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Good news for Javascript enthusiasts in Sri Lanka!

JavaScript Sri Lanka has come up with cmbHack.js, a 32-hour hackathon that brings the best out of coders, designers and entrepreneurs who have a passion to architect the internet with Javascript. It will be an intense 32-hour contest where the participants will be fine tuning concepts, testing out their code and masterminding elegant and user-friendly interfaces.  In the end, the best of ideas that are executed immaculately will be judged winners and be crowned champions.

Date, Time and Place

April 05th 7.30 AM to 06th 6.00PM at Orion City.

32-hours is all you got!

cmbHack.js is open to both students and professional developers. Participants are expected to:

  • Pitch your latest and greatest ideas to your fellow participants. You have 30 seconds to grab their attention, so be prepared.
  • Meet, recruit and join like-minded Javascript geeks into making that idea a reality, right then and there.
  • Hack away! Internet, meals and tech support will be provided. The best implementations will be judged and only the best will make it to the top.

Who is it for?

  • Developers, students and anyone who has a knack to code.
  • UX designers with great CSS / HTML skills.
  • PHP, Python, Ruby developers with JS skills.
  • Android and iOS gurus who believe in JavaScript on the Mobile.

What should I build?

The organizers are adamant to witness something fresh and something remarkable being accomplished at the end with the help of Javascript.

  • A single page web application/mobile application built on JS or uses heavy JS
  • A JS framework that can be used by JS/Web developers
  • A JS-based mashup of other apps/APIs/tools/services
  • A server side JS API/package for web developers
  • Anything awesome that challenges JavaScript as a technology!

Why should I participate?

It will be a great opportunity for you to work with fellow Javascript enthusiasts who are passionate about coding just like you. You will also get a chance to pitch your ideas and work on great ideas of others.

Count me in! But what should I bring?

The organizers want you to bring the following, to make your life much easier during the hackathon.

  • A laptop
  • An internet dongle is recommended
  • Pen and paper
  • A toothbrush for overnight hacking
  • Bring Rs. 500 for registration

Organizers reiterate the fact that Internet access, power, food and drinks are at your disposal!

Also organizers would love if the participants are aware of the rules and guidelines that are set to make this event fair and fun for all. So please focus on the following:

  • Don’t bring something that’s already been built. You have to build something from scratch.
  • JavaScript must be an integral part of the end solution.
  • Stay within legal limits. Do not misuse the facilities that are provided to you.

So register now for cmbHack.js.

diGIT is extremely proud to be the Online Media Partner for this event. We will bring you the latest and breaking news around cmbHack.js. So stay tuned!


Lahiru, a Java Tech lead with over 8 years of experience in enterprise software development, currently is working as a lead Android Developer at Exilesoft.

More info is accessible here.

Stay tuned with the Live Blog for detailed and Live updates.


Sri Lanka is one of the countries with the highest volume of blood donors in the world. The National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), better known as the National Blood Bank has been awarded international recognition for being the best of its kind in the region. Despite the hard work of the NBTS, blood is in short supply with the Cancer Research Institute in Maharagama needing the most. This is in addition to the number of requests that private and national hospitals make for blood for regular surgeries such as bypass and openheart surgeries.

The Sri Lankan community on Twitter wanting to make a difference in the lives of Sri Lankans through the use of technology, community and networking have decided to channel their energy towards organizing blood donation campaigns to ensure a steady supply of blood available to the general public through the blood bank for surgeries and emergencies in addition to building a strong donor base in the country.

Only one Tweet had to be posted. The response was immense and encouraging. Within a week, #iDonateLK was created, a date was confirmed, the NBTS was informed and each of the Tweeps in the organizing crew had their piece of responsibility.

Awareness of the programme, as what was decided was going to be purely on Twitter through tweets and retweets and pockets of information about blood donation.

Administrators of some of the more popular and engaging accounts were very keen on sending out the message to as many as possible within their networks.

A rough registration process will be carried out for an approximate count. Those on twitter can register via following form.

The camp will be held on Sunday, 6th April 2014 from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the National Blood Bank. It is an open event and you are most welcome to bring anyone with you who could donate and please, retweet!

For more information, you may contact @MoAwesomeSause, @gsenev, @milindat, @BuduMalli, @Aye5ha, @SNSalgado, @gihangamos, @udithaumesh, @Yeheshan, @ShafrazKhahir

Compiled by Gayathri Seneviratne.


Java User Group Sri Lanka is celebrating 2nd year anniversary. Join the Meetup along with the Java EE Workshop which is is panned take place as well.

Keynote speech by Mr. Mano SekaramCEO & Co- Founder, 99Technology.

Java EE Workshop will be conducted by Vijay Nair from Oracle India.


More info can be found here.




What does Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Virtusa Founder Kris Canekeratne and Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos have in common? They have successfully utilized capital markets to unleash the inherent value of their tech company up and still maintained control of their enterprise.

Join the likes of Candy Crush Saga developer King, music-sharing service Spotify, lodging service AirBnB and payments company Square who are all looking to utilize the capital markets to fund the next stage of their company’s expansion strategy.

Checkout our event page here to find out more about the event. Agenda is accessible here.

Full event coverage:


Photo Album: here.


The second workshop for UX Colombo Meetup group is scheduled to happen on 30th of January 2014, at the Dialog Future World Auditorium. More info, here.

stay tuned for more Live updates as the event commences.


Expose Forum 2013 will be held on January 10th 2014. Organized by the E-Club, the official student body of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa, the forum aims in bridging up the gap between the industry and academia in Sri Lanka. The modern electronic and telecommunication engineering is developing at an unimaginable rate, with the emergence of superior hardware, automation and innovation. The department has identified the fields of Biomedical Engineering, High-Performance Computing and Industrial Automation as emerging technologies and the Expose Forum 2013 will be focused on those. The president of the E-Club, Tharindu Adikari said, “The E-club has always been a step ahead in organizing various projects throughout the year. E-Forum is the main event in terms of industry relations and student skill development. A forum of this nature is especially important to the department at a time it is attempting to produce more job creators than job seekers”.


E-Forum 2013 will be held on January 10th with the patronage of Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering. The panel for the day will include, Mr. Udena Wickramasooriya, Director of Brandix Lanka, Mr. Prasantha Kularathna , CEO of Premium International, Mr. Ajit Samaranayake, Chief Scientist of Millennium Information Technologies, Dr. Harsha Subasinghe ,CEO of CodeGen and Prof. Kapila Jayasinghe and Prof. Dileeka Dias from the department.

Expose Forum will build an arena where the undergraduates, the alumni and the industry can formally interact, to strengthen the understanding between each other. Universities are one of the forces that drive the industry and hence it is of great importance that these parties involve in continuous discussions. The talents and skills of the undergraduates will also be exposed at the forum and the superiors will be given their due recognition. The final year projects will be demonstrated which will uncover novel technologies. Another importance in the E-Forum would be the release of E-Carrier 2013 the official magazine of the E-Club.

Dr Ajith Pasqual, Head of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering had a quick chat with us regarding the event. See youtube video below.

For more information contact via www.facebook.com/UOM.EForum or e-club@uom.lk

More info on the event: http://digit.lk/event/expose-forum-2014/