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Sri Lankan Twitter Hashtag Memories – #EpicSinhalaCartoonDubs


Hype and excitement is growing with less than a day remaining for the #TweetUpSL 4, the largest gathering of the Sri Lankan Twitter community which will be held on 7th of December at Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA). As the online media partner of #TweetupSL 4, Digit Magazine will be bringing back the memories of Sri Lankan Twittershpere by digging into popular hashtags that were used by Tweeps.

Anyone watched the original version of Asterix or Top Cat? You would find the contrast striking and be amazed by how the personality of characters is changed through dubbing. Sinhala language was used with an innovative comic touch which was both novel and alluring. Such cartoon characters made an everlasting impact on Sri Lankan children & adults. They became characters that Sri Lankan kids of 80s and 90s grew up with.

Titus Thotawatta’s productions such as Dosthara Honda Hitha, Pissu Poosa, Ha Ha Hari Hawa, Casper became immensely popular and looking back I feel that it was years before any other cartoons attained the same adoration or popularity among children. The second wave of cartoons dubbed in Sinhala was born in the new millennium. Cartoons like Soora Pappa, Cow the Boy, Api Raja Ibbo, and Scooby Doo not only used wit, but also enhanced the comic element through names of characters and their personalities. The dubbing was done in a pretty impressive manner to acculturate to Srilankan audience.

@AshenR2 , decided to recall some of the epic dubs from some our favorite cartoons.

Soora Pappa seems to have the highest number of epic sinhala quotes.

( LOKU PAPPA – “SooraPappa”)



(MandukaBhavana “Wind In The Willows”)  Manduka (Mr Toad ) is portrayed as a narcissistic , self centered , pompous frog who often gets told off  by MahathunAiya (Mr. Badger).

(ChawChaw – Dosthara Honda Hitha)

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