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Just when it appeared Google’s recent run of Android updates had come to an end, a new version of the Play Store pops up with new features in tow. Android Police got its hands on the app, running it under a microscope to find new social and recommendation features that make finding and downloading the best apps less of a hassle. To that end, Google now warns you when an app you’re about to download contains in-app purchases, also making it easier to review apps with a larger star selector and dedicated edit and delete buttons. Opting for improved social recommendations, a new activity feed combines your +1s and ratings and connects them to your Google+ profile, letting you peek at those made by your friends to find apps you might otherwise have missed. Google’s already begun rolling out the Play Store update, but if you can’t wait for it to come over-the-air, hit up the source below to get the jump on everyone else.

Source : http://www.engadget.com/2013/12/06/google-play-store-android-social-update/


The modern technological enthusiasm among the younger generation has instigated a paradigm shift in the local business industry by inspiring them to form start-up companies providing technology based services. Square Mobile is one such Sri Lankan venture that has reached global recognition through innovative mobile applications. Tharindu Dassanayake, CEO of Square Mobile in an exclusive interview with GSMA Intelligence discussed the inception of the company and its progress over the short time span.

When asked about how he conceived the idea to form his very own company, he explained, ‘I developed an application called Word Puzzle when I was in second year of college at University of Peradeniya. The idea came by chance when I participated in Etisalat’s Appzone Champions competition in March 2011 and won the intra-university level. I was interested in their workshops on app development and decided to participate. The success of Word Puzzle after the competition boosted my entrepreneurial spirit and the exposure I received through the competition events led me to launch Square Mobile’. Word Puzzle is an interactive SMS based educational service which aims to improve English language vocabulary of its users. It is also recognized as the first tri-lingual application of its kind in the country and is offered through Etisalat in Sri Lanka and Nigeria.  Application works by recording responses of each user  to questions based on English vocabulary and then ranks users relative to other players. This competition guarantees that the users are encouraged to perform well, hence providing an incentive to learn.

Mr. Dassanayake further elaborated that since its launch in 2011, they have increased Sri Lankan subscriber base to 5000. By collaborating with Nigerian firm IntoMobile, Square Mobile expanded their operations to Nigeria in February this year. In Nigeria, Word Puzzle has attracted a staggering user base where almost 300 new subscribers are registering every day. With such a high user attraction, Square Mobile expects around 100,000 Word Puzzle users in the coming six months.

Reminiscing the humble, arduous beginning of Square Mobile, Mr. Dassanayake stated, ‘We faced some issues in setting up partnership agreements because we did not have any legal expertise. Lawyers are not only expensive but very hard to find for our field of operation (IT and communication). However, getting initial funding was the biggest challenge. There are very few funding opportunities in Sri Lanka. We raised some initial money from our friends and family, and since then the revenue from Word Puzzle has helped us sustain operations. We also got $5000 from ICTA’s Spiralation competition to develop a travel app. Before we were selected by ICTA it was hard to find mentors. There is no ecosystem for start-ups in Sri Lanka yet. But the market is opening up and there will more opportunities in the future.’

Seeing how ICT is boosting in Sri Lanka, Mr. Tharindu Dassanayake is hopeful that many more technology enthusiasts would venture boldly by starting up their own companies. The increase of smart phone usage and the improvement in mobile telephony have acted as a catalyst to inspire prospectful young entrepreneurs. ‘In the last two years, mobile developers have become interested in developing applications in the local context. Earlier there was no local language support for Android mobiles, but Sri Lankan developers overcame the problem and now there are more mobile apps in native languages. This is a good foundation for the mobile app industry in Sri Lanka.’

Source:  Mobile for Development  - Country Overview: Sri Lanka (October 2013)


CarelessDROID is an Android application to find a misplaced Android phone. You can send a SMS from any phone to your misplaced Android phone to change your phone profile either to deactivate silent mode or activate silent mode, get contacts, get IMEI and send a customized reply message to the callers. You can simplify finding your misplaced android phone by just sending a SMS.

carelessdroid1 carelessdroid2 carelessdroid3

CarelessDroid is a solution by WhiteRay

Download for free from here


As cloud and API management open doors to new business models, enterprises are seeking to control the applications being developed with those APIs; both within their organisations and across their partner networks.
WSO2 is addressing this demand with the launch of WSO2 App Factory, which enables continuous cloud delivery through a shared, self-service, multi-tenant and elastic enterprise DevOps platform.
WSO2 App Factory empowers teams to collaboratively create, develop and deploy enterprise applications into cloud environments without the delay of server provisioning. Robust lifecycle management and governance ensure compliance with IT, corporate and government policies. At the same time, the ability to create an intuitive Apple or Google Marketplace-like storefront means developers can easily subscribe to and consume APIs, applications and gadgets.
“Too often, enterprise agility is stalled by a proliferation of stovepipe deployments and shadow IT projects that are disconnected from enterprises’ strategic initiatives,” WSO2 founder and CEO Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana said. “WSO2 App Factory removes those barriers by providing an open cloud-based platform for development collaboration backed by robust governance. Through WSO2 App Factory, enterprises now can extend their business capabilities across a connected ecosystem of internal teams, suppliers, channel partners, distributors and customers, while lowering the costs of integration and interaction.”
WSO2 App Factory provides an open source, open standards approach to cloud-enabled enterprise DevOps. It is built on and integrates with the award-winning 100% open source WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform and WSO2 Stratos, the most complete platform as a service (PaaS) available. The capabilities include WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB), WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Application Server, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, WSO2 Business Process Manager, WSO2 Business Rules Server, WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 Complex Event Processor, WSO2 Message Broker, and WSO2 User Engagement Center.
WSO2 App Factory enables the integration of popular software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools, such as Apache Subversion (SVN), Git, Jenkins, Maven, Redmine, Clover, FindBugs and JUnit. At the same time, the open design of WSO2 App Factory also allows the integration of any SDLC toolset with widely adopted tools, such as Atlassian JIRA and Bamboo. Additionally, App Factory integrates with existing user repositories via LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory. Because all the third-party tools used in WSO2 App Factory are integrated through open, interoperable extension points, developers can easily configure new life cycle stages, workflows, and tools of their choice.
“There are several drivers for the use of application development life cycle management (ADLM) services. In load/stress testing, significantly larger loads can be created than in on-premises solutions, a more accurate representation of real-world conditions for client-facing applications, and more-effective pricing structures have combined to make this a rapidly growing market segment,” observed Gartner Research Director Thomas E. Murphy in the Gartner report, Platform as a Service: Definition, Taxonomy and Vendor Landscape, 20131, published on 13 June, 2013. He added: “The continued emergence of DevOps practices and the rise of new cloud platforms will drive adoption as organisations seek to drive productivity and adopt cloud deployment platforms.”
WSO2 App Factory is equipped with a complete SDLC tool chain and PaaS capabilities that aim to address many aspects of the application management process. It provides teams with a unified, controlled platform to manage this complex set of tasks across cloud portals for development, testing, production, and continuous builds in order to provision quality assurance environments, run continuous integration tests, and continuously promote and deploy software assets across development life cycle environments and production. With WSO2 App Factory, developers can easily create and administer projects, automatically build applications, and continuously deliver applications.
WSO2 App Factory provides the tools to create, manage and govern applications, along with the runtime to execute these tools. Developers only need to use the App Factory development portal to perform most of their daily tasks (builds and deployments). They also can consume APIs, applications and gadgets that have been published to an intuitive storefront to develop their own applications, as well as publish data into a shared storage server.
At the same time, developers can continue to use their preferred integrated development environments (IDEs) to develop applications, which run inside the App Factory runtime. WSO2 App Factory supports a range of application types, including web applications, ESB integrations, BPEL-based workflows and PHP applications, to name but a few.
WSO2 App Factory provides several benefits to enterprise development teams. The ability to impose policies and standards between life-cycle stages means an application won’t progress from one stage to the next before meeting regulatory and quality standards. Meanwhile, making an application publicly available in a storefront fosters cross-organisational collaboration and encourages reuse, speeding time to market. The storefront also helps developers understand what capabilities are available before starting a new project, reducing rework. Similarly, early detection of issues cuts the cost of development.
Automated processes also help to simplify the developer experience and streamline processes. Notably, WSO2 App Factory automatically manages dependencies. For example, when moving an application from development to staging, there is no need to connect to different APIs and databases. A developer can simply move the application through its life-cycle stages while the platform automatically connects it to the correct resources. WSO2 App Factory also creates a skeleton project automatically; developers simply select a project type. Additionally, App Factory’s numerous dashboards make it easy to manage and monitor projects throughout the life cycle.
WSO2 App Factory as a fully open source solution released under the Apache License 2.0, it does not carry any licensing fees.

Source: DailyFT


Tour De Hiru app is Sri Lanka’s First Road Racing Mobile app.

* Track the Live location of the moving race
* Watch the live video streaming
* See the list of riders & their live position
* Take photos of the race & upload to Hiru

TourDeHiru1 TourDeHiru2

App by Bhasha

Free download here


Fortunaglobal and retail fashion power house Fashion Bug have launched a first of its kind in Sri Lanka – a multi channel iPhone and android app. The multi-functional app brings the entire gamut of app development to the proverbial fashion runway, with customers being able to browse Fashion Bug catalogues which are continuously linked and updated to all their outlets islandwide.
Fortunaglobal CEO, Suren Kohombange said, “We’re excited at the endless opportunities this app opens up for Fashion Bug. This sort of app is what users expect from a retailer’s mobile presence nowadays. The in-store crossover features and customer-appropriate feature-set, also means that Fashion Bug could genuinely interact with their customers. This seamless collaboration between lifestyle and retail experiences had presented Fortunaglobal with the ideal platform to propel the launch of this app without interfering with the existing operating structure of Fashion Bug.
The content is peppered with an innovative sliding image function, a state-of-the-art interface and glossy photos, which permits users to immerse themselves in each trend through a rich mix of content. A unique selling point of the app is that it allows users to easily track the location of the branches with the inbuilt GPS facility, an interactive feature that really sets it apart from regular app.”
Using Fortunaglobal’s expertise in delivering market-leading apps, Fashion Bug worked closely with Fortunaglobal to deliver an app which is also equipped with “Push Notifications,” where users could get promotional details and sale notifications to their devices without even opening the app.
Fashion Bug Asia (Pvt) Ltd., Director, Shabier Subian, added, “In an age of smart technology and social media, the text book advertising and the typical press-TV- radio combination does not quite cut it when it comes to advertising and brand building. Especially since we hail from the fashion industry, it is imperative that our communications are visual, while also prompting and yielding optimum customer engagement. We are making strides on Facebook and Fortunagobal has partnered with us in creating the Fashion Bugmobile App, just in time along with the smartphone boom here in Sri Lanka. We are the very first Fashion Retailer to launch an interactive interface such as this in Sri Lanka. Currently, more than 3,500 of our customers are connected with us via the app where they get daily updates on new arrivals and our promotions. The customer friendly layout does not intimidate the new smart-phone users. The store locater is also a regular favourite amongst our customers. The number of downloads are growing daily and we are looking forward to further innovations and enhancements from our trusted developers.”
Fortunaglobal is a leading technology based company in Sri Lanka, who is specialized in mobile technologies, software solutions and consultancy services. In 2011, Fortunaglobal won a Gold Award at the e-Swabhimani awards in the mobile category for the media App suite. In 2012, Fortunaglobal was recognised at the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), winning two awards for their media App suite and also middle-wear Financial Solution, according to a press release.

Source: Daily News


Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first article on diGit. In this article, we will look at how to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in C#.

For this we will use Puma.net library which makes our task much easier. You can download it from CodePlex, which hosts Open Source Projects.

After downloading, run the downloaded file and install it in your machine. I will illustrate this to you by using a small WPF application. After installing Puma .Net go to the “Assemblies” folder in the installation location. Usually they are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Puma.NET\Assemblies (in a 64-bit machine).

You should see three DLL(Dynamic-Link Library or .dll) files as follows.

Figure (a)

Figure (a)

Next go to the properties of the”COM Server” folder which resides at C:\Program Files (x86)\Puma.NET

Go to the security tab and click edit.

Figure (b)

Figure (b)

And make sure you have given full control for the current user.

Next open Visual Studio (I am using 2012 version) and go to File=> new=> project

Figure (c)

Figure (c)

Under “Windows” category choose “WPF Application” and under “Name” give a name for your application and click  OK.

 Right click on your project and select “Add Reference” and go to “Browse” section.

Figure (d)

Figure (d)

Click on “Browse” and locate the” Puma.Net.dll” file which resides in C:\Program Files (x86)\Puma.NET\Assemblies  (in 64-bit machine) and click OK.

Right click on your project  and select “Rebuild”.  After rebuild completes right click on the project again and select “open folder in file explorer”. Go to Bin => Debug and you must  have  “Puma.Net.dll” , and “puma.interop.dll” files inside that folder. From the location in figure (a) you must copy “dibapi.dll” file into this location. Now your Debug folder must have the following content:

Figure (e)

Figure (e)

Now go to “MainWindow.xaml ” in our WPF Application and create an interface like the following by simply using the items in the toolbox.

Figure (f)

Figure (f)

The first  File Selector is used to select the source image file. We can get the output of the OCR as a string or we can directly write it into a file. The second file selector is used to select the destination file for the second scenario.

So now let’s look at the code written in event handlers.

 First let’s consider the click event of the “Select Source” button.

Figure (g)
Figure (g)

Here I have created an object from the “OpenFileDialog” class which helps us to locate the source image that we use to read. The “ShowDialog()” method in this class will open a file chooser window and it returns a boolean value which indicates whether a file has been selected or not. And I have taken the path of the selected file using the “FileName” property and set it into the first TextBox in Figure (f).

Now let’s consider the actions caused by the click event of the “Read to screen” button

Figure (h)
Figure (h)

Here we are creating an object from the “PumaPage” class and we have to pass the path of the source image file which we got in the previous step into the constructor of this object. And then we can set the output format we want (line 54), and set the language which is used in the source image(line 55). Using the “RecongnizeToString()” method we can take the output of the reading into a string. I have applied that string into a “TextBlock”  in our MainPage.xaml. Finally I have called the “Dispose()” method so this PumaPage object will be disposed allowing another PumaPage object to get hold of the source image file.

Here is the code under “SelectDestination” button

Figure (i)
Figure (i)

This has a similar functionality as the “Select Source” button in Figure (g) and it will let us select the destination file where we would like to save the output if we plan to save it in a file. And that path is assigned to the Second TextBox in the MainWindow.xaml page. 

Click event in the “Read to File” button

Figure (j)
Figure (j)

The functionality of this event is similar to “read to screen” in Figure (h). Instead of the “RecongnizeToString()” method we must use the “RecognizeToFile()” method (line 85) and pass the path of the destination file which we got in the previous step, as a parameter.

Before running the application make sure to add a reference to the “System.Drawing” assembly by going to the Reference Manager in the same way we did in Figure (d). Under “Assemblies” section select “FrameWork” and select “System.Drawing ” as shown in below and click OK.

Figure (k)

Figure (k)

This is the image which I will use for recognition:

Figure (l)

Figure (l)

Now let’s run our application by clicking on “Start” button.

This is the result which I got by clicking the “Read to Screen” button after selecting the above source file through “Select Source” button.

Figure (m)

Figure (m)

And we can also use the “Read to File” button after selecting a destination file using the “Select Destination” button.

Figure (n)

Figure (n)

Here is the destination file after the operation:

Figure (o)

Figure (o)

There are some other properties under “PumaPage” class which can be set for much sensitive and thorough recognition, just play around with them a little bit and you will understand their usage and power in no time.

I hope you understood my explanation and learned something new. If you need any further clarifications, please feel free to contact me. And since this is my very first article I very much appreciate your feedback in order to make my future work much beneficial to you all!

Let’s meet again soon with another article.

Take care :)   Happy Coding!!


A single app that can serve as an automatic silencer, a notification tool, an alarm clock and a task manager, targeting the entire productivity cycle under a simple user interface.

Based on the rules you add, the app will:
■ switch your phone to silent while you sleep / wake you up with an alarm / remind you of a note / vibrate
■ daily, weekly or just once
■ on certain days or between certain days
■ at certain times or between certain times
■ plus: you can also add tasks and use it as a todo list

Other features:
■ share your list with friends or make a backup by emailing it to yourself in human readable form. That same backup can be imported back into the app by copy/pasting it
■ extra filter controls and reminder text when you turn the device to landscape
■ Ring Mode widget: change the ringer mode (mute/vibrate/loud)

Created by Teodore Filimon

Grab it to your Android device here


Baiscope Sinhalen is a Sri Lankan Community service that shares reviews about various types of Movies. It also provides Exclusive Sinhala Subtitles for many of the Movies. Website: http://www.baiscopelk.com

Bhasha has created an Android app to view Baiscope Sinhalen. App is a CSR project of Bhasha.

Go ahead, Grab it here to your android device.


Meanings is a dictionary app for windows 8 with rich user interface. This brings you Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms and Example for a given word. This app gives you the real dictionary experience. This app supports landscape view, filled view, snapped view and portrait view. Meanings can speak the given word. This supports sharing content, so users can share (tweet or email or any other) the word they have searched and its meaning, and in tiles user can get the last word he searched and its meaning. This supports large tiles.

App by Isham Mohamed from Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka.

[Updated 1st July 2013 6:20pm] Grab the app here http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/meanings/3565d6c7-f1e4-4214-a4a6-b91ca3048c00