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Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national telecommunication service provider, was recently awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS) by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). This certification covers all the local and international services provided by SLT and the operations of its branch offices located island-wide.
SLT provides services across a broad spectrum from residential customers to blue-chip companies. Further SLT functions as the national backbone service provider and the leading wholesale service provider of domestic and international connectivity.
The company’s QMS was established with the aim of aligning its total workforce of approximately 8,000 employees working in the company’s island-wide, business locations which includes teleshops, regional offices, contact centres, customer experience centres, customer service/billing centres, operations and maintenance centres, training centres etc.
This company-wide ISO certification demonstrates that SLT has fulfilled one of its core goals of corporate social responsibility as the leading telecommunications service provider in Sri Lanka by gaining the acceptance to provide telecommunication infrastructure that meets international standards of quality management.
ISO 9001 certification is provided when an organisation demonstrates that its Quality Management System has the robust ability to consistently provide the products that fulfil customer requirements as well as statutory needs. ISO 9001 certification also proves that the organisation is committed towards continually enhancing customer satisfaction through the application of the management system with processes in place for non-conformance management and perpetual improvement.
With the implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, the entire company is now geared to providing better services to its customers whilst building strong bonds and creating a more open culture for customer interactions and customer satisfaction by delivering the company’s brand promise of effectively providing seamless connectivity with world-class information, communication and entertainment services.
SLT Group CEO Lalith De Silva, commenting on this achievement, said: “Sri Lanka is now positioned on a platform of fast-track development and ICT has emerged as the key driver of our country’s development and economic growth. We are proud that SLT is playing a lead role in strengthening the country’s ICT infrastructure to meet the needs and wants of individual businesses and the Government, and thereby supporting the country to achieve set targets. Through the provision of high quality ICT products and services, we endeavour to create a knowledge rich society. I have every confidence that SLT will join the ‘information superhighway’ in a major way.”
The company’s transformational strategies focus on conditioning the company’s corporate culture to provide an outstanding customer experience that borders the extraordinary. The documented processes and business standards of the company according to this program ensure that the same superlative experience is received by customers irrespective of their location.
Frequently conducted customer feedback surveys and brand health checks help to identify customer perceptions and take timely corrective action. The steering committee on Quality Management comprises the chief officers meet monthly and reviews the system and provides strategic directions to continually improve the Quality Management System.
The Group CEO further stated that: “By improving our Quality Management System, Sri Lanka Telecom is now ready to tap into new opportunities created in the ICT sector by providing total communication solutions with the assurance of high quality service and this accolade of quality certification has proved that SLT has achieved the ultimate benchmark.
“Recently, Sri Lanka announced its BPO industry has been one of the most dynamic and competitive and is being recognised as one of the top five revenue earners and the Government’s target is to reach the goal of being a $ 1 billion IT/BPO industry by 2016. We are confident about delivering our brand promise to customers and enabling our country to achieve its future development goals.”
He added: “Quality service and customer care have always been uppermost in our business and receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certification is a confirmation of this. The implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System will help further streamline SLT activities and encourage continuous improvement for the benefit of our valued customers.”
Dr. Kithsiri Dissanayake, Chairman of SLSI, commenting at the event, said: “I have noted that over the years, Sri Lanka Telecom has undertaken unique transformation programs in a very successful manner and now it is recognised as the leading telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka with the highest QMS certification. In this context, I would like to mention that obtaining ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification would definitely help Sri Lanka Telecom further strengthen its journey towards excellence as the ISO 9001:2008 standard stipulates specific stringent and internationally recognised practices that an organisation should adopt so that a high quality service will reach the consumers.”
SLT has progressed well in the highly competitive environment during the past years and is expected to continue to grow in strength as an established company in the telecommunication industry. It is perhaps, a benchmark in Sri Lanka’s telecommunications sector, not only in terms of the gigantic strides it has taken in continuously upgrading infrastructure, but also in terms of its rapid expansion and extending its reach for the convenience and enhancement of the lifestyles of rural communities.
At present, the company serves over one million households through a plethora of telecommunication products which includes SLT Megaline (fixed line), which translates to over 4.5 million people across the island. Also, the company has provided total communication solutions to over 70% of top 100 business companies through its state-of-the-art intelligent solutions.
Apart from these segments, SLT is especially committed towards supporting the growing SME customer segment with customised communication solutions. By maintaining and continuing these improvements according to the highest quality standards, the company is now, as well as in the future, in a better position to provide products, services and end-to-end solutions to provide value additions to stakeholders including customers and employees.
Dr. L. N. Senaweera, Director General, SLSI expressed that: “I wish to point out that this event is remarkable because it represents an epoch making achievement at which Sri Lanka Telecom becomes the first telecommunication company in Sri Lanka to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification status from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution to cover all its service providing divisions.”
He added: “If people at all levels have a clear idea of the value proposition, strategic goals and the understanding that the industry is constantly moving, there is much less need for top-down directives and controls. People can work in teams to achieve shared goals, and sometimes, by listening to your people, you can decide whether you have the capacity to move further vertically or horizontally in the value chain.”
Also during this year, SLT was awarded the globally recognised ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management Standard for Network and IT Operations. SLT is the first company incorporated in Sri Lanka to achieve this security standard and has been listed on the prestigious Information Security Management System (ISMS) Registry since 2006.

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Kaspersky Lab recently launched their latest domestic security program Kaspersky anti-virus 2014 and the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. The new security softwares are said to carry the latest drivers and said to host brand new features to ensure the highest level of security for users PC and their digital and cyber valuables.
Avian Technologies (PVT) Ltd which hails the position of sole authorized Kaspersky lab products distributor for Sri Lanka expressed that they are very excited to launch the new Kaspersky retail version 2014.
Ranil Francisco and Buddika Liyanage the directors of Avian Technologies said that we believe that the product features are carefully incorporated to serve the current threats and looking beyond to the future of cybercrimes.
They also mentioned that they are confident that together with their partners they can protect the digital world safeguarding the interest of every home user.
About 200,000 new malware samples emerge everyday according to the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network and compared to just 125,000 a year ago. Cybercriminals makes millions of dollars by using malware and sophisticated Trojans, and pulling out online bank heists and scams.
The price of poor quality protection against these cyber threats is not merely a daily bombardment of spam emails, or sluggish performance from a virus-ridden PC the cost hit regular users squarely in their wallets.
According to the Kaspersky Security Network, at least 7.5 million Kaspersky Lab customers worldwide were targeted by phishing attacks between April 2012 and May 2013. These scams are conducted through emails which are carefully crafted to look legitimate and attempts to steal online banking details and many more financial security data.
According to a survey conducted on the consumers my B2B International in June 2013 a 62% of internet users has experienced at least one attack in their cyber activities during the last 12 months.
Sadly even after the fraud was identified a 41% of the users were not able to get their money back. According to various industry sources, approximately 700 million people around the globe regularly uses online banking and Kaspersky is offering them the most needed and sophisticated internet security software to help protect their privacy and confidentiality in online financial dealings.
The new version of Kaspersky retail products, like their highly regarded predecessors were specially developed with that requirement in mind.
Avian Technologies have been the sole authorized Kaspersky partner in Sri Lanka since 2007 and has helped in giving hand to Kaspersky to establish solidity within Sri Lanka and was greatly appreciated by Kaspersky.
Avian has earned a very high reputation and has obtained the recognition in the industry as an emerging organization who offers extremely competitive post and pre sales targeting to offer the best products and service.

Source : Daily News