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Sri Lankan Twitter Hashtag Memories – #IfIBecomeThePresidentOfSriLanka


TweetupSL, the biggest social media activity in Sri Lanka is about to take place for the fourth consecutive time on 7th of December at MCA grounds.  To mark this event, diGIT and the rest of the Tweeps are digging up their tweets to share the moments they had on Twitter with #TweetUpSLBook and Sri Lankan hashtags. So here am I, in a quest to pen down another article on Sri Lankan Twitter Hashtag memories, unearthed #IfIBecomeThePresidentOfSriLanka which ruled the timeline on August 10, this year.

Who doesn’t dream? Well Poorna (@PoornaCW) dreamt too. He dreamt of becoming the President of Sri Lanka.

Isn’t it sweet when President is giving free Wi-Fi to everyone?

Well this is just the beginning of a series of creative tweets where Tweeps tweeted their thoughts on it. Following tweets are some of the best considered by the writer.

Well Shashika at least trying to remove the bad omen of Sri Lankan cricket team by not watching cricket matches any more, Way to go Shashika.

Popularity of Ex-Alien song eh?

Gihan in a sarcastic manner pointing out the mistakes that journalists sometimes make when tense situations arose in the streets with STF personnel.

Gayan wants another harbor in Galle because it is too mainstream to have just ‘one’ harbor.

Isuru wanted to build a harbor in Kurunegala, I wonder how the Sri Lankan map would look afterwards though.

Mahesh in a very diplomatic manner highlighted the importance that General Fonseka played in fighting and winning the war.

Sachitha, a recent A/L student letting out his frustration at Chemistry subject.

And there was some tweets on food and beverage too.

With food and beverages we also saw Hiran  hinting at the massive stomachs that is prominent among Sri Lankan ministers :)

And we had a comic-con fan too.

This was the scary part, Dodan threatened to deport everyone who used this hash tag :D .

Some bus-song fans too joined in.

Ashen wants to send a Sri Lankan astronaut to moon. A good ambition Ashen!

Doesn’t every kid love this?

Ya. Depinitely!

Well, Gihan had his own ulterior motives and created this fake tweet.

This is the third article of our prequel to #TweetupSL4. You can find our first article covering all the interesting tweets that were tweeted under #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters here and the second article on #SriLankaInThe90s here




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