The best thing since sliced bread! Windows 7 is here!

Microsoft Sri Lanka launches its latest operating system amid plaudits from corporate giants..

Imagine an operating system that takes all the issues users have had with previous versions- corrects them – adds on a host of additional features and makes your computer work far better than ever before; that’s Windows 7 in a nut shell.

Just ten days after its international launch on the 22nd of October, Windows 7 had surpassed the sales of any previous Microsoft operating system. Hailed as an example of innovations that will usher users into the next generation of Operating systems, the reviews for Windows 7 are outstanding.

At the local launch event in Colombo Mr. Ken Wye Saw, Vice President, Sales and Marketing was enthusiastic about the benefits of the new operating System “Building Windows 7 has been a collaborative process from the beginning, with Microsoft’s engineers and designers working with customers and partners to build an Operating System that delivers on the vision ’Your PC, simplified’. The new OS provides users with an experience that is above and beyond anything they have used before. The product is a result of bridging customers and technology. We believe that customers will reap a range of benefits, be it an individual consumer or a business”.

Available worldwide, Windows 7 is already hailed as a roaring success. Receiving rave reviews across the globe from industry experts, the media and consumers alike, Windows 7 is delivering on its initial premise: making it easier for people to do the things they want on a PC. Windows 7 offers new features, a host of streamlined user interface options and gives users the power to make the most of every feature. Options that were traditionally too ‘techy’ for average users, such as connectivity and data management have been simplified to enhance each user’s ability to manage their machines independently. Windows 7 also comes with features that enrich multimedia features, providing users with the ability to get more from even the simplest uses.

Speaking on Windows 7, Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka, said “Windows 7 steering way ahead of its previous versions, is fully compatible with more applications and hardware that users will already have installed on their PCs. The upgrade is both simple and cost effective making things easier, not only for our businesses to seamlessly adopt this latest technology, but also for every individual in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka can now enjoy an innovation that simplifies the PC, with more choices and more options, delivering better value than ever before”.

The benefits of Windows 7 are not limited to individual PC users; acclaimed for its ability to simplify and save time; Windows 7 has already made a significant impact on some of the largest companies in Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the benefits of Windows 7, Mr Jay Kellar, Chief Information Officer, MAS IT said “The ability to link old application with Windows 7 is a truly empowering aspect. As one of the most IT enabled apparel manufacturers in the world, MAS is moving full steam ahead towards its one server-one network approach, Windows 7 will power the group’s momentum in reaching that goal”

In less than a month Windows 7 has achieved a status above and beyond any previous operating system. Delivering a user experience far beyond anything consumers expected, Windows 7 really is the best option for both corporate and individual users worldwide; a true Microsoft success story.



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