Welcome to the World of PCH - the Benchmark for ICT in Sri Lanka

In today’s world of ICT convergence, enhanced technology mobility and a rapidly changing environment, it is only the strong and adaptable that thrives. Founded in 1997 as a two employee, single showroom business by Mr. S. H. M. Rishan, ‘PC House’ soon became famous as one of Sri Lanka’s most customer oriented organizations. With a strong background of constant innovation and an ever increasing focus on rendering quality service, the company grew from strength to strength. Enhancing its presence all over Sri Lanka, the company is now a major player in the local information technology market – with the newly enhanced identity of ‘PCH’. The company is now poised to become a one-stop-shop for all technology requirements with the ability to tailor solutions to meet the specific and exacting needs of all its customers whether they are individuals, SMEs, big corporate bodies or public sector institutions.

On the momentous occasion of moving to its newly enhanced identity of “PCH”, Mr. S.H.M Rishan, founder and Chairman of PC House Limited spoke on the powerhouse PCH will represent in Sri Lanka. “All of us at PC House are really excited. The country’s IT industry is set to really take off with the cessation of the war, and we are all set to play a pivotal role in bringing the latest, the best and the most appropriate IT solutions to the doorsteps of all our customers to enable them to face the future with confidence. I am pleased to announce the re-launch of PC House as PCH and personally guarantee that we will not only continue the high standards we have established in the past, but help Sri Lanka reach the heights we all know we can achieve”.

Having won numerous awards of recognition from partners as well as local and foreign business communities and the government, PCH is privileged to have at its helm, one of Sri Lanka’s most dynamic leaders in Mr. S. H. M. Rishan. This, coupled with an outstanding depth of product range, a network of world renowned partners, and a wide distribution capability, enables the company to provide Sri Lanka with the latest technology on par with the rest of the world. They are able to do this with a superbly trained and highly motivated work force of nearly 500 employees deployed throughout the country. PCH offers quality employment and thereby stability to communities – not just in the suburbs – but in the North and East as well.

A very well known and much respected personality in the business world, Mr. Mangala Boyagoda, Director of PCH, speaking on the growth potential of PCH said, “PC House has an impressive track record of 13 years in the field of IT. Even though my association with PCH spans a little over 2 years, we have laid the foundation and business strategy to always stay a step ahead of the industry. Strengthened by a fresh Board of Directors and fortified by a new identity, PCH will be more focused on providing futuristic products and services to local companies. The expansion of PCH will mean more reach island wide, extensive employment opportunities and more partnerships. With the local IT market on a growth spurt and expected to continue growing well into next several years, the new identity as “PCH” comes at an ideal time. Having a comprehensive one stop solution provider in PCH will benefit organizations looking to step up. Our customers will benefit from obtaining the optimum combination of products, components and services tailored to their individual budgets and needs. As the leader in this industry we see this as an important responsibility, one we are definitely equal to”.

With the Sri Lankan IT market showing double digit growth in recent years and reaching a value of around USD 308 million this year, Sri Lanka is at the brink of an IT revolution the likes of which we have never seen before. Our country is set to grow in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) with corporates around the world increasingly resorting to outsourcing their non-core activities in areas such as finance, accounting, legal and human resource management, in order to stay competitive. PCH is currently involved in rendering BPO services and will be shortly expanding its portfolio in this field. This will open further avenues of growth that would result in an employment boom and industry growth that would benefit the country as a whole. With the government supporting the industry to the fullest through various measures such as IT infrastructure development and the extension of fiscal incentives, there is nothing to stop PCH on its march towards becoming the “ICT Benchmark” in Sri Lanka.

PCH’s director, Mr. Sarath Wikramanayake, who is well known in Banking and Insurance circles, emphasized the need for the company to build on its foundations of quality and hard work. “We have always provided what our clients needed. Our solutions and products are all tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs, giving them a degree of control and autonomy that they would be unable to achieve with standard applications and hardware. Our strength is the huge knowledge base that we possess through our staff that has the good fortune of being led by the most dynamic Mr. Rishan. In my brief association with PC House to date, I have been most impressed with the foundation laid and the strategies and plans in place to forge ahead. We have always been one step ahead of everyone else, and we intend being the leader, going into the future”.

As an additional feature of the new corporate image, PC House Limited will be re-launching its corporate website. Exiting new features of the new web site will include an e-commerce capability, an advanced customer care module and changes that will make it much more customer friendly. Our customers will now be able to interact with PC House from the comfort of their homes and offices.

With the goal of achieving the status of benchmark for ICT in Sri Lanka, Mr. S. H. M. Rishan and PCH are focused on the future, trendsetting the ICT community and developing Sri Lanka. PC House Ltd was incorporated as a limited liability company in 2000 after having commenced business in 1997. Its Board of Directors consist of Messrs S.H.M. Rishan, Sharmila Rishan, Mangala Boyagoda, Sarath Wikramanayake, Modarage Thilakasiri, Shanti Nadaraja and Kuvera de Soyza.


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