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Welcome to the live blog for the Leadership Forum where we have a keynote speaker Shruti Challa who has arrived from the US. In addition to the keynote, a panel discussion will follow moderated by Ruwindhu Peiris.

We are delighted to be Online Media Partner for this event organised by SLASSCOM.

Video Coverage :

Below are the live blog updates from the event at Dialog Future World Auditorium:


One of the emerging discussions among the book lovers is the challenge posed to their great habit by the technological advancements that are taking place thick and fast. Ever increasing use of social networks and the popularity of online communities have undoubtedly affected the good tastes of most of the young generation. It is evident that the taste for literature and reading books has been on its way down. One of the major reasons for that phenomenon is the lack of usage of technology by the book publishers and book sellers in Sri Lanka.

A set of talented budding engineers from the faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa has identified this void in our country and they have come up with a simple but an innovative idea to blend technology with books. Their idea provides us with a great insight as to how we can use technologies such as mobile communications, internet etc. for popularizing reading among our generation.

“Book Seeker” is the brand name of their product. Book Seeker is a customized mobile application that has been developed for the use of the upcoming Colombo International Book Fair, with the collaboration of Dialog and Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association. You do not need to own a high end mobile to use this. All what you need is to send an SMS to get this service.

Application works as follows:

Send the complete title of the book that you want to find at the Book Fair to Book Seeker. It will search the book for you and reply you with the list of publishers who have the requested book along with their stall numbers and locations. One of the major advantages of the application is its intelligence. You do not need spell the title of the book perfectly. It corrects your typing mistakes. You can search for books of any language as well. All what you have to do is type the title of the book in English (not the translation, but type the words as it is in English, same as you type Sinhalese words in English when sending SMS).

We believe that this application will be of immense use for the book loving public of the island. During previous years, the large number of stalls, the huge crowd that visited the book fair as well as the long queues made finding the books you really want immensely difficult. With the invention of this app, you will no longer need to go from stall to stall in search of the books you want to buy. Even from home, you can get to know about the locations and publishers of the books, which will undoubtedly make the lives of the readers easy.

In order to use the app, first you have to register yourself. Type reg<space>isk and send to 77115 from your Dialog mobile and get registered. Registration needs to be done only once. After getting registered, you can search for books by typing isk<space>book name and send to 77115.

Although this is a simple application, this concept has the potential to go a long way. Book Seeker developer team has plans to extend this idea further to empower the book loving community of the island. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.


Taxi Buddy is an Application which gives immense benefits to Taxi drivers, Passengers and Automobile related advertisers. Taxi drivers can register with the application and discover hire opportunities. They will charged only Rs.30 per month with no initial charges.

Taxi Buddy connects to another app called Taxi, which the passengers will use to find the nearby taxi list. Taxi app is free to register and passenger will only be charged Rs.2 when he/she sends a taxi request. Automobile advertisers can advertise on TaxiBuddy by setting up a maximum budget to spend. Then the TaxiBuddy will send the advertisement to Taxi drivers. We will charge Rs.1 for one message we send to a TaxiDriver from the Advertiser. But will not exceed the maximum budget specified by the advertiser.

For more information on the App, check facebook page here

These functions can be used by any mobile phone having SMS capability and additionally we developed an Android App and a Windows Phone App to accomplish the same. We used all the APIs available at Ideamart platform to develop this system.

That is about the product we built.


It was the most enjoyed hackathon ever. We had a great support from all the members in the ideamart team for the development of the product. Making a product which consumes four platform APIs at Dialog within one night is not an easy task. Great team effort and the technical support from Ideamart enabled us to complete this within a night.





Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself, Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.




We first focused on implementing and integrating the software components to access Dialog Ideamart network APIs. After the midnight we started developing android and windows apps while testing and debugging the initial base product which is TaxiBuddy coupled with Taxi ideamart app. It was a tough night in terms of coding, testing, debugging and we couldn’t sleep even a single minute which was optional during the Hackathon. We were that busy with implementing our solution but enjoyed coding at the Hackathon.
We had four presentations time to time. First we had the initial introduction at the beginning. Then one minute pitch at midnight to explain what we had done so far and what we had left to complete. And another one at 2.00 AM to explain the progress. And the final presentation was at the end of the Hackathon before the judges, which was a demo of the product we developed.

TaxiBuddyINtroductory presentation_Photo Credit_Kazun Frankenstein Piyumal

TaxiBuddy Introductory Presentation, photo credit https://www.facebook.com/kpiyumal

At that time we had a working live product which could be used by anyone who has a dialog phone. Yes additionally with two working smart phone apps TaxiBuddy for android and TaxiBuddy for windows phone.
When we did the presentations we focused only on explaining the essential facts and no fancy stuff because we had a very limited time for the presentation and we had lot of functionality to cover  We are delighted to say, we presented really well and we won the first place at the Hackathon.

Electronic club and Ideamart team did a great job with organizing this event including food and beverage, recreational area with games and a DJ. We enjoyed the event thoroughly and kudos to the organizers again.


Dialog IdeaMart in association with Electronics Club of University of Moratuwa brings ‘Hack Day’, the first ever ideamart hackathon happening 2nd August from 4.30pm onwards. The overnight coding experience is anticipated to be one filled with fun times and gerat coding and at the end of it a chance to win fabulous prizes for winning teams!

91 teams enrolled for the hackathon and 20 teams were selected who will compete in the hackathon. It’s bound to be an amazing night!

What’s on offer?

1st Place: Android Tablets
2nd Place: Android Phones
3rd Place: Dialog 4G Dongles


4.30 – 5.30 :- Start / Registration

5.30 – 7.30 :- Idea Presentation – 2 mins a team

7.30 Onwards :- Coding + Activities start , Fun Question & Answer sessions, Sing a Song sessions etc

7.00 a.m. on :- Breakfast open

8.30 a.m. :- Development presentations

9.30 a.m. :- Judging and Voting

10.00 a.m. :- Winner announced and prize giving / Close

**Events and other

Music :- DJ
Dinner :- Kottu, Coffee, Tea, Coke, Redbull
Breakfast :- Strings hoppers / Bread – Coffee etc.
TV coverage :- Channel C / Learn TV

Games :- Wii / xBox / PS
Pool Table / TT Table
Carom board — at Electronic Club.


We covered the whole cover in Video as well. Video available below.


Meet up for Developers, Entrepreneurs and interest groups to share their experiences on Ideamart App usage and get support for the next best Idea.

Live updates from the meetup:


Name of app – Lovers Chat

Description – If you are a person who sends a lot of SMS’s in a day to a specific user, Lovers chat gives you a very low cost option. Now Etisalat and Dialog user can chat with loved ones by paying only ONE RUPEE per day.

This is a “one 2 one” and “random” chatting application which allows you to chat with your partner or friends and it gives you the opportunity to have new friends via random chatting. Once you are registered in this application you can chat without any limit for only 1 rupee per day.

To register,

If you are a dialog user type REG<space>JM and send it to 77220

If you are a Etisalat user type REG<space>LA and send to 4499

App created by Sajith udayanga. He is an undergraduate of the Dept of Sports Science and Management, Faculty of Applied Science at Sabaragamuwa University. He has a keen interest for programming and has sound experience in the field of mobile application development. He was awarded the grand winner at the award ceremony “AppZone Champions 2013″ organized by Etisalat Lanka.