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Ramadan season for Muslims started few days back and trend of Iftar is back in the town. Twitter community of Sri Lanka being so popular for exclusive events for Tweeps, is back with its very own #TweepsIftar. Iftar refers to breaking fast or ending the fast at the sundown after approximately 13 hours of avoiding food and beverages.

The Tweeps Iftar 2014 is the third time that an event of such nature is being organized by the Twitter community of Sri Lanka. First ever Tweeps Iftar was held in 2012, in a very small scale with few tweeps gathering to break fast. However, Tweeps Iftar – 2013 was attended by a large number of Tweeps and received many positive comments. Check out our coverage on Tweeps Iftar 2013 here.

Tweeps Iftar 2014 will be held on 25th of July 2014 (Friday) at CIOCONAT lounge (107, Barnes Place, Col – 07). The entrance fee is Rs. 1,000/= , subject to reduction based on securing sponsorships. The entrance will be limited only for prior registrations and having a Twitter account is compulsory to attend this event. You can get yourself registered for Tweeps Iftar here.

The Tweeps Iftar 2014 is not limited to Muslims and open for all the ethnicities. The main aim of the event is to educate non-Muslim Twitter users about practices of Muslims during the Ramadan including rituals of break fast (Iftar) events while allowing them to network with fellow Twitter users. The event also aims to promote the ethnic harmony in a challenging time, by creating awareness about religious practices and sharing food and beverages with generosity.



Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013


Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013


Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013

Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013

The Twitter Iftar will include an awareness session on Ramadan season, catered to Non-Muslims who will be attending the session. Further, you can witness Muslims performing religious rituals, including the Maghrib group prayers. If you are a foodie, the most important element for you at the event will be the delicious iftar food and the dinner buffet. The Tweeps Iftar will serve Kanji, a rice porridge which is an exclusive item at Iftar. Tweeps Iftar will also serve more yum yum, including salads and a variety of vegetarian dishes too.

In a nut shell, Tweeps iftar is all about promoting religious harmony, networking.. and of course FOOD!! Be there! Get to know more about Ramadan! Talk to fellow tweeps!! And most importantly, enjoy yummy food!!