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Sri Lankan Twitter Hashtag Memories – #SriLankaInThe90s


Tweeps are generally more up-to-date with the latest technologies and happenings than those from other social networks. The news reaches them the fastest and lots of interesting conversations happen. However, it’s not rare to find them becoming nostalgic every once in a while. Especially with the TweetupSL 4 coming up and a book about the Sri Lankan twittersphere being written, people are digging up their old tweets, reminiscing how their timelines were like back then and remembering the epic moments in the past few years. We love talking about how things used to be.

When someone mentions an unforgettable thing that used to happen when we were young, it is very natural that rekindle the memories of other tweeps who join the conversation and make it a trend. That’s exactly what happened when @GayanMW tweeted about a brand of tinned fish from the 90s.

And thus, the #SriLankaInThe90s tag was born. Other tweeps soon followed suit, tweeting about the fond memories from the 1990s, back when most of them were pretty young. The majority of the tweets were related to the old school nostalgia.

Well, no one can possibly forget one-bump cricket.

Many were reminiscing the popular TV shows, movies and adverts back then.

Lots of tweets reflected how the Sri Lankan society used to be back then.

The Oberoi!

Life wasn’t easy as it is now.

One cannot simply forget the horrible war that was going on back then. War was a major part of everyone’s lives.

Some techy tweeps remembered how the computers used to be back then.

There were quite a few hilarious political mentions as well.

Several tweeps even posted photos of the memories from the 90s.

Many tweeps claimed that #SriLankaInThe90s was trending on Twitter countrywide. The hashtag was becoming popular beyond limits.

#SriLankaInThe90s took everyone to a time when there was no Twitter and things were very different.

We initially planned to feature only 20 tweets. But there were so many good ones, we just could not contain ourselves from featuring more.

This is the second article of our prequel to #TweetupSL4. You can find our first article covering all the interesting tweets that were tweeted under #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters here




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