Interview with Sri Lankan Call of Duty 4 national champions Team Perks

by Raveen Wijayatilake

Team Perks has dominated the Sri Lankan Call of Duty 4 scene since their formation in 2009. Winning every local tournament they've taken part in and maintaining a 100% win record in Sri Lanka, Team Perks is undoubtedly #1 when it comes to the COD4 scene. The team has gone through a number of roster changes as players have come and gone, some with more controversy than others. We got a chance to speak to three Perks seniors Madhatter, Toxin and Psycho about their team and their thoughts on the Sri Lankan e-sports scene.

Let's start with an introduction of Team Perks and who is in it?

Madhatter: MadHatter, Shafrox, Toxin, Psycho, Max Payne, Pabasara, Whendras, Striker, Lonewolf, Frank, Stifler, Revoloution, Hunter, Pirate


Tell us how Team Perks came to be.

Madhatter: Well it was formed with players from DC Reds and Infinity Gamers, which were the best two teams at that time

Toxin: Purpose was basically to take the game (cod4) beyond the clan level of gaming

Madhatter: Maybe I'll mention the starting members as well:

MadHatter, Shafrox, Toxin, Psycho, Max Payne, Pirate, Dirkblack, Crusade


What do you'll have to say about the common opinion when you'll first formed that Perks was DC Reds with another name?

Madhatter: Actually our scope was international competitions

Toxin: We simply wanted to do something different than the clan level & experience the game with more competitiveness, so we figured it's something which was hard to do in clan level & hence the need for a pro team came & we all went with it     

Madhatter: Even at that time DC Reds have already dominated cod4 in SL.. so we needed more compettion


What were you'll expecting as Team Perks, benefits and support wise, that you'll didn't have as DC Reds?

Toxin: Mostly there was a big need of servers outside SL, game servers + voice & top of all "freedom".


After the formation of Team Perks, what would you say was the first big achievement the team experienced? Biggest achievement upto date?

Madhatter: Ofcourse biggest achivement is winning WCG 2009, specially cos Perks I ended as national champion and PeRks II as runner rup. Our 1st achivement was Gamerfest 2009 which was at Ground Zero.


Dirkblack and [MAX] King, who are now a part of Team Awesome, were the only members to join and then leave Team Perks for another team - do you think Perks would have been stronger with them, then and now?

Madhatter: Well actually no... at the time Dirk was playing we were losign 90% of international scrims, even after he left we had to reform the team with new strats to make the team win regularly.


From the Perks roster, who is the most dedicated player?

Madhatter: Well all were equally dedicated thats why we could achieve all those wins


Who would be the most likely to forget a practice session or an online scrim?

Madhatter: pirate

Psycho : pirate

Toxin: must be pirate


What is a typical Team Perks practice session like?

Madhatter: Strats, then scrim


Something interesting about the team or a player that no one knows about?

Toxin: Pabasara's everynight Facial, Drunken Frank & Epic "lag" of stifler that never resolves

Madhatter: lol, toxin drinks a glass of milk every night


What is the funniest moment in-game or otherwise that you have witnessed as a team?

Toxin: Well it's imba funny when Stifler is the last man standing & he gives this endless commentary on how things are not going right for him on every move either with the lags or other guy being unpredictable sometimes or something with the bad registration xD =D well basically its never his fault


Team Perks has taken part in and won almost every COD4 tournament in Sri Lanka - do you'll ever get bored of the certainty of victory?

Madhatter: Ya we already are bored, maybe if tournaments have better prizes...


From the local teams that you'll have played, who would you say was your toughest opponent?

Madhatter: n00b Alliance.. they came to finals most of the time.


Tell us about Team Perks' international experience and what you'll have learnt from it.

Toxin: Well international experience is mainly from scrims then tournaments like ACC & CB (clan based) events & I think the achievements in local events reflect what we have learnt through international games.


When you'll first formed, what hopes did you'll have for WCG / ESWC introducing COD4 as an official title?

Madhatter: Yes our main goal was to win WCG national and compete in WCG international, but sadly WCG will never have COD4 as an official title it seems.


How do you think it would have affected the team if more international tournaments had COD4 as an official title?

Madhatter: It would certainly have been more interesitng and made the team more competitive if we had another goal when WCG would never have COD4.

Toxin: Even if there wont be COD4 for WCG international it would have been alot more interesting if we could play in other international events (online) but the ISPs (slt) almost all the time mess up the routing. For example when we started ACC 1 & 2 (Asian COD4 championship) we registered for the event as we had like 70-80ms pings but in not more than a weeks time the pings went up to like 270-300 & we had to play the whole tourney with such bad latency. Same thing with ACC 2 & Clan Base Euro Cup event we participated in. So after that it was kind of getting frustrating & boring to play in such events where there is no stable latency     

Madhatter: And for that reason we could never have an international server for more than 1 month becasue pings get messed up and we always have to find another server.


Team Perks had a golden oppotunity to represent Sri Lanka at the South Asian Cyber Gaming Championship and win - why did you'll pass on that?

Toxin: We tried our best.. but not many could go to India with thier work, studies, etc so we even asked other teams, clans but not all could afford tickets or time to go to India.


What can you say about the level of Sri Lankan COD4 compared to other South Asian countries?

Madhatter: Well India has better teams. FT5 and EVOX are good - their full teams


It is rumored that you'll are on a break as a team - what can we expect from you'll in the future?

Toxin: Well yeah, we're on a break since last SLCG for many reasons. To name a few as mentioned before 1) bored, 2) ISP problems, 3) real life matters like work, education, marriage life (XD)


Two big tournaments coming up in Sri Lanka are WCG and SLCG 2010, can we expect to see Perks make an appearance in any form?

Madhatter: We practiced strats + scrimmed for 2 - 3 hrs every day, and if we get prizes what is worthy of our dedication.. we will be back in action.

Toxin: Yes having such a huge dedication over things like (education, work, married life) must worth the final outcome


Members of Perks have been getting into other games recently, namely Heroes of Newerth and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - can we expect anything serious coming from these two games with regards to Team Perks, or are they just casual?

Toxin: You can say casual. It's like this, we all were in Perks for quite a long time & we're like really good friends & just coz we dont play COD4 doesn't mean we have to like break off from everything. So mostly multiplayer games like HON, BC2 are fun events we play together.


What are your thoughts on the direction the Call of Duty franchise is heading in? Will Perks ever adopt any of the sequels for competitive play?

Madhatter: Any COD sequel made by Infinity Ward will be good. Ofcourse if the game is good we will play.


What are your thoughts on the Sri Lankan e-sports scene in general?

Madhatter: It's good... I guess organising more LANs and giving good prizes will be a good improvement

Toxin: Like everyother sport, teams / individuals have to make some sacrifice to achieve a victory & if it's not valued it will be a dissapointment for the team / individual as well for the community.


What do you think should change in Sri Lanka to avoid the "pro-team" debacle, which is one dominant team being far above the others (CS - Liquid, DOTA - TOXIC, COD - Perks etc)? Do you see it as a problem?

Madhatter: Can you blame a team for being pro? Those teams practice more and they work harder than other teams.

Toxin: If someone says a pro-team being the best above others is a bad thing for the community it's insane. It's not like just becuase they call themselves a pro team they can be ahead of others, to become that they have to have more dedication, make more sacrifices than others. So I think they deserve it.

Madhatter: Any team can be better if they work hard and im pretty sure of it becase I have personally seen DC Reds and PeRks come to the top from nothing becasue of the effort they have put in.

Toxin: I think it;s the events itself which does the diference tbh - this is not something limited to e-sports or any sports      it's human nature      Bigger the prizes bigger the demand     


Any message you'd like to leave us with?

Toxin: Lookng back at our own history I'm telling this becuase everyone in perks, DC, iG who are part of the team knows that we did all this from the zero level. We had to face many difficulities & putting aside the financial issues those days which demoralised us mostly were the conflicts at administration level & other parties. So what I can say is if someone wants to do something new for a better future give him a chance rather than restricting him with more policies & stuff which would make him give up on that. I think we in Team Perks proved it in COD4 arena very well & hoping for a better future with no trouble. And finally from all of us in Team-Perks we wish everyone good luck with the upcoming tourneys     

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