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Social Media Day Colombo – Live blog


Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day is being celebrated in Colombo today (30th June 2013) at Park Street Mews in partnership with Etisalat Sri Lanka. Social Media Day was launched in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.

250 socially active folks were invited for the event which is happening for the 3rd time in Colombo. Stay tuned to this page for live updates in case you are not able to attend in person. An interesting agenda has been set up:


  • Networking session and refreshments
  • Mashable CEO welcome video
  • “If only your Press Release could talk!” by Angelo Fernando
  • Social Media for Social Good by Manjula Dissanayake Founder Educate Lanka
  • Panel Discussion – Social Media in Sri Lanka Moderated by Isura Silva
  • Ukku Banda VS Hichchi Malli – Video Blogging Session by Kushan and Srimal

Pictures from the event are on our facebook page here

Event covered video is attached below.

Live updates from the event:

diGIT live Jul 1, 201310:23 am

The organizing team posing for a picture along with Raini, after the event.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20138:05 pm

With that interestin session the Social Media Day Colombo editoion comes to an end. Thanks for following our live blog. Await more pictures and videos on our site ( http://digit.lk ) and our Facebook page soon. Thank You.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20138:01 pm

“Purpose of social media is not to make us tech-savy. In my opinion it’s to make us more human” says Angelo. Very interesting perspective. Angelo is now taking questions from the audience.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:58 pm

Angelo now speaks about “Social Media Press Releases”. He gives examples as to how modern Social Media tools such as FlickR and even Vine can be used to create such a one.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:53 pm

Angelo speaks about the importance of press release. He asks why a press release can’t be the voice of the company instead of that of the CEO. It should be the words of the company instead of “words of the PR agency.”

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:48 pm

Next up is a session with Angelo Fernando. He is the author of Chat Republic.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:46 pm

The award for Jehan is being presented by Indi. Rohan from Google Sri Lanka collects the award. Jehan sure looks excited! :)

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:39 pm

Guess what? YouTube celebrity Jehan is being presented with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution via YouTube? Video blogging.. Jehan has joined with us live via Google+ hangout. He is now speaking how he began video blogging. It’s a fun way to engage with people says Jehan.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:36 pm

Kushan and Sirimal are also being presented with awards for their innovative contribution on YouTube.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:34 pm

The most popular meme makers in Sri Lanka are being presented with tokens of appreciation. Interesting to see memes getting recognized in Sri Lanka.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:30 pm

Are there any Twitter “Power Users”? Everyone in social media is a power user in a way says Amitha .That brings the panel discussion to an end at the Social Media Day Colombo.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:28 pm

Answering a question on a strategic point, brands need to create fans. It’s a sensitive affair says Gamika. Amitha mentions about Social Listening. One should concentrate on various aspects including answering and moderation.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:23 pm

Traditional marketers have now been compelled to learn about Social media marketing. On the long run there won’t be two different fields. Both will get integrated into one says Amitha answering to a question from Sulare.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:19 pm

Time for the audience to ask questions. Sulare just asked Gamika whether SLIM plans any courses on Social media. Gamika talked about the need about such a course and their plan on the long run.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:16 pm

How to deal with abuse and embarrassments in social media? asks Isura. It’s better to ignore trolls says Megara. Indi says the best thing is to do something positive and keep showing what you do.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:14 pm

Amitha speaking at the panel discussion

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:10 pm

Language is not a barrier in Social Media says Amitha. That’s why we brought Kushan & Srimal as an example. #SMdayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:09 pm

You need to be a marketer first. Then you need to adopt Social media concepts says Amitha. Just being a “guru” without adopting to changes will make your job-title extinct says Amitha.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:05 pm

Most marketers are not comfortable in conversation. You need to get comfortable in the medium says Amitha.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:03 pm

Amitha mentions how Social media in Sri Lanka has come a long way during the last 4 years. The trend is positive.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20137:02 pm

Megara speaks at the Social media Day Colombo

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:58 pm

Raini says she gets lot of ideas from her fans via Social Media. She also mentions that she likes to listen to her fans.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:57 pm

RainiCharuka now speaks about how she uses Social media to promote her career and keep in touch with her fans

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:54 pm

Now Megara speaks about journalism and Social Media. How she gets people to respond via Social Media. She mentions abot the article she’s working on now and how she is getting good support from Social media since the news is based in Jaffna. #SMDayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:49 pm

The first campaign was about rescuing books for Needy Readers. We wanted to make use the unused books lying at homes. Then we started “I rescue books” projects to collect the books and to distribute to the needy. Social media was a great tool that helped us to spread the word, says Lividul.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:45 pm

Lividul Witharana from Needy Readers is now speaking about his project. He mentions how there are children in need of books. He is focusing on building a passionate team of volunteers and taking the initiative to various parts of the country .

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:42 pm

The panel discussion in progress

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:41 pm

We are trying to bring Social Media tools into education for people to see the best part and understand the value of Social Media says Gamika.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:39 pm

Social Media is liberal. Anyone can say their opinion, says Gamika.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:36 pm

SLIM does many researches in Sri Lanka, The tradition media still leads when it comes to awareness factor. But it’s interesting to see more engagement in Social Media says Gamika from SLIM Sri Lanka.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:34 pm

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:32 pm

It’s time for an interesting panel discussion on Social media in Sri Lanka. Isura Silva is the moderator. Panelists include Indi, Gamika , Amitha, Megara, Lividul, Raini .

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:26 pm

With that the session with Manjula came to and end. Now time for another token of appreciation. Sarvodaya Fusion is being recognized for their contribution for Social Good.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:23 pm

Koshal asks Manjula to explain as to how crowd-funding helped them to kick-start their project. Crowd-funding brings out the power in the people says Manjula. He also says not everyone can afford large amounts. But all can contribute small amounts

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:19 pm

Manjula now mentions how Social Media provides a way to capture the audience and get them to work towards a cause.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:15 pm

Manjula now speaks about how they reached out to many celebrities and cricketers through the help of Social Media. #SMDayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:13 pm

Majula says that Educate Lanka has sponsored hundreds of students from all 9 provinces of Sri Lanka. He is now based in Washington DC.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:12 pm

Live Google+ hangout with Manjula of Educate Lanka in progress at #SMDayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:08 pm

Manjula mentions how he got his friends from the IT field to set up the site and organize a micro-finance initiative so that people from around the world could participate.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:06 pm

Manjula mentions about the financial hardships faced by Sri Lankan students to obtain higher education.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20136:02 pm

We’ve now got Manjula on a live Google hangout. He speaks about Educate Lanka Project and the challenges.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:59 pm

Earlier Supun Budhajeewa was awarded the award for his contribution in blogging. A friend collecting the award on behalf of him.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:56 pm

An introduction by Manjula on the Educate Lanka project is being played at the event.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:53 pm

Indi collecting his award at the Social Media day Colombo

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:49 pm

Indi is well known for his personal blog http://indi.ca as well as http://kottu.org. He, along wit his team began http://yamu.lk wich is a start-up providing guide to Colombo.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:47 pm

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:46 pm

Time for some tokens of appreciation. First award is for Indi Samarajiva for “Lifetime achievement in Blogging” presented by Gamika of SLIM. #SMDayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:43 pm

Live webcast of Social Media Day Colombo is available at http://socialmediacolombo.com/

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:41 pm

Ukku Banda and Hichchi Malli just performed Harlem Shake with their own moves.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:39 pm

Few more interesting questions from the audience including a request for a dance performance.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:38 pm

Interesting question from audience as to how Kushan and Sirimal started to market their videos at the beginning.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:37 pm

Very interesting to note that these inspirational youngsters are still studying at their universities

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:34 pm

Mission Of Toy Soldiers by Kushan and Sirimal was also played at the event. You can check it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj7g8rdbbV8

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:31 pm

Now Kushan and Sirimal are speaking about the story behind Ukku Banda and Hichchi Malli.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:28 pm

Kushan is now speaking why money is not an issue to produce good videos like them. Begin with a simple idea, he says. These youngsters are an inspiration to many who have ideas but don’t know how to implement them.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:24 pm

Ukku Banda and Hichchi Malli on stage

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:22 pm

Kushan and Sirimal are now talking about their humble beginning. A video of them practicing their moves is being played. ##SMDayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:19 pm

Kushan & Srimal are on stage. Most of you’ll be knowing by the names Ukku Banda and Hichchi Malli! They’re talking about how they began the You Tube channel ad their success.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:16 pm

Udara and Koshal are now talking about our own Sri Lankan YouTube celebrities Kushan & Srimal

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:14 pm

Udara and Koshal on stage

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:11 pm

Two minutes of silence in memory of Sarath of CocoVeranda at the Social Media Day Colombo.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:08 pm

Udara and Koshal are now speaking about our wonderful friend Sarath. He’s no-more with us. But he has left us with wonderful memories.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:07 pm

It’s good to see Udara and Koshal presenting the event in all three languages. #SMdayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:04 pm

Koshal and Udara are on stage to give an introduction on the happenings..

diGIT live Jun 30, 20135:01 pm

“Celebrating the connected generation around the world” is the theme put forward by Mashable, the global organizers of the event says Amitha.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:59 pm

Now Amitha is explaining how the Social Media Day was started as a global event and how they were inspired to organize in Sri Lanka.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:57 pm

Amitha from the organizing committee is on stage with the welcome speech

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:56 pm

An introductory video on the impact of Social Media on today’s world is being played at the event…

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:53 pm

Almost all the panelists for the panel discussion, which will be happening later, have arrived.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:42 pm

A section of the social media enthusiasts present at the #SMDayCMB

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:35 pm

The Social Media Day Colombo is brought to you by Etisalat Sri Lanka along with Neo@Ogilvy and SLIM Sri Lanka. Venue partner is Park Street Mews.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:33 pm

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:30 pm

The needy Readers team will also be here and you can support a worthy cause by donating books to them.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:14 pm

The Social Media Day 2013 is live now. To begin we’ll be having a networking session along with refreshments.

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:12 pm

diGIT live Jun 30, 20134:08 pm

We see a large number of Sri Lankan Social Media users at the venue. Registrations are still underway…

diGIT live Jun 30, 20133:47 pm

Hi Digit readers! We are here at the Social Media Day – Colombo edition! Watch out this space for live updates when the event begins at 4pm.



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