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Sri Lankan Twitter Hashtag Memories – #ChangeAWordInASongToYako


We all know the Sri lankan Twittersphere to be a buzzing huddle of people who share, thoughts, feelings, news and everything in a unique and quirky way.  Localized hashtag trends symbolize the quirkiness of this community very much. We have been looking at some of those epic hashtags in this article series.

Today I bring to you a hashtag which is about 3 years old. This hashtag happened on a #sajje day

(What is #Sajje you asked? – The answer is right here)

It was a leisurely Saturday evening, and the #sajje was in full flow. Suddenly, @udithaumesh noticed the songs could be made to look funny by adding the word “Yako”. So, viola! It happened.  The birth of an epic hashtag,  #ChangeAWordInASongToYako

So here you are, 20 of the best tweets(as far as I think) under the hashtag #ChangeAWordInASongToYako.

This is the fifth article of our prequel to #TweetupSL4. You can find our first article covering all the interesting tweets that were tweeted under #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters here, the second article on #SriLankaInThe90s here, third article on #IfIBecomeThePresidentOfSriLanka here and the fourth article on #EpicSinhalaCartoonDubs here.



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