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In an effort to keep up with this rapidly developing field, and in order to expose our students to this particular sphere of robotic technology, Northshore College has organized ‘Robocom’, its first ever Robotics competition.

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At the Northshore College premises “ROBOCOM 2014”, the first ever Robotics Competition for the college is to be held on the 24th of April 2014 from 10 am onwards.

Realizing the potential that Robotics possessed,  “The Northshore College Robotics Society” with the ultimate goal of instilling the very essence of Robotics in Northshore College, was created. In order to expose students to the robotics era of technology,  “ROBOCOM 2014” has been organized , the first ever Robotics competition at Northshore. ROBOCOM is a challenge that which tests participant groups on some of the basic principles of Robotics. Essentially the Bot needs to be able to place/pick an object and follow a line. With the announcement of ROBOCOM, almost all Robotics Enthusiasts or “ROBOMANIACS” within the Software, Electrical and Electronics respects of Northshore have collaborated and formed powerful teams, each comprised of no more than five individual. Almost all the teams have completed the construction of the Bot.

To make the competition a true race to the finish line, cash prizes will be offered to the First, Second and Third teams of the competition. DMS (PVT) Ltd. are the prize sponsors for the competition with Digit being the media partner.

All who are interested in Robotics are cordially invitedo to joins as Northshore puts first steps into the world of Robotics.

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Sri Lankan Robotics Challenge 2013 will be focusing on three major events: Flying Dutchman (university category),Black Pearl (school categoryand Endeavour (open category). The school and open category will be held on 12th of December and University category will be held on 13th of December at Civil auditorium, University of Moratuwa.

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Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge will take place on 12th-13th December 2013 at UoM Civil Auditorium, for the 2nd consecutive time. As usual, will happen in 3 main categories which are Flying Dutchman (university category), Black Pearl (school categoryand Endeavour (open category). The latter will happen on 13th.

Initiated by the E-Club of UoM, the winners of this Challenge will be selected to participate in ‘Techfest-International Robotics Challenge 2014’ which will be held in Mumbai and also Cash Prizes are up for grabs.

We at diGIT are proud to be the ‘Online Media Partner’ for this event.
Read more here to know more on SLRC last year.

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Annual industrial visit to software giants IFS and Virtusa by the fourth year batch of Computing & Information Systems (CIS) of Sabaragamuwa University was held on 15th August. Both companies are world famous software development firms which are also reputed for their human resource policies as well. The seminar and practical sessions conducted by both firms were extremely helpful for the CIS students. CIS is a new four-year special degree awarded by Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, which celebrated the passing out of its first batch this year.

Both organizations covered a wide range of topics during the sessions they conducted for us. They included the skills a computing student should acquire, an introduction to mobile computing, cloud computing, big data, embedded system development and finally  a brief introduction about various job opportunities available in the industry. They also elaborated on the skills required to be competent professionals and organizational expectations from fresh graduates.

In the first session at Virtusa, a Senior Tech Lead explained about the organization and their operational area in the industry. After that he discussed the future opportunities for the IT undergraduates and the skills undergraduates should build up along with technological expertise.


Then Virtusa introduced their annual “LAN Challenge” gaming competition. Afterwards two project managers explained about their projects. First one relating to the aviation industry and the other “Akura”, which is an open source project. In the third session all undergraduates got the chance to visit the project development environments and discuss with the project managers, developers and testers about the projects and they demonstrated how those systems really performed. This really was an  interesting team activity done by Virtusa who encouraged students to showcase their resource planning and time management abilities too. Before moving on to the next session at IFS, Virtusa provided food and beverage including lunch for all of us.

Then we visited IFS and  they briefed us about their company and the products they are delivering. Then students participated in an interactive discussion about the emerging technologies in the industry and the industrial placement opportunities for the CIS students. Members of IFS staff also provided necessary guidance for each an every individual student and exchanged their experiences with us. At the end of the sessions IFS provided refreshments as well.

This was the second industry visit of CIS undergraduates and it was a riveting experience. Our sincere gratitude goes out Virtusa and IFS for investing time and money on behalf of the new comers to the industry and showing them the path to succeed and excel in the industry.