. It was refreshing to see the cricketing talent local Twittersphere possessed and some of the shots played, balls bowled and the fielding displayed were indeed remarkable. It is safe to say that tweeps are eagerly waiting for #TPLSL2014. It too would be a great spectacle of fun and fellowship, one would speculate without hesitation.


Finally, congratulations to Etisalt for making TPLSL happen and to Binthanna XI for becoming the champs!


#TPLSL organizing team, lead by the Tournament Director Koshal Krishnakumar


Image source – Etisalat Twitter Premier League Album