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Apple started a wave when it announced its new A7 processor--the brain of all its flagship products—would be 64-bit. Competitors have been keen to catch up, and now Qualcomm’s making its move with the new Snapdragon 410, the first 64-bit chip in the line. The catch? It’s for low and midrange phones.

You, dear gadget-obsessed Gizmodo reader, might not be the in the market for the kind of ~$150 phones the Snapdragon 410 is aimed at, but the chip will be bringing some high-end features to the lower end; stuff like LTE and better graphics. But so far, there’s no wildly compelling argument for the 64-bit part. Though if low-range phones somehow get to the point of backing in more than 4GB of RAM (32-bit’s limit) it’ll come in handy.

So while cheap phones aren’t going to getamazing anytime soon, it’s always good to see them getting better, because everyone deserves a decent futurepocketcomputer of awesomeness. [AllThingsD]

Source - http://gizmodo.com/the-first-64-bit-snapdragon-processor-wont-be-in-a-pho-1479862594


hSenid Mobile, a multinational telco-mobile software solutions provider connecting telcos to businesses, is sponsoring the first ever Telco Application Developer Summit (TADS) to be held on November 21-22 in Bangkok, Thailand.

TADS is the first and only global meeting for Developers who want to learn, share, code and create. The grassroots initiative from and by the people of the industry crafted for Developers and Telcos to collaborate towards the creation of the new wave of the telecom application ecosystem.

As an industry leader, hSenid Mobile has always been at the forefront of deploying platforms for Telcos that enabled to build developer ecosystems. When TADS began taking shape, hSenid Mobile was keen on being a part of the initiative as the company wanted to learn, share success stories and lessons learnt from the experiences gathered, having worked with all stakeholder of the ecosystem.

hSenid Mobile CEO Dinesh Saparamadu says , “The most exciting feature about TADS is bringing together developers and all other stakeholders of the telco application development ecosystem. We look forward to two days of intense discussion and exploring new concepts, best practices with all stakeholders.”

hSenid Mobile is also supportive of the Telco Application Developer Manifesto that was released to coincide with the Summit. The Manifesto released early October for public comment contains the new era of the mobile ecosystem and the responsibilities and the needs of the Telco Application Developers, Telecom Operators and Vendors. The draft Manifesto was circulated within the industry and hSenid Mobile was one among the contributors towards the October release.