Srimal Andrahennadi is currently a software engineer at Ridgecrest. He graduated from University of Moratuwa with BSc (Hons) in Information Technology. Currently he is reading for an MSc in Enterprise Application Development at Sheffield Hallam University. He is an active member of Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG) and he has participated ‘APNG Camp’as a fellow representing Sri Lanka. He enjoys cricket, movies and swimming in leisure times.

APNG Sri Lanka Local Camp 2009

11/26/2009 4:05 am By Srimal Andrahennad | Articles: 1

Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG - is a non-profit Internet organization dedicated to the advancement of networking infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region and to the research and development of all associated enabling technologies. Its key mission, among others is to contribute Internet Growth in the Asia Pacific (AP) through

  • Learning its history in each county and experience from seniors
  • Sharing information among community
  • Activating next generation activities through APNG Camps
  • Providing place and opportunity of discussion for developing countries
  • Challenging to create new Internet growth opportunity

Today APNG is the leading voice of Internet networking in the Asia Pacific Region. It has spawned off several Asia Pacific organizations including Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) and Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN). To achieve its objectives, APNG annually holds an international camp. Regular international camps (11 camps have already been organized since the 1st held in Bangkok in 2002) around Asia Pacific region where senior leaders of the Internet community meet with the young generation from the Asia Pacific region, share their knowledge, experience and works together.

Sri Lanka Next Generation (SLNG - camp is the local body of Sri Lanka for APNG. As our parent organization (APNG), we have following objectives and motivation with SLNG.

  • To increase the awareness of Asia Pacific Next Generation activities in Sri Lanka
  • Provide opportunities for the youth to improve their knowledge on the Internet/ ICT
  • Provide a platform to share the knowledge and experience among the community
  • Share and discuss the Sri Lankan perspective of the Internet

To promote the Internet and ICT among the community, SLNG also planned to organize a local camp in Sri Lanka. Keeping the fact in our mind that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, SLNG and its camp activities are not only empowering the next generation who has the power of developmental assets and an innovative and fresh point of view on Internet Technology but also bonding and strengthening relationship among senior leaders and the youth to share and discuss over perspectives of today’s Internet in Sri Lanka.

The SLNG Camp 2009 is planned to be held on December 2009 in Colombo. The SLNG Camp Committee now cordially invites qualified applicants to apply for fellowship funding to participate in SLNG Camp 2009 in Colombo.

Fellowship Program targets young personnel from Sri Lankan universities, institutes (including government, non government or private) and high schools who are actively involved in Internet/ ICT related activities. More information about fellowship program can be found via .


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