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The Agile Software Development workshop organized by the ‘DevOps Team’ of ‘National School of Business Management’ in collaboration with ‘@99x 99X Technology‘ will be held on 6th March from 9.00AM onwards at NSBM auditorium. The NSBM ‘DevOps Team’ and ’99x Technologies’ will take you into a whole new dimension of Software Development Methodology with Agile Software Development.

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NSBM Computer Science Batch 12.2 organized their second industrial visit to ExileSoft: a quality-driven, people-centric and technology-focused software outsourcing partner with offices in Scandinavia, Asia and Australia. They provide their clients with new business opportunities through technology leadership, dedicated domain focus and agile software development methods.


The students were given a warm welcome to their premises at Kollupitiya. In the first session the seminar focused on the details of their company, its open culture, the services they deliver and how they interact with their global customers.


The next session enlightened students on how to be good IT professionals which was followed by activities and events organized by ExileSoft to IT professionals within and outside the company.

After a brief and refreshing break the seminar focused on Agile Development. Including, the historyof software development, the crises of the Software development and the Agile manifesto. During the session, their source person, Anuradha Gajanayaka, conducted a quiz and distributed gifts to students who answered correctly.


Then they had a special session which involved many group activities where teams had to make paper planes according to specifications that satisfy customer requirements. This practical session introduced students to the workings of Agile development in the real world. The teams had three iterations where they analyzed and corrected any previous errors or shortcomings they had faced. At the end of third iteration, the best team was announced and awarded.

This was followed by a tour around the ExileSoft premises; students were given the opportunity to meet the development teams, visit highly equipped conference rooms and were also introduced to the functions of in-house servers.

The seminar ended with wishes for the students’ future careers along with complimentary tokens from ExileSoft for all participants.


With the prompt approval and support of ExileSoft, NSBM Computer Science 12.2 students were able to organize this event in order to receive hands on industry experience and update themselves to the standards and demands of current trends. This aligns perfectly with the NSBM learning philosophy that strongly believes that the blend of theory and practice is invaluable for the success of students’future careers.

Await more news on the future activities of NSBM Computer Science 12.2!



NSBM Computer Science Batch 12.2 organized an industrial visit to WSO2, a world famous company concentrating heavily on open source middleware applications, for a seminar for undergraduate students regarding the industry. The seminar covered a wide range of topics including the necessary skills a computing student should acquire, an introduction to mobile and cloud computing and finally, insight about the various jobs available in industry.

The students were given a warm welcome and it was a well organized seminar. In the first session, the seminar focused on future goals and how to achieve them and the skills required to be competent professionals in the IT industry.

The second session focused on the new trends in mobile development, including different platforms and developing cross-platform applications. Furthermore, WSO2 Mobile introduced their new subsidiary company and their open source mobile products. Before moving on to the next session, WSO2 Mobile team organized an interesting team activity that encouraged students to showcase their resource planning and time management abilities. The last session of the seminar discussed software companies and their marketing as well as open source software and cloud computing. At the end of the seminar they distributed free WSO2 T-shirts for the participants.

This was NSBM Computer Science students’ first industry visit and it was a riveting experience. Cheers to WSO2 for investing time and money on behalf of new comers to the industry and showing them the path to success and excel in the industry.