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    In its continuous effort to prove as a provider of quality and innovative technology solutions, Zone24x7 recently was adjudged the overall winner at this year’s National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA), organized by the British Computer Society (BCS) Sri Lanka Chapter.

    Additionally the company also won the Gold award in the R & D category for its winning product AZIRO (Autonomous Inventory Robot). Developed by Zone24x7, AZIRO will go on to represent Sri Lanka at the upcoming Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) which will be held in Sri Lanka this November. Zone24x7 will be the only contestant to represent Sri Lanka in the R&D category this year.

    AZIRO competed against 11 contestants in the R & D category with over 70 plus contenders overall that represented prominent IT organizations, technology institutes and universities amongst others. AZIRO is an intelligent surface robot platform with autonomous navigation capable of performing RFID (radio-frequency identification) based inventory taking and cycle counting for retailers. RFID technology improves inventory accuracy and supply chain efficiency and in turn retailer productivity.


    The team at Zone24x7 seen here receiving the overall Gold award at the NBQSA 2015This recognition reflects the company’s outstanding achievements and its vast contribution to the development of ICT in the country. Dr. Sankalpa Gamwarige, Zone24x7 General Manager and VP of Engineering, said

    ‘We are proud to be recognized and adjudged the winner among many other organizations that competed in this prestigious annual awards ceremony. This showcases our talent in innovative technology solutions and ability to compete in international markets.’

    Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California with operations in Sri Lanka including a state-of-the-art Electronic Systems Research Lab at University of Moratuwa, Zone24x7 is a leading global provider of innovative technology solutions with established business, technology and research centers in both USA and Sri Lanka employing over 180 top notch engineers.  While North America (United States and Canada) remains the major market for Zone24x7 the company has recently expanded its customer base to United Kingdom and Norway as well.


    99X Technology places an unwavering emphasis on the development and advancement of its workforce, and in line with this, hosted its annual awards night and gala – Blaze 2013 – to felicitate employees’ achievements and the company’s own accomplishments during the course of the year. This was done with much fanfare in the presence of industry heads, members of the academia, company partners and employees and their spouses.

    Held on 19 December at the Galadari, it was a night of much merriment and gaiety and a splendid time was had by all who attended, making it the ideal conclusion to yet another successful year by the company.

    Awards given out included the Long Service Awards, Award for Most Outstanding Project Team and the much coveted CEO’s Award, and many more employees, who collectively refer to themselves as ‘Xians’, were also recognised for their personal successes and milestones reached.

    A special award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the IT Ecosystem, was presented to IIT Dean and Associate Professor Alfred Perera in appreciation of his long-time service and vast contribution made to the Sri Lankan IT industry.

    Award 1


    Team Lead Anura Adikari receives the much coveted CEO’s Award from 99X Technology CEO Mano Sekaram

    99X Technology Co-Founder and CEO Mano Sekaram, commenting on the past year while addressing the audience at the awards ceremony, stated: “A look back over the past year shows that we have achieved phenomenal growth. Despite recession in our primary market of Europe, we grew our business by 40 per cent, at a growth rate double that of the overall industry’s growth.”

    He revealed that the company’s revenue growth of 40 per cent had surpassed its workforce growth of 25 per cent. “This is a sign that we have surged up the value chain, with customers willing to pay a premium for our services. Furthermore, our continued positive financial performance has made us a totally debt free, 100% equity funded and very profitable company.”

    “I have truly been blessed to find men and women who are smarter than I am, and who have the passion and pride to execute the vision I have to perfection. Today, we have built a company that is admired and we are proud that through our efforts, we have been able to make a positive contribution to all our stakeholders,” he added.

    Award 2

    Informatics Institute of Technology Dean and Associate Professor Alfred Perera presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the IT Ecosystem by 99X Technology CEO Mano Sekaram

    In 2013, 99X Technology was ranked among the 15 Great Places To Work For in Sri Lanka, a testament to its best practices and attention towards the progression of its human capital. In the independent study conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, the first of its kind conducted in Sri Lanka, 99X Technology scored an overall 92% in contrast to the global benchmark figure of 89. In addition to this, the company also cinched an award for talent management at the fourth Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards in Singapore, a dual recognition of its focus on its workforce.

    99X Technology also triumphed at the National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2013, picking up a bronze award for ‘WAG – Web Accessibility Guide’ in the R&D category and a merit for the iPad app ‘ALMUR’ in the Tools and Infrastructure Applications category.

    Since its inception over a decade ago, 99X Technology has rapidly built itself up to become a leading player in Sri Lanka’s IT/BPO industry. Headquartered in Colombo with offices in Oslo, Norway, the company specialises in delivering high-end software products to independent software vendors worldwide and has, to date, delivered over 150 high quality commercial software products.


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    Awards winners at Blaze 2013

    • Excellence Award for Technology Leadership – Ashan Fernando
    • Excellence Award for Championing Initiatives – Anura Adikari
    • Excellence Award for the Best Emerging Xian – Shenika Herath
    • Excellence Award for Customer Relationship – Sameera Gunasinghe
    • Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Project Team – WhatIf
    • CEO’s Award – Anura Adikari
    • Long Service Awards –Hasith Yaggahavita, Shehani Seneviratne, Shirantha De Alwis
    • Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the IT Ecosystem – IIT Dean and Associate Professor Alfred Perera

    Sarvodaya Fusion Manager,  Isura Silva talks with us and answers few questions regarding the Fusion Awards 2013, which is scheduled to happen on 6th of January 2014 at BMICH. This will be the 4th consecutive Fusion Award Ceremony and Entrepreneurs will be given away Awards as well.

    Q - How did Fusion come up with this initiative? What was the main goal at that time?

    It started in 2010. Maithree, Deputy Manager of Fusion thought of having a convocation to rural students. She was inspired by her graduation around that time.

    So what started in 2010 is still the only graduation ceremony for rural students who get their IT training at rural telecenters.

    We wanted to appreciate their success and show  young rural generation about opportunities in higher education and employment.

     Q - How many were there with the founder and how many are there now with Fusion? How quick are you growing?

    If you mean the number of centers, we started the ‘Fusion Education’ with 15 centers. Now we serve over 60 centers.

     Q - Up to where have you reached so far in SL? What kind of wider coverage is Fusion hoping to get in the next 5 years?

    We are operating in all districts in the country. We have trained around 4000 students in 4 years. We want to increase the number of students to at least 2500 per year from 2014.

     Q - Within a very short period of time, 2 years you say; this being your 4th annual Award Ceremony, how do you select the Award Winners? Is there a Nomination and Voting process or it is given away by a Jury/Fusion members?

    Awards will be delivered for graduates of “Diploma in Computer Application certificate”. The event will also witness the twenty most outstanding graduates from Fusion Education’s KIDS 1 and KIDS 2 programmes that offer recognized ICT qualifications for children aged 5-9 and 10-14 respectively.

    Plus from this year, we celebrate the best entrepreneurs from our mobile for development programs; ‘Smart Village’ and ‘Android Village Hubs’

     Q - What kind of programs do you offer at Fusion? Why mainly focus on IT?

    We believe IT and English skills are essential for future. We want to align these students to be IT literate, so they engage to broader national goals of Sri Lanka becoming a ‘knowledge hub’.

    Q - These SMEs’, were they powered by you? How did Fusion support /encourage them?

    We connect with Enterprise Promotion Officers of SEEDS, the micro finance arm of Sarvodaya. Fusion gives training for these officers who train and mobilize the entrepreneurs in business skills and necessary technical skills. See more : http://fusionsmartvillage.blogspot.com/2012/01/social-media-for-enterprise-promotion.html

    Checkout the pics from past Fusion Awards.

    IMG_0825 IMG_0887 IMG_0939 IMG_1131

    See this video for more. http://j.mp/McmyGp 


    Sarvodaya Fusion and Fusion Education are two not-for-profit social enterprises which focus on providing education facilities  and IT education to the students as well as the general public in rural areas.

    Fusion Awards 2013, which would take place for the 4th consecutive year, will award Entrepreneurs this time to encourage and to felicitate them as well.

    Mr. Isura Silva, Manager of Sarvodaya Fusion said “It is this potential that we seek to boost up through the awards. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students from poor and rural backgrounds and communities to experience a traditional graduation event. The ceremony will see proud tears of parents and joyous laughter of students. “

    diGIT is extremely proud to be the Online Media Partner for Fusion Awards 2013. We will be bringing a live blog and tweets from the awards ceremony scheduled for 6th January 2014 for those who want to keep tab on the event proceedings.

    Check out the Highlights of Fusion Awards 2011.


    99X Technology’s two project teams with the awards

    Setting an indelible mark on Sri Lanka’s rapidly developing ICT industry, software product engineering specialist 99X Technology swept up two awards at the recently concluded National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2013 in its initial year of participation in the competition. The company picked up a bronze award for ‘WAG – Web Accessibility Guide’ in the R&D category and a merit for the iPad app ‘ALMUR’ in the Tools and Infrastructure Applications category.

    “Research and development is fundamental to our strategy, keeping in line with our aim to constantly innovate. Hence, the award signifies our commitment towards reaching this goal,” stated 99X Technology Co-Founder and CEO Mano Sekaram when commenting on these achievements.

    The app ALMUR is a product suite that enables binary decision-making based on approximate logic, capable of making decisions for cases expressed in vague human terms. A typical question asked from ALMUR would be: ‘If the student’s Math grade is high, English grade is low and Geography grade is somewhat high, should we pass the student?’ ALMUR deals with problems like this using a theory known as ‘fuzzy logic’.

    ALMUR libraries are also currently being used in two iOS navigation apps, ‘Norge-serien’ and ‘Boating Norway’, and their popularity has proved that the use of a fuzzy logic rule base is far better than any other logic based solution that was available.

    2 The bronze award for ‘WAG – Web Accessibility Guide’ in the R&D category and the merit for the ‘ALMUR’ app in the Tools and Infrastructure Applications category

    Interestingly enough, this app was built by a project team that consisted mostly of interns from a couple of higher education institutes and universities in the country, brought in through 99X Technology’s university relationship programme, who worked side-by-side with experienced in-house staff, which speaks volumes about the abilities of the up and coming talent in the country.

    The Web Accessibility Guide (WAG) addresses a challenging requirement for websites today – to be accessible to millions of visually impaired users. WAG is a toolset that makes the internet friendlier to visually handicapped people and packages four products with its toolset, namely WAG DevKit, WAG Report, WAG Assistant and WAG Community.

    Three kinds of visual impairments are considered in WAG – total blindness, low vision and colour blindness. It assists developers and reviewers to identify accessibility flaws on websites and applications, while also enabling visually impaired people to apply accessibility corrections automatically on websites they access. The team that built WAG has also provided a user-friendly interface in order to encourage volunteers and developers to enrich the software by testing it and submitting new rules.

    Organised by the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka (BCSSL) Section, NBQSA is an annual event open to 16 categories of software ranging from applications and infrastructure tools software to media and entertainment applications software. The objectives of the awards are threefold – to provide recognition to outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations in Sri Lanka that have contributed to the development of ICT, to create a window to gain international recognition for locally developed ICT products and to improve standards and the quality of local ICT products and services to be able to compete in the international marketplace.

    99X Technology, since its inception over a decade ago, has rapidly built itself up to become a leading player in Sri Lanka’s IT/BPO industry. Headquartered in Colombo with offices in Oslo, Norway, the company specialises in delivering high-end software products to independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide and has, to date, delivered over 100 high quality commercial software products. As a testament to its best practices and attention towards the development of its workforce, it was placed among the 15 Great Places To Work For in Sri Lanka this year and cinched an award for talent management at the fourth Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2013 in Singapore, amongst many other accolades.


    National Association for Outsourcing (NOA) has shortlisted Sri Lanka for its Offshoring Destination of the Year Award. This award is to be delivered during its prestigious award ceremony – The National Outsourcing Association Awards (NOAAs) 2013. The NOAAs is the only award ceremony dedicated to the UK outsourcing sector and takes place on Thursday 24th October 2013 at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London.

    Commenting on the NOAAs 2013, National Outsourcing Association Director, Kerry Hallard said:
    “2013 is a monumental year for the NOAAs, as it’s our 10th Anniversary, and yet again we have seen a growing number of submissions – all of outstanding quality. The shortlist truly represents the best of the best in outsourcing, and I am extremely proud to see that so many organizations clearly value the positive association of participation.”

    Expressing his views on Sri Lanka’s Short listing for this year’s NOAAs in the Offshoring Destination of the Year Category ,SLASSCOM Chairman Madu Ratnayake stated that” Sri Lanka offers a unique advantage for UK and EU companies, especially for software product engineering and accounting outsourcing. Early movers have been able to generate significant competitive advantage for their business in Sri Lanka. We now see many UK and UK companies are setting up their operations in Sri Lanka to take advantage of the synergies. The NOA shorting of Sri Lanka among the top 3 counties is a great testament to the value Sri Lanka offers for UK/EU companies and we look forward to the growth of the thriving UK/Sri Lanka partnership”.

    Ranked among the Top 25 Global Outsourcing destinations by AT Kearney and among the Top 20 Emerging Cities by Global Services, Magazine, the Sri Lankan environment is highly conducive for allowing global enterprises to enjoy premium access to a high quality talent pool for small to medium scale engagements whilst establishing high-in-demand niche competency centers. Sri Lanka acts as an off-shore development centre and joint venture development centre to several Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders from the North American continent, Great Britain, Australia, Sweden, Norway, and Japan.

    Foreign entities that have invested in Sri Lanka have already begun to tap the local talent; HSBC, Industrial & Financial Systems (IFS), Amba Research, RR Donnelley, WNS,Virtusa, Pearson,Valista, Millennium Information Technology (owned by London Stock Exchange), and Innodata Isogen are overseas investors that have become firm believers. However, there are also over 300 other Local IT companies such as Informatics, hSenid, John Keells, DMS that also operate within a fiercely competitive environment. Among Globally recognized customers of Sri Lankan ICT products and services are names such as JP Morgan, Google, Microsoft, Qatar Airways and Emirates.

    About NOA:

    The NOA operates as a not-for-profit trade association and aims to promote best practices in outsourcing, lobbying government and regulators, and provide research and information to companies and managers using outsourcing. Now in its tenth year, and firmly established as the awards all outsourcers want to win, the NOA Awards recognizes the success of an organisation’s outsourcing projects and contracts.

    About SLASSCOM:

    SLASSCOM acts as a catalyst of growth of the Sri Lankan IT and BPO industry by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, and by supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework.