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GAMEFEST ’14 is an Inter University and institute E-Sports tournament hosted by the Gaming Community of SLIIT. This event will be held on 26th & 27th of March 2014 at SLIIT Malabe Campus.

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Imagine Cup is the world’s largest and most famous software development competition for Computer Sciences & Engineering, Information Technology and Information Systems undergraduates. Imagine Cup competition is called the Oscars or the Olympics of software development competitions for the IT undergraduates around the world.  For every IT undergraduate, wining Imagine Cup is their biggest dream in their life.

Imagine Cup was an idea of Microsoft former CEO Bill Gates, who strongly believes that young and fresh talent can create innovations and change the world taking it into another dimension. Based on his idea, the world’s biggest software development company Microsoft launched this competition for the first time in 2004. Since then millions of students around the world compete each other with impressive innovative ideas and projects not only to win this competition, but also do some change in the world.

Over the years, many mind-blowing innovations, charity projects, fancy games were build by the most talented IT Undergraduates creating great impact to areas like mechatronics, healthcare, Smart Phone apps and many more. Thousands of new startups started because of these projects and  now they earn millions and millions of money out of them. Some projects are running as a charity and serve the millions of people around the world to uplift their life standards.

Since 2004, Imagine Cup has happened nine times up to now, so in year 2014 Imagine Cup is going to be the 10th Imagine Cup and its a cause for cleebrations. Microsoft Sri Lanka also conduct this competition over the years and this year it will happen on 25th of April at Peradeniya University. There are 14 teams in three different categories which compete with each other to win the competition in each category. For each category, there will be only one winner, but other teams can also consider themselves as winners too for coming thus far.

I told many stories about Imagine Cup in this article, but why? Because I’m also a competitor of Imagine Cup Sri Lankan finals in 2012 and also 1st runner up in innovation category in 2013 and finalist of this year Imagine Cup finals too. Since I was a finalist in 2012 to now, I have lots of stories to share with you. But apart from them I’ll tell you some important things that you may need to know about it. Because it may help you, may be your friend, even your institute to win this competition and do some good thing to the world.

  • Find a great business idea which can  be executed well in the challenging world.
  • Find ways to build that business idea into a real world solution.
  • Don’t worry about the technology, it will come to you when you try to find it.
  • Be smart to find the necessary skills and resources for your project.
  • Assign the tasks according to the skills of the team member.
  • Sacrifice little bit of your life for your project, which will earn not only money but also the recognition.
  • Think, Think and Think. Finally brainstorming with your team.
  • Never give up when you face failure, keep concentrating and try it in another way.
  • Don’t go behind success, then it will not come to you. But go behind the goals that you need to go. Then success will come behind you.
  • Learn everything in your project 100% and share among your team.
  • Never underestimate your competitors and prepare everything for the project.
  • Teat your team members equally and work with them in a friendly manner. Stress may create conflicts between team members.

These things helped me a lot to achieve many milestones in this Imagine Cup. Not only Imagine Cup, but also any project in your life can be successful if you follow above mentioned things.

Don’t worry about it if  you are not selected for any competition like Imagine Cup. Keep trying to find the mistakes that you had done and try to mitigate them. Imagine Cup is kind of an exam which test your technological skills, business skills, management skills and confidence to achieve your goal.

Let’s make this world a better place through sustainable technological revolution. Wishes to all competing in Imagine Cup 2014, let’s bring glory to Sri Lanka!


Ten teams from different universities and one school participated in this year’s Mini Hackathon, which was held at SLIIT on 25 of October 2013. The competition kicked off at 10 AM and spanned for five hours with intense participation from all the teams.  We were asked to build any application under the topic “Learning Environment”. The participants were given the option to select the language they wish to code with.

We were given 30 minutes to brainstorm an idea for an application, preferably a mobile application. After a very enthralling discussion our team decided on developing an Android application for kids. Afterwards when it came to the actual development phase, we divided the work we had ahead among our team members and strived to develop an application that kids found very fun and attractive to work with.


Our team members were: Nimesha Nishadi, Sara Mahagamarachchi, Devanshi Ganegoda, Christine Glennie.

So what was our application?

Learning science and playing with numbers were never this easy and fun. Now they all are in “ABC”. We had three categories in the menu of our application.

Mathematics: Play with numbers and to sharpen up their skills to add and subtract small numbers.

Science: This mainly had two categories

Animals: A set of animals and their sounds stored, so the kids could learn and identify animals by taping on an animal.

Birds: A collection of birds and teaches kids to how to identify birds by their names.

Quiz: A set of simple questions on the above topics so the kids can do them with their parents.



Following the immense success and popularity of RoboFest in 2012, the Faculty of Computing of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) will conduct CODEFEST for the second consecutive time this year.
CodeFest is a nationwide software competition which aims to harness student talent and aid in the software development sector in Sri Lanka. SLIIT seeks to contribute towards propelling the country to become a knowledge hub by conducting competitions of this nature.
The competition, open to secondary school and tertiary level students, will be held on 25 October 2013, with a mini hackathon and quiz competition running parallel to the grand finale. Participants are required to develop an interactive system to assist students to interact with and improve knowledge on any subject to meet defined learning outcomes.
Criteria for the secondary school category will involve a quiz competition which will be held during workshops for the school teams, during which teams will be asked questions based on the ICT syllabus. The 10 best teams will be selected for the second round, and after an elimination round the best five teams will be selected for the grand finale. The top three teams will receive awards and valuable cash prizes of Rs. 80,000, Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 40,000. Furthermore, two other awards will be given to the teams that produce the most innovative and creative software.
The tertiary category encompasses a software competition and mini hackathon. This competition is open to students from any higher education institute in Sri Lanka, including universities. Contestants are expected to develop a context-aware mobile application that supports the current needs of Sri Lankan society.
Categories of applications could possibly include, but are not limited to the following focus areas – solutions targeting travel, education, health, environment, social harmony and development activities. The application context can be a geographical location, environmental conditions or a suitable location to use the application.
Innovative forms of locations-based applications and context-sensitive applications beneficial to the progress of the country are encouraged. The top three teams of the competition will be awarded cash prizes worth Rs. 50,000, Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 20,000. Similar to the school category, two awards will be given to the teams that produce software which showcase innovation and creativity.
Teams for both the school and tertiary level categories may comprise up to five members. However, all members of a team must be from the same school or university. There can be multiple teams from the same school or university, but one student cannot represent more than one team.
The mini hackathon will be held at SLIIT Malabe Campus parallel to the finale of CodeFest. A product specification of a mash-up application for a simple real life requirement would be presented at the onset of the challenge. For the mini hackathon, student teams from both universities and schools will compete with each other to prove their aptitude for software development. These teams may comprise up to five members. Teams participating in the Hackathon are required to hack together a piece of working software within six hours using any technology. The winning team will be awarded a valuable cash prize. “CodeFest 2013 is part of SLIIT’s CSR project which seeks to enhance and enrich students’ knowledge of IT while leveraging the power of IT across the island,” stated Professor S. Karunaratne, Chairman of SLIIT.
“This competition is an ideal platform to promote the application of skills honed from ICT-related modules taught in schools and with undergraduate studies towards problem solving skills and related areas,” noted Professor Lalith Gamage, President and CEO of SLIIT. “Participation in the competition provides an opportunity to compete with peers from around the country, sharing real competitive experiences, making new connections and, above all, showcasing talents and innovations.” To support the potential participants of CodeFest, SLIIT will conduct a series of IT seminars in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. These seminars will be held at 10 centres island-wide, covering most of the provinces in Sri Lanka. The seminar series will assist school children to enhance existing knowledge of ICT and emerging technologies while providing them an opportunity to share knowledge.
The first round of the CodeFest competition will be held on 20 September 2013 at SLIIT’s Malabe campus, with the grand finale to be held on 25 October 2013. Registration forms can be downloaded from the website http:/www.CodeFest.lk/. Applicants must complete the form and return it to Indraka Udayakumara, Coordinator – CODEFEST 2013 either through post (Faculty of Computing at SLIIT – New Kandy Road, Malabe) or email (CodeFest@sliit.lk).

Source: DailyFT


SLIIT provides a vital boost to the education sector by providing valuable educational opportunities through scholarships for students in the SAARC region in a range of disciplines at SLIIT.
During the last decade, SLIIT has risen to become one of the top higher educational institutes in the region, offering students high quality, structured academic programs geared to maximise students’ employability and providing highly skilled graduates who fulfill employers’ demands for competent, top-notch professionals.
“Our aim is not only to cater to the local market but to the regional and international markets as well,” opined Professor S. Karunaratne, Chairman of SLIIT.
We have a network of partner universities in Australia, the UK, USA and Canada and students have the opportunity to either graduate from SLIIT or from any one of the institutes partner universities.
Thus SLIIT provides a wide range of higher educational opportunities for students at the institute,” he said.
“Sri Lanka has immense potential, and we wish to spur the growth of the education sector to become an education hub not only in the region, but internationally as well,” said Professor Lalith Gamage, President and CEO of SLIIT.

Source: Daily News



The SLIIT Faculty of Business student community recently hosted the Information Systems and Business Management Students Conference (ISBMSC) 2013 at the auditorium of SLIIT’s expansive Malabe campus.
The conference, now in its seventh year, focused on the theme ‘Re-shaping Tomorrow’s Destiny,’ with emphasis placed on the importance of soft skills in the workplace, considered an essential ingredient sought by employers of today’s graduates.
Chief Guest at the event was Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe – Deputy Governor of Central Bank. Guest of Honour Sujiva Dewaraja – Chairman at SLASSCOM/Executive Vice President at John Keells Group and Dr. Ravindranath delivered speeches on the conference theme.
One of Sri Lanka’s award-winning professional speakers, Danajaya Hettiarachchi, also delivered an inspirational speech at the conference.
A panel discussion on the contemporary topic ‘IT alone is not sufficient to run a business’ and a workshop on ‘Graduate Attributes and Employability’ were held afterwards with the participation of leading figures in the industry.

Source: DailyFT