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Good news for Javascript enthusiasts in Sri Lanka!

JavaScript Sri Lanka has come up with cmbHack.js, a 32-hour hackathon that brings the best out of coders, designers and entrepreneurs who have a passion to architect the internet with Javascript. It will be an intense 32-hour contest where the participants will be fine tuning concepts, testing out their code and masterminding elegant and user-friendly interfaces.  In the end, the best of ideas that are executed immaculately will be judged winners and be crowned champions.

Date, Time and Place

April 05th 7.30 AM to 06th 6.00PM at Orion City.

32-hours is all you got!

cmbHack.js is open to both students and professional developers. Participants are expected to:

  • Pitch your latest and greatest ideas to your fellow participants. You have 30 seconds to grab their attention, so be prepared.
  • Meet, recruit and join like-minded Javascript geeks into making that idea a reality, right then and there.
  • Hack away! Internet, meals and tech support will be provided. The best implementations will be judged and only the best will make it to the top.

Who is it for?

  • Developers, students and anyone who has a knack to code.
  • UX designers with great CSS / HTML skills.
  • PHP, Python, Ruby developers with JS skills.
  • Android and iOS gurus who believe in JavaScript on the Mobile.

What should I build?

The organizers are adamant to witness something fresh and something remarkable being accomplished at the end with the help of Javascript.

  • A single page web application/mobile application built on JS or uses heavy JS
  • A JS framework that can be used by JS/Web developers
  • A JS-based mashup of other apps/APIs/tools/services
  • A server side JS API/package for web developers
  • Anything awesome that challenges JavaScript as a technology!

Why should I participate?

It will be a great opportunity for you to work with fellow Javascript enthusiasts who are passionate about coding just like you. You will also get a chance to pitch your ideas and work on great ideas of others.

Count me in! But what should I bring?

The organizers want you to bring the following, to make your life much easier during the hackathon.

  • A laptop
  • An internet dongle is recommended
  • Pen and paper
  • A toothbrush for overnight hacking
  • Bring Rs. 500 for registration

Organizers reiterate the fact that Internet access, power, food and drinks are at your disposal!

Also organizers would love if the participants are aware of the rules and guidelines that are set to make this event fair and fun for all. So please focus on the following:

  • Don’t bring something that’s already been built. You have to build something from scratch.
  • JavaScript must be an integral part of the end solution.
  • Stay within legal limits. Do not misuse the facilities that are provided to you.

So register now for cmbHack.js.

diGIT is extremely proud to be the Online Media Partner for this event. We will bring you the latest and breaking news around cmbHack.js. So stay tuned!


‘Node.js Knockout’ is a 48-hour hackathon featuring node.js. It’s an online, virtual competition with contestants around the world.

Hackathon took place from November 9, 2013 0:00 UTC to November 11, 2013 0:00 UTC. Judging and public voting took place the following week.

This is the 4th year it’s been held. “Meteor Hacks” team from Sri Lanka were able to take the 6th place competing with around 400 teams all over the world. They placed 4th on completeness category and 8th on popularity category.

MeteorHacks was teamed two months before the competition. Arunoda Susiripala (Hacker @Meteor Hacks), Pasindu De Silva (NSBM 1st year undergraduate, Google Student Ambassador ) , Muhammed Thanish (Undergraduate at Uva Wellassa University) and Pahan Sarathchandra (Hacker @Meteor Hacks). By after few app ideas the team finalized an idea by 1st week of November. it was “The Open Comment Box”

Open Comment Box is a Realtime Commenting Platform. You can use it for power any website with comments. Unlike popular disqus service, Open Comment Box is open source and you can host anywhere you want.

It can be easily deployed with any NodeJS PAAS and we even provide docker images. If you are having wordpress site, you can simply enable comment with our WordPress plugin.

Key Features of Open Comment Box

  • its open source

  • its real time

  • easy to integrate to wordpress or ghost blogging platforms

  • markdown support

  • users can logged in using gmail, twitter, facebook

  • you can host it on your own server , easy to deploy with

  • heroku

  • nodejitsu

  • modulus.io

  • docker

Open Comment box received lot of attention from the community all loved its idea being open source. Meteo Hacks team is already working towards the open sourcing the project. will be available soon on as github repository.

for more information please visit meteorhacks team page.


Ten teams from different universities and one school participated in this year’s Mini Hackathon, which was held at SLIIT on 25 of October 2013. The competition kicked off at 10 AM and spanned for five hours with intense participation from all the teams.  We were asked to build any application under the topic “Learning Environment”. The participants were given the option to select the language they wish to code with.

We were given 30 minutes to brainstorm an idea for an application, preferably a mobile application. After a very enthralling discussion our team decided on developing an Android application for kids. Afterwards when it came to the actual development phase, we divided the work we had ahead among our team members and strived to develop an application that kids found very fun and attractive to work with.


Our team members were: Nimesha Nishadi, Sara Mahagamarachchi, Devanshi Ganegoda, Christine Glennie.

So what was our application?

Learning science and playing with numbers were never this easy and fun. Now they all are in “ABC”. We had three categories in the menu of our application.

Mathematics: Play with numbers and to sharpen up their skills to add and subtract small numbers.

Science: This mainly had two categories

Animals: A set of animals and their sounds stored, so the kids could learn and identify animals by taping on an animal.

Birds: A collection of birds and teaches kids to how to identify birds by their names.

Quiz: A set of simple questions on the above topics so the kids can do them with their parents.



Following the immense success and popularity of RoboFest in 2012, the Faculty of Computing of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) will conduct CODEFEST for the second consecutive time this year.
CodeFest is a nationwide software competition which aims to harness student talent and aid in the software development sector in Sri Lanka. SLIIT seeks to contribute towards propelling the country to become a knowledge hub by conducting competitions of this nature.
The competition, open to secondary school and tertiary level students, will be held on 25 October 2013, with a mini hackathon and quiz competition running parallel to the grand finale. Participants are required to develop an interactive system to assist students to interact with and improve knowledge on any subject to meet defined learning outcomes.
Criteria for the secondary school category will involve a quiz competition which will be held during workshops for the school teams, during which teams will be asked questions based on the ICT syllabus. The 10 best teams will be selected for the second round, and after an elimination round the best five teams will be selected for the grand finale. The top three teams will receive awards and valuable cash prizes of Rs. 80,000, Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 40,000. Furthermore, two other awards will be given to the teams that produce the most innovative and creative software.
The tertiary category encompasses a software competition and mini hackathon. This competition is open to students from any higher education institute in Sri Lanka, including universities. Contestants are expected to develop a context-aware mobile application that supports the current needs of Sri Lankan society.
Categories of applications could possibly include, but are not limited to the following focus areas – solutions targeting travel, education, health, environment, social harmony and development activities. The application context can be a geographical location, environmental conditions or a suitable location to use the application.
Innovative forms of locations-based applications and context-sensitive applications beneficial to the progress of the country are encouraged. The top three teams of the competition will be awarded cash prizes worth Rs. 50,000, Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 20,000. Similar to the school category, two awards will be given to the teams that produce software which showcase innovation and creativity.
Teams for both the school and tertiary level categories may comprise up to five members. However, all members of a team must be from the same school or university. There can be multiple teams from the same school or university, but one student cannot represent more than one team.
The mini hackathon will be held at SLIIT Malabe Campus parallel to the finale of CodeFest. A product specification of a mash-up application for a simple real life requirement would be presented at the onset of the challenge. For the mini hackathon, student teams from both universities and schools will compete with each other to prove their aptitude for software development. These teams may comprise up to five members. Teams participating in the Hackathon are required to hack together a piece of working software within six hours using any technology. The winning team will be awarded a valuable cash prize. “CodeFest 2013 is part of SLIIT’s CSR project which seeks to enhance and enrich students’ knowledge of IT while leveraging the power of IT across the island,” stated Professor S. Karunaratne, Chairman of SLIIT.
“This competition is an ideal platform to promote the application of skills honed from ICT-related modules taught in schools and with undergraduate studies towards problem solving skills and related areas,” noted Professor Lalith Gamage, President and CEO of SLIIT. “Participation in the competition provides an opportunity to compete with peers from around the country, sharing real competitive experiences, making new connections and, above all, showcasing talents and innovations.” To support the potential participants of CodeFest, SLIIT will conduct a series of IT seminars in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. These seminars will be held at 10 centres island-wide, covering most of the provinces in Sri Lanka. The seminar series will assist school children to enhance existing knowledge of ICT and emerging technologies while providing them an opportunity to share knowledge.
The first round of the CodeFest competition will be held on 20 September 2013 at SLIIT’s Malabe campus, with the grand finale to be held on 25 October 2013. Registration forms can be downloaded from the website http:/www.CodeFest.lk/. Applicants must complete the form and return it to Indraka Udayakumara, Coordinator – CODEFEST 2013 either through post (Faculty of Computing at SLIIT – New Kandy Road, Malabe) or email (CodeFest@sliit.lk).

Source: DailyFT


Taxi Buddy is an Application which gives immense benefits to Taxi drivers, Passengers and Automobile related advertisers. Taxi drivers can register with the application and discover hire opportunities. They will charged only Rs.30 per month with no initial charges.

Taxi Buddy connects to another app called Taxi, which the passengers will use to find the nearby taxi list. Taxi app is free to register and passenger will only be charged Rs.2 when he/she sends a taxi request. Automobile advertisers can advertise on TaxiBuddy by setting up a maximum budget to spend. Then the TaxiBuddy will send the advertisement to Taxi drivers. We will charge Rs.1 for one message we send to a TaxiDriver from the Advertiser. But will not exceed the maximum budget specified by the advertiser.

For more information on the App, check facebook page here

These functions can be used by any mobile phone having SMS capability and additionally we developed an Android App and a Windows Phone App to accomplish the same. We used all the APIs available at Ideamart platform to develop this system.

That is about the product we built.


It was the most enjoyed hackathon ever. We had a great support from all the members in the ideamart team for the development of the product. Making a product which consumes four platform APIs at Dialog within one night is not an easy task. Great team effort and the technical support from Ideamart enabled us to complete this within a night.





Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself, Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.




We first focused on implementing and integrating the software components to access Dialog Ideamart network APIs. After the midnight we started developing android and windows apps while testing and debugging the initial base product which is TaxiBuddy coupled with Taxi ideamart app. It was a tough night in terms of coding, testing, debugging and we couldn’t sleep even a single minute which was optional during the Hackathon. We were that busy with implementing our solution but enjoyed coding at the Hackathon.
We had four presentations time to time. First we had the initial introduction at the beginning. Then one minute pitch at midnight to explain what we had done so far and what we had left to complete. And another one at 2.00 AM to explain the progress. And the final presentation was at the end of the Hackathon before the judges, which was a demo of the product we developed.

TaxiBuddyINtroductory presentation_Photo Credit_Kazun Frankenstein Piyumal

TaxiBuddy Introductory Presentation, photo credit https://www.facebook.com/kpiyumal

At that time we had a working live product which could be used by anyone who has a dialog phone. Yes additionally with two working smart phone apps TaxiBuddy for android and TaxiBuddy for windows phone.
When we did the presentations we focused only on explaining the essential facts and no fancy stuff because we had a very limited time for the presentation and we had lot of functionality to cover  We are delighted to say, we presented really well and we won the first place at the Hackathon.

Electronic club and Ideamart team did a great job with organizing this event including food and beverage, recreational area with games and a DJ. We enjoyed the event thoroughly and kudos to the organizers again.


Dialog IdeaMart in association with Electronics Club of University of Moratuwa brings ‘Hack Day’, the first ever ideamart hackathon happening 2nd August from 4.30pm onwards. The overnight coding experience is anticipated to be one filled with fun times and gerat coding and at the end of it a chance to win fabulous prizes for winning teams!

91 teams enrolled for the hackathon and 20 teams were selected who will compete in the hackathon. It’s bound to be an amazing night!

What’s on offer?

1st Place: Android Tablets
2nd Place: Android Phones
3rd Place: Dialog 4G Dongles


4.30 – 5.30 :- Start / Registration

5.30 – 7.30 :- Idea Presentation – 2 mins a team

7.30 Onwards :- Coding + Activities start , Fun Question & Answer sessions, Sing a Song sessions etc

7.00 a.m. on :- Breakfast open

8.30 a.m. :- Development presentations

9.30 a.m. :- Judging and Voting

10.00 a.m. :- Winner announced and prize giving / Close

**Events and other

Music :- DJ
Dinner :- Kottu, Coffee, Tea, Coke, Redbull
Breakfast :- Strings hoppers / Bread – Coffee etc.
TV coverage :- Channel C / Learn TV

Games :- Wii / xBox / PS
Pool Table / TT Table
Carom board — at Electronic Club.