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Nokia Presents Nokia X – Its Android Phone


Nokia, prominent for its Windows phone series today unveiled its first Android phone, Nokia X. This was unveiled in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and is said to be the first of several Android products from Nokia. Nokia X will cost around $12o and will be mainly targeting the emerging markets.

Nokia Android phones will not run the typical Android that needs Google’s services as an integral part. They are running an open source version of Android which is said have zero ‘Googleness’, and which allows integration of Microsoft services.


Mashable quotes:

“Nokia X is a new affordable smartphone family from Nokia,” explains Jussi Nevanlinna, vice president of marketing for Nokia’s phones. “X stands for ‘crossover’ between Microsoft cloud, Android apps and Nokia. When we say family, we really mean it. During 2014 you’ll see a number of products arriving in this family.”


Everything looks exciting and planned from Nokia’s end. We will publish a full review of Nokia X in the near future.

Source: Mashable | Images: Nokia




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