ApacheAsia '09

Sri Lanka comes alive with some of the best and brightest IT minds in the world.

On the 3rd and 4th of December, Sri Lanka will play host to some of the best and brightest IT minds in the world as it plays host to Apache Asia '09.

If you have used the Internet – and many, if not most, of us have – you have come into contact with Apache.

The server software that powers well over 60% of all websites on the Internet, Apache comes into contact with millions – even billions – of visitors a day. It is an example of how Free Software can create a product that is better, more robust, and more flexible than the proprietary competitors.

A well known fact in the IT field is that Sri Lanka is one of the major contributors to the Apache Project. Applications created by Sri Lankan programmers have increased the Apache server's functionality by leaps and bounds. Websites like Facebook and Google are based on technology developed in Sri Lanka.

In order to develop and improve the community of Sri Lankan contributors to Apache, the local community of contributors, along with the Sri Lankan Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community, have organised ApacheAsia '09 – a developer-oriented conference that will feature speakers from around the world as well as developers from the Sri Lankan community.

Held at the HNB Tower in Colombo, the event will feature speeches by members of the Sri Lankan Apache community as well as speeches and presentations by Justin Erenkrantz, President of the Apache Foundation, and Greg Stein, one of the Foundation's Directors. The opening keynote speech will be by Professor Mohan Munasinghe, the Nobel Prize winner from Sri Lanka.

On the 3rd and 4th there will be speeches on all aspects of the Apache server as well as services that run on top of it. There will also be a panel discussion on Friday evening.

Saturday will be a special invitation-only gathering and “unconference” allowing speakers and audience to meet, mingle, and exchange ideas in an informal environment.

ApacheAsia '09 is the second Apache-oriented event to happen in Sri Lanka. In 2006 the country played host to ApacheCon Asia '06 – the first of the Apache Asia events.

Three years later, with ApacheAsia '09, the Sri Lankan Apache community is taking steps to ensure Sri Lanka's position as a global player in the FOSS community in general, and the Apache Community in particular.

You can register for the conference at its website at http://www.foss.lk/events/apacheasia09/. There will also be a limited number of tickets at the conference itself. Students only Rs 500/-.

ApacheAsia '09 is organised by foss.lk and sponsored by WSO2 and Virtusa.

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