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IFS announced its partnership with the University of Moratuwa to establish an IFS Endowed Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Moratuwa, at a press briefing held in Colombo. An agreement establishing this was signed between IFS and the University of Moratuwa in the presence of dignitaries and members of the media.

The partnership marks a milestone in the industry-academia collaboration in the country and will strengthen the research capability across all Faculties of the university and foster a culture of creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst both its teaching faculty and students alike. Under the partnership, IFS will grant 18 million Rupees over a period of 3 years to establish a position of an IFS Endowed Professor/Senior Fellow for innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Moratuwa.

Members of the Panel

Head Table, from L – R:* Mr. A. L. J. Sadique – Registrar,
University of Moratuwa; Prof. Rahula Attalage – Deputy Vice Chancellor,
University of Moratuwa; Prof. Ranjith Senaratne – Vice Chairman, University
Grants Commission; Prof. Ananda Jayawardane – Vice Chancellor, University
of Moratuwa; Mr. Alastair Sorbie – President & CEO, IFS Group; Mr. Ranil
Rajapakse – Vice President/COO, IFS World Operations, Sri Lanka; Mr.
Jayantha De Silva – President & CEO, IFS Sales & Consulting, Sri Lanka and
Mr. Thomas Sald – Snr. Vice President/Head of R&D, IFS World Operations

IFS recognises that a strong collaboration between industry and academia is necessary to significantly enhance the innovation entrepreneurship culture of the country. Creative thinking and an innovative mind-set is imperative for propelling economic growth and technological advancement in emerging economies such as Sri Lanka. Consequently, nurturing and building human capital, thereby creating an enabling environment, is a key driver towards achieving this.

Prof. Ananda Jayawardane and Alastaire Sorbie exchanging the agreement, on behalf of the University of Moratuwa and IFS respectively

Prof. Ananda Jayawardane and Alastaire Sorbie exchanging the agreement, on behalf of the University of Moratuwa and IFS respectively

University of Moratuwa (UoM) is also mindful of the impact of creating an innovative and entrepreneurial culture within the university, in view of adding value and wealth creation towards the country’s economic growth. The university’s vision is to be “the most globally recognized knowledge enterprise in Asia”, hence the importance of transforming UoM in to a world class university.

“We are a knowledge based company and we recognize the importance of developing intellectual infrastructure and giving it the freedom to thrive. We’re excited about partnering with the University of Moratuwa – one of the premier universities in the country – and to be a part of establishing the next generation of Sri Lanka’s creative thinkers, game-changers, entrepreneurial minds, and the workforce for the future,” said Ranil Rajapakse, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of IFS World Operations in Sri Lanka, reaffirming the company’s commitment towards strengthening its long standing relationship with the University of Moratuwa.

The Vice Chancellor of The University of Moratuwa, Prof. Ananda Jayawardane, underscored the significance of this milestone in industry-academia collaboration.  Said Prof. Ananda Jayawardane: “The University of Moratuwa, an internationally recognized seat of learning and research, recognizes that nurturing activities related to research & innovation, knowledge creation, technology transfer and invention have positive ripple effects which extends beyond the parameters of academia. The concept of an Endowed Professor/Senior Fellow at the university has been proposed to complement and amplify the efforts of the university and foster a culture of innovation while reinforcing its position as the premier technological university in Sri Lanka.”

Alastair Sorbie, President and CEO of the IFS group, emphasized that a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship benefits both the industry and the nation and noted the need for industry and academia to work closely towards developing a conducive environment. “Technology is never static and innovation cannot exist in isolation. There is always a dynamic cycle of engagement, improved understanding and continuously evolving knowledge-sharing between both the industry and the academia. It is important to foster creativity and industry-academia partnerships towards future advancement, both in the business world and academia,” highlighted Sorbie.

“Over the years, IFS has a tradition of collaborating with tertiary education institutions, sharing our expertise, providing industry opportunities and building rewarding partnerships through mutual exploration and learning. We are confident that this program will assist in augmenting the talents of the students and pave the way for innovative research initiatives,” said Jayantha De Silva, President & CEO, IFS Sales & Consulting, Sri Lanka.

This partnership is poised to act as a catalyst towards fostering new innovations and commercialization, establishing start-ups, enhancing creative and innovative thinking in the future workforce and bridging the gap between industry and academia. It is also anticipated to enhance the nation’s academic competitiveness on a global platform.


Information technology (IT) is one of the most emerging industries both locally and internationally. Sri Lanka is reputed for producing high numbers of experts in this domain and consists of many IT companies with international recognition for their high quality products and services.

Employees with expertise IT knowledge, ambitious and adaptive personality are the greatest asset of the IT industry. Their strength and dedication is the key for all the success achieved by local IT industry worldwide.  Therefore it’s not a secret that all the employers in IT industry seek for recruiting the most suitable employees for their companies.

University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) is renowned for building both academic knowledge and good personalities of its students in order to produce quality graduates to the society. Therefore UCSC undergraduates have strengthened with up-to date domain knowledge and skills which make them potential employees with enthusiasm and dedication to prosper in their future careers.

“Career Fair 2014” is organized by UCSC for the second consecutive year and will be staged on 30th October 2014 from 9.00am onwards at UCSC premises.  It is an opportunity for 4th year undergraduates to show-case their talents to the well-known companies in the IT industry with the intention of exploring inspiring careers.

This is a great opportunity for IT industry to access a large pool of candidates who have expertise in the exact fields which the companies are seeking for recruitment. It’s really great that many of the leading IT companies in Sri Lanka have already identified the potential of UCSC students and joined hands with us.

For more details:

Website: http://careers.ucsc.lk/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ucsccf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CareerFairUCSC


In a proactive bid to support Sri Lanka’s IT student base, global enterprise software developer IFS is investing over Rs. 10 million during 2013-2014 on a scholarship programme for IT students in Sri Lankan universities. Under the program IFS will be providing living allowances for underprivileged students at all the major Universities in Sri Lanka. By providing a needs based scholarship IFS makes it possible for the best students to achieve academic excellence, regardless of their financial means.

So far, 18 students from the University of Colombo School of Computing, the University of Kelaniya, and the University of Rajarata have received scholarships and benefited from the programme. Through the programme each student receives a monthly living allowance, throughout their respective academic careers.  Universities select suitable students on behalf of IFS, based on their academic performance and economic background.

“We believe in supporting talented students during their academic careers so they have the financial means necessary to realize their potential. These students are gifted and have inherent abilities that will help them to grow into outstanding IT professionals. As a leading global IT company in Sri Lanka we take pride in being a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility activities focusing on Education in Sri Lanka. We have chosen to focus our CSR efforts on education not only because it would be a clear benefit to the community and economy in the long term, but also because it’s an area that IFS, as a knowledge based company, understands well” said Ranil Rajapakse, COO and Vice President of IFS World Operations Sri Lanka.

Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara, Head, Department of Industrial Management University of Kelaniya, accepting the scholarships on behalf of University of Kelaniya, from Mr. Ranil Rajapakse, COO and Vice President of IFS World Operations Sri Lanka.

Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara, Head, Department of Industrial Management University of Kelaniya, accepting the scholarships on behalf of University of Kelaniya, from Mr. Ranil Rajapakse, COO and Vice President of IFS World Operations Sri Lanka.

“IFS’s unwavering support to the department of Industrial Management of the University of Kelaniya has been three dimensional. Namely in disseminating knowledge,  as visiting/ guest  lecturers, in providing training by accommodating our students as interns and providing  financial assistance in the form of providing scholarships and equipment when necessary.” commented Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara, Head, Department of Industrial Management University of Kelaniya.

About IFS:

IFS is a leading global enterprise software vendor to industries where asset management, manufacturing, field service management, supply chain management, or project management are core disciplines. IFS Applications has been evolving to meet changing customer needs since 1983 and is configured for agility, usability, and low total cost of ownership in its targeted industries. IFS has been operating in Sri Lanka since 1997, and is one of the leading software development companies in the country.


Proving that they are a force to be reckoned with, the IFS Quiz Team (IFS Ostrinus) emerged winners of the ‘IT Category’ and runners-up of the overall quiz at the recently concluded SLASSCOM Quizathon. This prestigious quiz, which was held at the Kingsbury Hotel on the 27th of September 2013, saw 30 teams spanning several sectors including IT, Business Process Management, Banking & Finance and Education, as well as several individual teams, competing to win this battle of minds.

IFS was well represented at the competition by two teams – IFS Ostrinus and IFS Albus. IFS Ostrinus outshone their rivals to win the “IT Category” while its second team IFS Albus was placed 3rd in the same category. In a highly intriguing competition IFS Ostrinus were neck and neck with the individual team of Mr. Vindana Ariyawansa– and were equally placed at the end of the competition, requiring a tie- breaking round to determine the winners of the overall category. After a tough fight in the tie-breaker IFS Ostrinus became runners-up in the overall quiz.

Team members of IFS Ostrinus and IFS Albus which represented IFS at the SLASSCOM Quizathon.


IFS Albus won the 3rd place of the IT Company category at SLASSCOM Quizathon.

Vice President and COO of IFS World Operations Sri Lanka Ranil Rajapakse said that he is very happy with the result and is proud of the achievements of IFS Ostrinus and IFS Albus. “At IFS we encourage our staff to utilize their creativity and talents, and their success at this competition shows that we are in the forefront on many playing fields in addition to Software Development. We are proud of them”.


The Kingsbury Hotel Colombo was buzzing with enthusiasm and anticipation on the evening of 27th Friday (September), as many corporate and individual quiz teams gathered to battle it out at the ‘Quizathon’ organized by SLASSCOM. This was the second edition of the annual quiz competition that acts as a testament of SLASSCOM’s objective of acting as a catalyst for growth of the Sri Lankan IT and BPO industry.

Forty teams in total took part in this year’s edition of Quizathon, which was immensely competitive and intense compared to previous year. Quiz teams representing IT companies, BPO/KPO companies, Schools and Educational Institutes, Finance and Banking sector were present. Individual teams and teams representing ‘Other’ category too had registered for the event. All the teams appeared to have done their home work and were prepared for a closely contested Quizathon.




The Quizathon consisted of five rounds and was hosted by Imran Furkan who himself is a prominent Quiz Master in the country and also the Executive Director of SLASSCOM. Every round consisted of ten questions that ranged from general knowledge to finance and accounting, from the exact age of papa Smurf to World politics. Every round produced a winning team, which had answered most questions correctly. In case there was tie, three more questions were presented as a tie breaker.


Vindhana Ariyawansa’s team emerged as the Overall Champions of Slasscom Quizathon 2013


IFS – Ostrinus became the Runners up of SLASSCOM Quizathon 2013

After an intense competition that expanded for five rounds, the team led by Vindhana Ariyawansa emerged as the Overall Champions of Slasscom Quizathon 2013. IFS R and D International become the runners up and Nalaka De Silva’s team achieved the overall 3rd place. In addition to this, winners were selected from each team category after evaluating the aggregated scores after the five rounds.

  • Banking & Financing Sector – The Obvious Experts of Team Seylan


  • IT Sector – IFS Ostrinus


  • Business Process Management Sector – HSBC Team No. 1


  • Schools and Educational Sector –  National Institute of Business Management


  • Individual Teams – Vindhana Ariyawansha’s team


  • Other Category (teams that did not belong to above categories) – Team Dialog


Most of the contestants were keen on winning another award that was exclusively presented for the ‘Best Dressed Team’ during the Quizathon.  Here we saw a brilliant display of imagination and creativity from the teams and after what appeared to be a tough decision for the judges, Team ‘SoWrong’ who were dressed in sarongs was selected as the team that dressed best for the occasion.


At the end of the Quizathon, teams and the audience had the opportunity to network, to make new friends and share a word while enjoying the sumptuous dinner provided for the event. It was indeed a wonderful event that lasted throughout the Friday night and ended on a high.

For full photo coverage from the event, visit our Facebook Album here (Photo credit Sameera Wimalaratne).


Annual industrial visit to software giants IFS and Virtusa by the fourth year batch of Computing & Information Systems (CIS) of Sabaragamuwa University was held on 15th August. Both companies are world famous software development firms which are also reputed for their human resource policies as well. The seminar and practical sessions conducted by both firms were extremely helpful for the CIS students. CIS is a new four-year special degree awarded by Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, which celebrated the passing out of its first batch this year.

Both organizations covered a wide range of topics during the sessions they conducted for us. They included the skills a computing student should acquire, an introduction to mobile computing, cloud computing, big data, embedded system development and finally  a brief introduction about various job opportunities available in the industry. They also elaborated on the skills required to be competent professionals and organizational expectations from fresh graduates.

In the first session at Virtusa, a Senior Tech Lead explained about the organization and their operational area in the industry. After that he discussed the future opportunities for the IT undergraduates and the skills undergraduates should build up along with technological expertise.


Then Virtusa introduced their annual “LAN Challenge” gaming competition. Afterwards two project managers explained about their projects. First one relating to the aviation industry and the other “Akura”, which is an open source project. In the third session all undergraduates got the chance to visit the project development environments and discuss with the project managers, developers and testers about the projects and they demonstrated how those systems really performed. This really was an  interesting team activity done by Virtusa who encouraged students to showcase their resource planning and time management abilities too. Before moving on to the next session at IFS, Virtusa provided food and beverage including lunch for all of us.

Then we visited IFS and  they briefed us about their company and the products they are delivering. Then students participated in an interactive discussion about the emerging technologies in the industry and the industrial placement opportunities for the CIS students. Members of IFS staff also provided necessary guidance for each an every individual student and exchanged their experiences with us. At the end of the sessions IFS provided refreshments as well.

This was the second industry visit of CIS undergraduates and it was a riveting experience. Our sincere gratitude goes out Virtusa and IFS for investing time and money on behalf of the new comers to the industry and showing them the path to succeed and excel in the industry.



IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announced that Foundation Garments Ltd., a Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer which is a fully owned subsidiary of Jinadasa Holdings, has chosen IFS Applications 8 to streamline its business processes.
The solution will cover many processes which are specific to the apparel industry, especially finance, distribution and the much required merchandising functionality.
Jinadasa Holdings has a 37-year history in apparel manufacturing and exporting and is one of the significant vendors to some of the world’s leading apparel brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Jockey, H&M and Hanes. With a monthly capacity of over 3.3 million pieces of clothing in its production plants in Sri Lanka and Cambodia, it positions itself as the specialist sleepwear vendor of Sri Lanka under its new corporate brand, Foundation Garments.
“We are delighted with the rapid deployment of the IFS solution, which helps us ensure short time in delivering value,” said Dilanka Jinadasa, Director – Foundation Garments. “By implementing a complete business solution, we expect to build more capacity in the existing resources and to eliminate report-making which will enable our existing merchandisers churn out volumes twofold. We were seeking a solutions partner who could give form to our plans for a real game-changer and found it in IFS.”
“Jinadasa Holdings is a well-known and reputed company in the garment industry, and we were very eager to work with such an entity to expand our solution footprint into this established and growing industry. The solution map we presented to Jinadasa Holdings will eventually cover the end-to-end process of its materials planning to finished goods delivery – in this case ‘the garment’. The product shown and the expectations matched. Already, work has commenced targeting a short project life cycle due to the upcoming winter season and both teams are fully engaged for a quick delivery. We are happy and pleased about the partnership which gives us much promise in the industry,” said Shiraz Lye, Director Sales and Marketing of IFS South Asia.

Source: DailyFT