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SLIIT Mini Hackathon – A Team’s Tale


Ten teams from different universities and one school participated in this year’s Mini Hackathon, which was held at SLIIT on 25 of October 2013. The competition kicked off at 10 AM and spanned for five hours with intense participation from all the teams.  We were asked to build any application under the topic “Learning Environment”. The participants were given the option to select the language they wish to code with.

We were given 30 minutes to brainstorm an idea for an application, preferably a mobile application. After a very enthralling discussion our team decided on developing an Android application for kids. Afterwards when it came to the actual development phase, we divided the work we had ahead among our team members and strived to develop an application that kids found very fun and attractive to work with.


Our team members were: Nimesha Nishadi, Sara Mahagamarachchi, Devanshi Ganegoda, Christine Glennie.

So what was our application?

Learning science and playing with numbers were never this easy and fun. Now they all are in “ABC”. We had three categories in the menu of our application.

Mathematics: Play with numbers and to sharpen up their skills to add and subtract small numbers.

Science: This mainly had two categories

Animals: A set of animals and their sounds stored, so the kids could learn and identify animals by taping on an animal.

Birds: A collection of birds and teaches kids to how to identify birds by their names.

Quiz: A set of simple questions on the above topics so the kids can do them with their parents.





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