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Silicon Valley Company Collaborates with Calcey


CompareNetworks, Inc, a Silicon Valley technology company is hugely enjoying collaborating with the Sri Lankan Web, Mobile and Cloud services provider Calcey Technologies. In an exclusive interview with diGIT, Mr. Andy Miller CTO of CompareNetworks, discussed their clientele and how they have enjoyed working with Calcey.

CompareNetworks, Inc. delivers media and platform products both in web and mobile formats that drive revenue for science and healthcare manufacturers. Their partnership with Calcey started off as the latter was given the responsibility of managing the content for the websites handled by the San Francisco based firm back in 2005. From there on in, their partnership prospered and now Calcey manages the engineering projects of CompareNetworks, in-house in Colombo.

When we asked why not look for Engineering talent in Silicon Valley, Mr. Miller explained that it was really exhausting and time consuming, since most of the talent is attracted by the big players like Apple and Google. So in order to look for proper talent, they have shifted their focus to Sri Lanka, where quality and creativity is considered utmost in the software industry.

Calcey® Technologies

Calcey® Technologies is a boutique professional services firm providing a comprehensive set of online services including web, cloud, and mobile solutions for enterprises worldwide. Among their services, Calcey provides,

  • Software Development [Web apps, mobile apps, cloud solutions, mash-ups]
  • Software Quality Assurance [Test planning, testing, test automation]
  • Business Analysis and UX Design [Wire-framing, user interaction specification]
  • BPO/Knowledge Services [Online research, data scraping, content development]

It is very inspiring to witness, Silicon Valley, the birthplace of technology based services,  reaching out to Sri Lanka in search of talent and professional services. This curious case of Calcey Technologies is indeed a success for the rest of the industry as well as an inspiration for the tech start-ups eagerly waiting to blossom.




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