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Sri Lankan team placed 6th at International ‘Node.js Knockout’ Hackathon!


‘Node.js Knockout’ is a 48-hour hackathon featuring node.js. It’s an online, virtual competition with contestants around the world.

Hackathon took place from November 9, 2013 0:00 UTC to November 11, 2013 0:00 UTC. Judging and public voting took place the following week.

This is the 4th year it’s been held. “Meteor Hacks” team from Sri Lanka were able to take the 6th place competing with around 400 teams all over the world. They placed 4th on completeness category and 8th on popularity category.

MeteorHacks was teamed two months before the competition. Arunoda Susiripala (Hacker @Meteor Hacks), Pasindu De Silva (NSBM 1st year undergraduate, Google Student Ambassador ) , Muhammed Thanish (Undergraduate at Uva Wellassa University) and Pahan Sarathchandra (Hacker @Meteor Hacks). By after few app ideas the team finalized an idea by 1st week of November. it was “The Open Comment Box”

Open Comment Box is a Realtime Commenting Platform. You can use it for power any website with comments. Unlike popular disqus service, Open Comment Box is open source and you can host anywhere you want.

It can be easily deployed with any NodeJS PAAS and we even provide docker images. If you are having wordpress site, you can simply enable comment with our WordPress plugin.

Key Features of Open Comment Box

  • its open source

  • its real time

  • easy to integrate to wordpress or ghost blogging platforms

  • markdown support

  • users can logged in using gmail, twitter, facebook

  • you can host it on your own server , easy to deploy with

  • heroku

  • nodejitsu

  • modulus.io

  • docker

Open Comment box received lot of attention from the community all loved its idea being open source. Meteo Hacks team is already working towards the open sourcing the project. will be available soon on as github repository.

for more information please visit meteorhacks team page.





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