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SL2College meetup is a platform for its team members to meet each other and get to know more about the great work that is being done while showing different ways in which new volunteers can get involved. If you are passionate about volunteering and would like to make a change, SL2College is the place to be.

The second quaterly SL2College meetup is happening at WSO2, Colpetty on October 22nd from 5.30pm – 7.30pm. Please join us to get to know more about SL2College and what we do and to network and mingle with the SL2College team.



‘The Google Glass Project’, a real life case study of agile practices was presented at Colombo Agile Meet up on 1st of October 2013 at Voice Lounge, Burgher Recreation Club.

The presentation commenced with Shamira Dias (Delivery Manager, Exilesoft), addressing the gathering on the topic “Unfamiliar territory and uncertain outcomes: The Google Glass Project”. He introduced the company, Exilesoft as a software development company working on different technologies and in different business domains. He reverted back to his topic by explaining the collaboration gap and agile practices that Exilesoft used to overcome these hurdles. He introduced the Google glass project as the best example for unfamiliar territory and uncertain outcomes projects and explained the case study by introducing the Google Glass project team Shervon, Sanath and Amalan.  Further he enlightened on the agile practices (i.e. shorter sprint cycles, frequent demos, always working software and good infrastructure (unit testing, continuous integration)) that helped them to reach the project goals.


Subsequently the talk was passed onto Sanath Nandasiri (Software Engineer, Exilesoft) one of the developers, in the ongoing Google Glass project. He explained what Google Glass is, what it is capable of and its available features. A live Google Glass Demonstration was the highlight of the evening. One of the important features was, it runs Android 4.0.4 and it got a wonderful natural voice recognition which has a high accuracy rate.


Further on Sanath moved into Google Glass development. There are two ways that we can approach the GLASS development. Namely the native way (Android) and by using Glassware development (Server Side using Mirror API). He proceeded to explained how the glassware works, what the role of the Mirror API is and the technologies used to develop a Glassware. Native development is similar to the traditional android development but with some restriction of functionality and libraries. One of the reasons for the restriction is caused by the lack of sensors in Google GLASS unlike normal Android phone. Those functions can be achieved by pairing your Android phone through Bluetooth. It was also explained how the glassware authentication takes place under the hood.


The next round of demo sessions explained in detail the Google GLASS Time line. Sanath demonstrated application of Google Glass to an Android phone running Android 4.0.4 or a later version, this he explained to be a great emulator to test your Glassware apps (however it may not be used to test native apps).

Finally Dulan Bandara (Senior Software Engineer, Exilesoft), elaborated on unit testing and its importance in an unfamiliar territory with uncertain outcomes. He further explained the implementation of unit testing in the Google glass project.  A comparison of unit testing on Android and unit testing on Google Glass was followed by a hands-on coding demo for the unit testing.

Volunteers from the audience were given the opportunity to experience the Google Glass. The presentation concluded with the Introduction of a new meet up group “Colombo Mobile Meetup”, and an Announcement of the upcoming Dev Day 2013.


Ensiz has taken first steps to build up a platform for the no-sql database users in Sri Lanka.Colombo MongoDB user group is the first of its kind.The first inaugural meetup was held successfully in May .The second meetup is to held on August 22nd in 2013 .The key focus of the meetup is to share the knowledge , thoughts and issues faced by the mongoDB community.Therefore more focus is given to pull up the ideas of the user group members and find answers for the issues as a community.The strong relationship between the user group members would allow to build up a healthy community.

Event calendar details here

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Speaker Panel

SL2College, one of Sri Lanka’s premier volunteer-driven organization held its July meet up at WSO2 in Colombo, on 11th July 2013. Marking the success of the event, 30 new volunteers joined the team to contribute their time and effort towards ongoing projects at SL2College.

SL2College is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization devoted to provide unbiased advice and guidance to Sri lankan students to pursue their higher education. Since its inception in 2005, SL2College has largely been an online based organization with over 400 advisers from at least 30 countries, and might well be the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

The evening was lightened and inspired by colloquial speeches by Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarna, Nayana Samaranayake, Sasanka Jayadasa, Rashmika Nawaratne and Kanchana Ambagahawita.

Nayana Samaranayake, a founding member of SL2College, explained its vision to the participants. He further explained the purpose of the meetup, mentioning that it is important for people to meet physically, network and share thoughts and ideas, since SL2College is more of a virtual organization. Nayana believes that dedication and passion to work in the organization can be developed by such meetups.

Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarna, the Chairman of the Director board of SL2College, shared his volunteer experiences. He explained that though volunteering may not have short term benefits, it gives a person unseen benefits in the long run including great professional networking skills and development that can be put into use in one’s own career.

Interested Volunteers

Rashmika Nawaratne, Project Manager of the Sri Lanka Education Forum (SLEF) project under SL2College, spoke about SLEF to participants. He mentioned that the main focus of SLEF is to guide Sri Lankan students and provide information on higher education opportunities available within Sri Lanka. He invited everyone who would like to work for the cause to join the SLEF Team.

WorkInSriLanka, a vital project that has a timely value in Sri Lanka was initiated by SL2College recently. The project’s main objective is to advocate Sri Lanka as an attractive destination for highly skilled individuals and high calibre businesses. Kanchana Ambagahawita, the project manager of Work In Sri Lanka, introduced the project and its value to the Sri Lankan community.

Finally, Sasanka Jayadasa, Administrative Director at SL2College, spoke of the value of volunteers and how SL2College targets on building professionalism and soft-skills. He invited anyone who is willing to develop their professional skills and help Sri Lankan students in pursuing their higher education to join with SL2College.

Interested Volunteers

Given that SL2College is largely run virtually, this meetup gave team members and volunteers an opportunity to meet and get to know about the great work that is being done, and showed different ways in which new volunteers can get involved. SL2College has a number of ongoing projects that are in need of volunteers. These include,

1. The online Forum
2. Editorial work
3. Mentor Program
4. Seminars (Local and Webinars)
5. University Clubs
6. Work In Sri Lanka

Volunteers Networking

If you are passionate about volunteering and would like to make a change, SL2College is the place to be. SL2College is looking for professionals, students or individuals from a wide spectrum of expertise. You can get involved in Mentoring, Writing, PR, Fundraising, Marketing, Research, HR, Education Policy, Project Management, and Event Planning. It is not only about volunteering; it is about bringing yourself up to make a greater Sri Lanka.

For more information, visit www.sl2college.org or contact us at info@sl2college.org.


Google Developer Group June Meetup was held on 6th June 2013 at APIIT premises. Guest speakers were Nayana Samaranayake from Google (who did a technical session on WebSearch) and Bhagya Silva (winner of Google Places API competition) where he talked about his app, his IO experience and new Chrome Book Pixel !!!
Photographed by : Duminda Wijerathne

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