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Lean Startup Machine


Lean Startup Machine is a workshop and an educational series focused on teaching Start-up  founders through a process of case studies and hands-on mentoring. The workshop is conducted throughout three days and though it is a very short amount of time to reliably validate a new product or a service concept, it is enough time to get a significant amount of work done.
Many Start-up founders have benefited from Lean Startup Machine and the best way to look at all their reviews and testimonials is to do a Google Search. Let me do that for you (No irony intended!) LSM sends their expert facilitators and also invest in product and curriculum development, which can make a huge impact on an early stage Start-up environment like Sri Lanka.

Lean Startup Machine is designed to be a challenge for both the experienced and inexperienced entrepreneur. Essentially, you will get as much value out of it as the effort you put in.
What you have to do right now is to vote and get Lean Startup Machine to host one of their events in Sri Lanka. You can start by signing up and voting here

Contributed By: Aloka Gunasekara