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Researchers and practitioners of telecommunication and networking area are invited to contribute chapters from their respective fields of study for the edited book on “Software Defined Mobile Networks (SDMN): Beyond LTE Network Architecture”, which is scheduled to go into print in late 2014. Editors of this book are Madhusanka Liyanage at Centre for Wireless Communication, University of Oulu, Finlandm, Andrei Gurtov at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Aalto University, Finland and Mika Yliantilla at Centre for Internet Excellence, University of Oulu, Finland and this is to be published by WILEY Publishers.

The main objective of the book is to present the concept of a Software Defined Mobile Network (SDMN) which would change the network architecture of the current LTE (3GPP) networks. Target audience include Industry/ SMEs to design new telecommunication devices, network engineers implementing new technologies in the operator network, researchers working in the area of next-generation mobile network, and students working on Master or Doctoral theses in the area of network security, mobility management, and Techno-economics.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) Concepts
  • Mobile Networking Concepts
  • Software Defined Mobile Networks (SDMN)
  • SDMN Architectures  and Network implementation
  • Network  virtualization and Virtualized traffic transport Technologies
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
  • Mobile Peer-to-Peer Services
  • Mobile Cloud Services
  • Traffic, Resource and Mobility Management  aspects
  • Security aspects of SDMNs
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) Networks
  • Techno-economic aspects

Interested researchers can submit a 2-3 page chapter proposal clearly explaining the mission and concerns of his or her proposed chapter, on or before 21st of March, 2014. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by 01st of April, 2014.

Important dates to remember:

21st of March   2014: Proposal Submission Deadline

1st of  April      2014: Notification of Acceptance

1st  of  June      2014: Full Chapter Submission

1st  of July        2014: Review Results Returned

1st of  August  2014: Final Chapter Submission

Your inquiries and the submissions can be forwarded electronically as a word document to Madhusanka Liyanage using the following address.

Madhusanka Liyanage

Research Scientist,

Centre for Wireless Communication,

University of Oulu,


E-mail: sdmn.book@gmail.com

For more information please visit Software Defined Mobile Networks.


hSenid Mobile, a multinational telco platform provider will sponsor the Engineers’ Forum on December 17, 2013 at the University of Moratuwa.

The Engineers’ Forum is one of the sessions to be held as part of “Are You Ready?” organized by the Rotaract Club of the University and Career Guidance Unit. The Engineers’ Forum is expected to create a platform for competent engineering undergraduates to identify various aspects of engineering problems encountered in the world of employment. hSenid Mobile CEO Dinesh Saparamadu will be a speaker at the event.

“We have conducted several programs with various universities this year and have on board a number of trainees and graduates in different disciplines of IT. The University of Moratuwa has always stood out with their Engineers and the work they produce,” remarked hSenid Mobile CEO Dinesh Saparamadu.

Introduced in 1998, “Are You Ready?” is one of the most looked forward to events’ among the university’s undergraduates. The sessions for 2013 include ‘CV Clinic’, ‘Engineers’ Forum’, ‘The Criterion’, ‘You™’, ‘Flagship Day’ and ‘Dining Etiquette and Grooming’ that would be instrumental in providing an employers’ perspective and the skills and prerequisites sought when recruiting undergraduates.

hSenid Mobile is currently conducting knowledge sharing and fun activities on their Facebook event page and is eagerly looking forward to the Engineers’ Forum 2013 that will start at 8.45 am in the Civil Auditorium.


hSenid Mobile, a multinational telco platform provider is now at 320, Darley Road, Colombo 10.

“This year has been phenomenal for hSenid Mobile. We have rebranded, made additions to our executive committee and now, relocated. It’s a positive change and hope for the momentum to continue,” says hSenid Mobile CEO Dinesh Saparamadu.


hSenid Mobile shifted to its new premises on Monday December 02, 2013 from Navam Mawatha, Colombo 02. One of the main reasons for the relocation was the expansion of workforce the company hoped to achieve in the coming months. Detaching from the ordinary, the new location has a ‘jam’ room and a R&D laboratory.

The new workplace of hSenid Mobile is located just passing Mag City, when coming down Darley Road (T.B. Jayah Mawatha) from Union Place.








hSenid Mobile, a multinational telco-mobile software solutions provider connecting telcos to businesses, sponsored the first ever Telco Application Developer Summit (TADS) along with fellow industry leaders over a two-day period.

At the Summit, hSenid Mobile presented their success story that facilitated the building and sustenance of a telco developer community in emerging markets. hSenid Mobile pointed out how of the 6.8 billion global subscriber base only 1.5 billion had access to applications provided by Apple, Android etc handset manufacturers.

“Our deployments have made us identify some of the key areas that are yet to be optimized in order to create successful developer communities. Having sponsored a Summit the size of TADS, we are pleased to have shared our expertise in building and sustaining successful developer communities,” said hSenid Mobile CEO, Dinesh Saparamadu.

Two of the key strategies adopted by hSenid Mobile in creating developer communities include emphasizing the need for localized mobile applications and providing multiple and alternate payment options that do not require credit or debit cards.

TADS was the first and only global meeting for Developers who want to learn, share, code and create. The grassroots initiative from and by the people of the industry crafted for Developers and Telcos to collaborate towards the creation of the new wave of the telecom application ecosystem.


hSenid Mobile, a multinational telco-mobile software solutions provider connecting telcos to businesses, is sponsoring the first ever Telco Application Developer Summit (TADS) to be held on November 21-22 in Bangkok, Thailand.

TADS is the first and only global meeting for Developers who want to learn, share, code and create. The grassroots initiative from and by the people of the industry crafted for Developers and Telcos to collaborate towards the creation of the new wave of the telecom application ecosystem.

As an industry leader, hSenid Mobile has always been at the forefront of deploying platforms for Telcos that enabled to build developer ecosystems. When TADS began taking shape, hSenid Mobile was keen on being a part of the initiative as the company wanted to learn, share success stories and lessons learnt from the experiences gathered, having worked with all stakeholder of the ecosystem.

hSenid Mobile CEO Dinesh Saparamadu says , “The most exciting feature about TADS is bringing together developers and all other stakeholders of the telco application development ecosystem. We look forward to two days of intense discussion and exploring new concepts, best practices with all stakeholders.”

hSenid Mobile is also supportive of the Telco Application Developer Manifesto that was released to coincide with the Summit. The Manifesto released early October for public comment contains the new era of the mobile ecosystem and the responsibilities and the needs of the Telco Application Developers, Telecom Operators and Vendors. The draft Manifesto was circulated within the industry and hSenid Mobile was one among the contributors towards the October release.


If you only need a few more Play credits to buy that game or rent a movie, then you might be interested in a new app simply called Google Opinion Rewards. Just as its name suggests, all you have to do to earn credit is to answer a weekly survey with up to ten questions each. Of course, you’ll have to enter in your Google Walletcredentials first so that it’ll know where to send that money. As for what sort of questions you may expect, Google is partnering up with a variety of researchers from brands like P&G, Lowes and Priceline who need public insight on topics like the best promotional campaign or what sort of cars you might be interested in. Sure it takes awhile to answer a few questions and you’ll be an inadvertent pawn in a corporate marketing strategy, but you’ll soon forget all that once you get to the next level in Candy Crush.

Source : http://www.engadget.com/2013/11/06/google-opinion-rewards/


 - Interview with Sajith Udayanga, Overall Winner of Digit Ideamart Awards – 2013

Taking another step towards fostering the IT/Mobile industry of the country, Digit Magazine together with Dialog Axiata organized a mobile application development competition for application developers of Dialog Ideamart. Many developers took part in the competition with their innovative application ideas and their effort to succeed is commendable. The limelight of the event was grabbed by Sajith Udayanga, who won two awards, namely the Best Application Award and the People’s Choice Award. Today we interview Sajith to reveal his story to the success in mobile application business.

Q: Hello Sajith! Congratulations on being the overall winner at IdeaMart – Digit Mobile Application Development Competition. Tell us about yourself.

A: I am Sajith Udayanga. I’m an undergraduate of the Department of Sports Science and Management, Faculty of Applied Science at Sabaragamuwa University. I was a student at Ananda College. I have a keen interest for programming and field of mobile application development. It has been about two years since I entered mobile application development field. Now I have around 25 mobile applications successfully operating.

Q: Give us a brief introduction to your presence on IdeaMart.

A: I began to work with dialog Ideamart a few months ago. I have created several successful mobile applications along with Ideamart. The 2 main applications I have created are Lovers chat and Find my Kid. Basically lovers chat application is build under “couple chat concept”. It allows two partners/friends to chat unlimitedly only for Rs. 1 per day. If anyone wants to register for this application all they have to do is type REG JM and send 77220. Find my kid application is built carrying the idea of safety. It allows the user to track the location of the child or any other desired person. This application may become useful in emergency situations. Find My Kids application won 2 awards at Digit-Ideamart award ceremony 2013; the people’s choice award and best application award. To register for this application type REG FM and send to 77100.

Q: What makes you/your applications stand out from the rest?

A: My applications are built according to the requirement of customers. I focus on touching the areas of daily needs through my applications. Applications are user friendly and the customers can give feedback on the quality of the service and the problems they face while using my application. This approach allows my applications to standout from the rest.

Q: How do you evaluate the feasibility of your idea?

A: When I generate an idea for an application, I practically consider whether it could be utilized in daily life and whether it would meet the requirements of potential customer base. Then I would talk about my idea with friends and have their suggestions. Sometimes I tell my ideas to a sample of my potential customer base and evaluate whether my application would become practically useful to them.

Q: How do you reach out to your target market? What are the marketing channels you use?

A: Main-marketing channel I use is social media. Apart from that I use leaflets and my friend network as my channels too.

Q: Behind every success story, there is a list of challenges and barriers. What are the challenges you are facing at the moment as a developer/entrepreneur?

A: I have faced several challenges in this field. Sometime I find it hard to reach customers. Basically marketing is a quite big challenge. The initial cost for marketing is high. The means to reach customers are usually costly that I find as a challenge. Apart from that meeting the needs of dynamic customer base is another challenge.

Q: In your opinion, what are the elements of the formula for a successful entrepreneur?

A: I think to be a successful entrepreneur one should always be alerted about the markets and always update himself/herself about market and strategies. Taking the risk, which is calculated well, is another aspect. And it is important to look at the things in daily routine and activities differently to understand the opportunities.

Q: Where do you see yourself in another 10 years time? Tell us about your future plans for your business?

A: I have aim to start a software and mobile application developing company of my own. In ten years time my vision is to be a successful, competitive and leading mobile application developing company in Sri Lanka.

Q: What is your message for developers who want to become entrepreneurs?

A: If you want to reach out your dreams, always be a leader not a follower. Think further about the life experiences and see the opportunities it generates. Always be prepared to take the risk, which is well calculated. And finally remember to have a backup plan in your initial ideas fail.


The modern technological enthusiasm among the younger generation has instigated a paradigm shift in the local business industry by inspiring them to form start-up companies providing technology based services. Square Mobile is one such Sri Lankan venture that has reached global recognition through innovative mobile applications. Tharindu Dassanayake, CEO of Square Mobile in an exclusive interview with GSMA Intelligence discussed the inception of the company and its progress over the short time span.

When asked about how he conceived the idea to form his very own company, he explained, ‘I developed an application called Word Puzzle when I was in second year of college at University of Peradeniya. The idea came by chance when I participated in Etisalat’s Appzone Champions competition in March 2011 and won the intra-university level. I was interested in their workshops on app development and decided to participate. The success of Word Puzzle after the competition boosted my entrepreneurial spirit and the exposure I received through the competition events led me to launch Square Mobile’. Word Puzzle is an interactive SMS based educational service which aims to improve English language vocabulary of its users. It is also recognized as the first tri-lingual application of its kind in the country and is offered through Etisalat in Sri Lanka and Nigeria.  Application works by recording responses of each user  to questions based on English vocabulary and then ranks users relative to other players. This competition guarantees that the users are encouraged to perform well, hence providing an incentive to learn.

Mr. Dassanayake further elaborated that since its launch in 2011, they have increased Sri Lankan subscriber base to 5000. By collaborating with Nigerian firm IntoMobile, Square Mobile expanded their operations to Nigeria in February this year. In Nigeria, Word Puzzle has attracted a staggering user base where almost 300 new subscribers are registering every day. With such a high user attraction, Square Mobile expects around 100,000 Word Puzzle users in the coming six months.

Reminiscing the humble, arduous beginning of Square Mobile, Mr. Dassanayake stated, ‘We faced some issues in setting up partnership agreements because we did not have any legal expertise. Lawyers are not only expensive but very hard to find for our field of operation (IT and communication). However, getting initial funding was the biggest challenge. There are very few funding opportunities in Sri Lanka. We raised some initial money from our friends and family, and since then the revenue from Word Puzzle has helped us sustain operations. We also got $5000 from ICTA’s Spiralation competition to develop a travel app. Before we were selected by ICTA it was hard to find mentors. There is no ecosystem for start-ups in Sri Lanka yet. But the market is opening up and there will more opportunities in the future.’

Seeing how ICT is boosting in Sri Lanka, Mr. Tharindu Dassanayake is hopeful that many more technology enthusiasts would venture boldly by starting up their own companies. The increase of smart phone usage and the improvement in mobile telephony have acted as a catalyst to inspire prospectful young entrepreneurs. ‘In the last two years, mobile developers have become interested in developing applications in the local context. Earlier there was no local language support for Android mobiles, but Sri Lankan developers overcame the problem and now there are more mobile apps in native languages. This is a good foundation for the mobile app industry in Sri Lanka.’

Source:  Mobile for Development  - Country Overview: Sri Lanka (October 2013)


hSenid Mobile, a multinational telco-mobile software solutions provider hosted a workshop in collaboration with the Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa on Tuesday October 01, 2013.

The workshop titled ‘Future of the Connected World’ comprised sessions on present-day mobile trends, future predictions and the potential of the mobile industry, the various career opportunities available in the IT industry and a one-on-one session with representatives from hSenid Mobile. CEO Dinesh Saparamadu was the keynote speaker of the event. The Head of Department Dr. Ajith Pasqual and other faculty also attended the workshop.

The workshop included the various R&D opportunities available and hSenid Mobile’s role in implementing the ‘internet of things’.


The final address of the session, conducted by CEO Dinesh Saparamadu, focused on career guidance and the various career options available in the information technology industry.

“As an undergraduate and soon a graduate, I continuously urge you all to question if it is a job or a career that you seek. While a career is driven by passion, a job is your usual nine-to-five drill,” said the CEO.

The event held was a continuation to the series of programmes hSenid Mobile intends to implement at university level. Earlier this year the company held workshops at Moratuwa, Ruhuna and Wayamba Universities and at Jaffna University in 2012.


About hSenid Mobile Solutions

hSenid Mobile engineers solutions that enable telecom operators to seamlessly connect to businesses. The platforms are designed to cater to and enhance business and social requirements of enterprise and consumer markets.


Leading mobile telecommunications innovator Etisalat Lanka recently launched ‘Epic Rewards,’ a loyalty program open to all its post-pay and prepaid voice and data customers. Epic Rewards is an ‘opt-in’ program which gives the customer the choice of joining and selecting their preferred reward category.
Commenting at the Epic Rewards media conference, Etisalat Director/ CEO Dumindra Ratnayaka said: “As we embark on another milestone, we are privileged to introduced ‘Epic Rewards’ one of the most innovative loyalty programmes to be launched in the Sri Lankan mobile market. For the first time, customers are given the option of joining a loyalty program and the opportunity for them to select their reward. This is our way of saying ‘Thank You” to our base of over four million customers. In addition, Epic Rewards will be different because we will not only provide special offers at merchant outlets, we will also offer events and experiences to our customers.”
Once the customers choose to join Epic Rewards, they are presented with five personal preferences from which they can choose three. These preferences are: fashion and entertainment, travel and leisure, sports and health, dining and household and business and learning. Several options are available for customers to join this program; that is by dialling 7272, or #7272# from their Etisalat mobile, contacting the Etisalat call centre or by visiting any one of Etisalat Flagship stores located islandwide.
Epic Rewards will communicate its offers to the members via SMS, e-mail, voice and social media. Wherever possible, the merchants will be in the same area as the Epic rewards member. The points Epic Rewards members earn will be called ‘Rings,’ which the customers will start to earn by continuing their commitment to Etisalat, for post-pay bill payments, for prepaid reloads, subscribing to VAS, purchase of devices and more. ‘Rings’ can be redeemed through offers at participating partner merchants and at selected events offered exclusively for Epic Rewards members.
Further elaborating on the loyalty program Etisalat’s Senior Manager – Prepaid Marketing and Customer Loyalty, Shameel Bishri said: “We always want to give the best to our customers. So we have chosen these preferences according to the interests of our customers based on customer lifestyle management through research conducted to develop this program. Within these preferences, Epic Rewards will select both events and merchants that most closely match the preferences of each individual within the program. This ensures that our corporate proposition of ‘It’s about you’ is followed.”
Etisalat has chosen the merchant base together with its Strategic Partner – Direct Solutions for the program. They bring forth a wealth of expertise and experience in customer centric marketing through direct, digital and loyalty marketing concepts to design and develop the Epic program. Direct Solutions have created and delivered numerous customer loyalty and CRM programmes, both locally and internationally.
Commenting on the Epic Rewards merchant network, CEO of Direct Solutions, Priyanga Hapugalle said: “A number of benefits that would benefit Epic Rewards members were kept in mind when selecting merchant partners. These included the islandwide branch networks so that the members have easy access, special services and products that are relevant to member preferences and special offers during seasonal times throughout the year. In addition merchants will be approached on a regular basis and encouraged to create offers that would be highly attractive to Epic Reward members.”
Epic Rewards members will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of island wide events as well as those held exclusively for the members. These events will also closely match member preferences and can take many forms. These include; special seats at key sports matches, fashion shows or music shows, reduced price entry to business conferences and events, special travel tickets to religious events and weekend breaks at beach festivals.
The other features that sets apart Epic Rewards from other loyalty programs include; the change of merchants, non-expiration of Epic Rings, and the ability of members to move up the value table to increase the value of their rings and a greater variety of offers.

Source: DailyFT