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Information technology (IT) is one of the most emerging industries both locally and internationally. Sri Lanka is reputed for producing high numbers of experts in this domain and consists of many IT companies with international recognition for their high quality products and services.

Employees with expertise IT knowledge, ambitious and adaptive personality are the greatest asset of the IT industry. Their strength and dedication is the key for all the success achieved by local IT industry worldwide.  Therefore it’s not a secret that all the employers in IT industry seek for recruiting the most suitable employees for their companies.

University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) is renowned for building both academic knowledge and good personalities of its students in order to produce quality graduates to the society. Therefore UCSC undergraduates have strengthened with up-to date domain knowledge and skills which make them potential employees with enthusiasm and dedication to prosper in their future careers.

“Career Fair 2014” is organized by UCSC for the second consecutive year and will be staged on 30th October 2014 from 9.00am onwards at UCSC premises.  It is an opportunity for 4th year undergraduates to show-case their talents to the well-known companies in the IT industry with the intention of exploring inspiring careers.

This is a great opportunity for IT industry to access a large pool of candidates who have expertise in the exact fields which the companies are seeking for recruitment. It’s really great that many of the leading IT companies in Sri Lanka have already identified the potential of UCSC students and joined hands with us.

For more details:

Website: http://careers.ucsc.lk/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ucsccf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CareerFairUCSC


Dream it. Build it. Live it.

Imagine Cup over the years, has inspired the computer savvy youth to incorporate technology to answer social problems. It is a global contest that gives student technologists and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to express their innovative ideas and solutions and gain recognition by developing the next big Windows app or game.

Imagine Cup 2014 Sri Lanka has announced the finalists who will get the chance enter the Sri Lankan Finals that will be held on 25th of April 2014. These finalists were chosen from a large number of contestants that contested in three main categories.


  • Binary Square
  • Fat & Thin Studios


  • ACME
  • Demothi
  • Firebird
  • HoneyJade
  • We_Cobraz

World Citizenship

  • Big Hearts
  • Demothi
  • E-Logic
  • Silver Chasers
  • Team LiveZen
  • Techsurge

We wish all the very best for these finalists to put up a very good show and get the chance to represent Sri Lanka in the World Finals.


The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in association with the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies (SLASSCOM) is scheduled to host a forum to educate the IT-BPO and Knowledge Services industry on the importance of going public.

 The Forum is another step to attract companies that are of high value and worth to the capital market, in order for them to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership of wealth creation and value addition with the public.

The potential-issuer relations forum will be held on the 5th of March at the Dialog Future World Auditorium, from 08.30 am to 11.00 am

The programme will commence with an introduction to the benefits of listing by CEO-CSE Mr. Rajeeva Bandaranaike, followed by a presentation on “Valuing your Company” by Vice-President of Copal Amba (A Moody’s Subsidiary) Mr. Asanka Herath. Chairman-SLASSCOM Mr. Madu Ratnayake will also speak at the event.

The Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers of potential-issuer companies, from the target industry, will be given an opportunity to pose their questions to a panel of distinguished personnel from the capital market. The panel will comprise of Director-CSE Mr. Ray Abeywardena, AGM-Regulatory Affairs-CSE Mr. Renuke Wijayawardhane, Deputy Director General & Officer-in-Charge- SEC Mr. Dhammika Perera and will be moderated by Executive Director-SLASSCOM Mr. Imran Furkan.

The forum is further seen as an ideal opportunity for the decision makers of these entrepreneurial endeavors to mingle and network with the senior management representatives of Investment Banks, to build mutually beneficial relationships for the future.

“Sri Lankan IT/BPM industry is on a rapid growth trajectory and gaining increasing attention globally. We would anticipate a growth of over 23% YoY this year at industry level, therefore many of the SLASSCOM companies are now gearing for their next phase of growth. Listing on the Stock Market would create avenues for companies to raise funds for this growth acceleration and will provide the general public an opportunity to participate in this very exciting growth phase of the industry, as investors. We are delighted to work with SEC and CSE to help companies understand the journey of raising funds from the capital market”, Chairman of SLASSCOM Mr. Madu Ranayake said.

“The Sri Lankan Capital Market is a vibrant atmosphere where long established, as well as entrepreneurial businesses can thrive by raising capital and maintaining a high standard of accountability to their stakeholders. By entering this affirmative environment members of the knowledge services industry in Sri Lanka can benefit a great deal”, Deputy Director General & Officer-in-Charge- SEC Mr. Dhammika Perera said.

“Listing on the Stock Exchange helps a company enhance its corporate profile and gives it a competitive advantage, while helping the company increase its worth by attracting strategic investors and high value employees. These benefits boost the prestige of a company and can thereby be utilized to fund the next stage of a company’s expansion strategy,” CSE-CEO Rajeeva Bandaranaike said.


Sri Lanka’s IT/BPO industry has set its vision to achieve USD 5 billion in exports by 2022 while generating 200,000 jobs and creating 1000 Start-ups in this process. Various stakeholders have put various plans into place to achieve these goals. Considering the plans of the government, vision for IT/BPO and Knowledge Service Industry (KPO) is set to promote Information Technology (IT) as a major industry in Sri Lanka.

This will include reforms in the education system to emphasize science and technology subjects and a fast-track skills development programme, together with fiscal concessions for IT and IT related products. Budget 2014 has brought in various benefits for the development of IT/BPO and KPO industry and SLASSCOM has published a report together with PwC explaining these benefits. Some of the benefits granted for IT/BPO/KPO industry, as explained these report are given below.

Branding Sri Lanka as the “Fast Emerging South Asian Knowledge Services Hub”


With many efforts being taken to position Sri Lanka as a knowledge service hub, the government has brought various initiatives through this year’s budget. One of the key elements in this is the proposed ICT Zone in Hambantota which is expected to take the IT/BPO industry out of the Colombo city. The proposed ICT Zone is expected to attract many foreign investments as well as the local investment while generating many employment opportunities. In addition to setting up the ICT Zone, the government has also unveiled plans to expand Nenasala center programs with an investment of LKR 1,000 million and this plan is also expected to improve the IT usages in the rural Sri Lanka.

Retaining Human Capital and Sustaining the Growth

The human resource availability is seen as a crucial element for the sustainability of the IT/BPO industry, since the country is heading towards a brain drain resulted through high level of migrations. There are various initiatives taken by the industry to bring back the Sri Lankan professionals who are working abroad in order to create the brain gain in the IT/BPO industry. To support this aspect of the industry, the government has a tax incentive on income taxes of professionals where the maximum income tax rate applicable to employment income of professionals such as Software Engineers, Accountants of a recognized professional body, Researchers, etc. will be reduced to 16%.

Incentives to Nurture New Tech Start Up


The entrepreneurship in the IT industry is booming where there are many entrepreneurs starting up their tech startup ventures based in Sri Lanka. One of the major challenges faced here is that the lack of a conducive eco-system for startups, which combines various stakeholders related to tech startups. Nevertheless, the industry has set the target of reaching 1000 startups by 2022 and as a measure to support this growth, the government has proposed a 5 year half tax holiday for new partnerships or firms engaging in international services in the field of Accountancy, Commerce, Finance, Law, IT, Engineering and Architecture.

Employability Training


Because Sri Lankan IT/BPO industry positions itself to be quality focused as opposed to cost leadership, the government has taken various initiatives to develop the quality of the human resources. The funds allocated to fast track skill development programs are expected to expedite with the establishment of a technical college affiliated to Moratuwa University in Homagama and an Information Technology center in Kelaniya University. Furthermore, the government has also decided to increase Science and Technology subjects in the main stream tertiary education to meet demands of the ICT industry.

SLASSCOM PwC Budget Proposal Summary – 2014 IT/BPO and Knowledge Services industry can be downloaded here


SLASSCOM acts at the catalyst of growth of the Sri Lankan IT, BPM and KPO industry by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, and by supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework.  Being the trade chamber of IT, BPM and KPO companies in the country, SLASSCOM has set the industry targets of USD 5 billion revenue and 200,000 job opportunities by 2022. In achieving this growth, SLASSCOM has initiated various activities and Future Careers is one such initiative focusing on generating capacity for the industry.

The Future Careers initiative has two fold objectives. Firstly, it is focused on connecting the Sri Lankan youth to the exciting and rewarding job opportunities in the knowledge services industry for them to become truly global citizens. Secondly, it is aimed at expanding the talent pool available to the industry as part of this Capacity building program.

The Future Careers initiative of SLASSCOM is currently planning to hold an awareness workshop targeting students from the schools located in Colombo district. The main aim of this workshop is to educate students and the teachers about the career paths available in the IT/BPM/KPO industry. This initiative is supported by ICTA – Sri Lanka and Ministry of Education. Event details are given below:

Date                      :  04/12/2013

Time                     : 8.00am to 5.00pm

Target audience   : 700 students in 4 batches = 2800 students

Venue                   : Open University of Sri Lanka – Nawala


Career counseling for participating students is also included in the agenda and personnel from IT/BPM industry are invited to join as industry career counselors to educate students about IT/BPM industry. Further, volunteers are also invited to manage activities of the event. The requirements for career counselors and volunteers are given below:

Requirement for career counselors

•             Sound knowledge about career paths in IT/BPM industry

•             Fluency in Sinhala and Tamil or Sinhala/Tamil

•             Availability on 04/12/2013 from 8.00am to 5.00pm


Requirement for volunteers

•             Ability to manage assigned tasks in managing the event

•             Availability on 04/12/2013 from 8.00am to 5.00pm


Notes :

•             Career counselor and volunteers will be called for a briefing on 2/12/2013 at 3.00pm at SLASSCOM Corporate Office.

•             Lunch and refreshments will be provided for career counselors and volunteers.


Please send nominations for career counselors and volunteers along with contact numbers and email addresses of nominees tocorpoffice@slasscom.lk. For more information call Hajara on 011 7884462.