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MIT GSL Launch Day – live blog


We are live from the launch day of MIT GSL Launch

admin Aug 1, 20138:56 pm

That concludes the launch day from @GSLsrilanka. This is digit live team signing out. Its been one long session.

admin Aug 1, 20138:47 pm

Last but not least, Team HawkEye wins @EtisalatSL social impact award.

admin Aug 1, 20138:45 pm

Team WhiteRay wins @MobitelSriLanka Choice award!!!

admin Aug 1, 20138:44 pm

Now we have the @dialoglk award for technical innovation.
Congrats to Team WhiteRay for winning @dialoglk award for technical innovation.

admin Aug 1, 20138:42 pm

We are now ready with the @SLASSCOM entrepreneur awards!!
- 3rd place – Team WhiteRay
- 2nd place- Team BeeHex
- 1st place – Team HawkEYE

admin Aug 1, 20138:38 pm

The opportunity we see in SL for product engineering companies is huge.
We want to create 1000 startups by 2022 . – Madu Ratnayake

admin Aug 1, 20138:35 pm

Madu Rathnayake (@MaduRatnayake) is now welcome to the stage where he will talk of upcoming plans for @GSLSriLanka

admin Aug 1, 20138:33 pm

A few tokens of appreciation to the MIT Team (@GSLSriLanka ) being presented by Prof Jayawardane

admin Aug 1, 20138:30 pm

Prof Jayawardane thanks the industry for the support shown so far for research and innovation and hope more can be done.

admin Aug 1, 20138:29 pm

We University of Moratuwa are very much pleased with the collaboration offered through @GSLSriLanka – Prof Jayawardane

admin Aug 1, 20138:26 pm

Prof Ananda Jaywardane is now invited to the stage

admin Aug 1, 20138:24 pm

We are back after some refreshments and a bit of networking :)

admin Aug 1, 20137:20 pm

Vajira finishes off his presentation by showcasing some words from few industry personnel.

admin Aug 1, 20137:18 pm

We have linkedIn as our competitor but we feel for Sri Lanka we are able to tailormake for Sri Lankan market

admin Aug 1, 20137:16 pm

Youthjobs provides the perfect platform to intelligently filter applicants to your recruitment needs and learn the skills and interests of your potential future employees. For the job seekers, our platform allows you to easily manage your professional profile, construct your CV, find companies that match your skills and interests, and receive career guidance including skills to impove.

admin Aug 1, 20137:13 pm

We have Vajira doing the presentation for HawkEye

admin Aug 1, 20137:13 pm

HawkEYE – You can have a look at their website here -> http://www.youth-jobs.lk/

admin Aug 1, 20137:11 pm

We are now onto the final team, team HawkEYE with their product YouthJobs

admin Aug 1, 20137:10 pm

WhiteRay did a very interesting presentation. We have a good feeling that WhiteRay is poised for pole position at GSLSriLanka. Just a hunch.

admin Aug 1, 20137:07 pm

The 6 girls behind WhiteRay

admin Aug 1, 20137:05 pm

Now for some questions for team WhiteRay

admin Aug 1, 20136:59 pm

CarelessDROID is an Android application to find a misplaced Android phone. You can send a SMS from any phone to your misplaced Android phone to change your phone profile either to deactivate silent mode or activate silent mode, get contacts, get IMEI and send a customized reply message to the callers. You can simplify finding your misplaced android phone by just sending a SMS.

admin Aug 1, 20136:58 pm

We had an article about WhiteRay too, do read if u missed it -> http://digit.lk/carelessdroid-by-whiteray

admin Aug 1, 20136:58 pm

Achini is up on state to showcase their product ‘CarelessDroid’.

admin Aug 1, 20136:55 pm

That concludes presentation by Madushi. Now we have team from WhireRay presenting their product ‘CarelessDroid

admin Aug 1, 20136:53 pm

We have an reservation option for such customers – Madushi

admin Aug 1, 20136:53 pm

My wife goes shopping with me and she always tries it on, and you are offering online purchase – Duminda asks Madushi

admin Aug 1, 20136:50 pm

Now the floor is open for questions for team Zkylark

admin Aug 1, 20136:44 pm

Our revenue will be generated initially from web ads, and then give subscription packages

admin Aug 1, 20136:43 pm

Modarue is targeted at people in urban areas, with comparatively high income, including tourists.
An average retailer has to spend $575/pm from other various sites, we offer same and better for just $50.

admin Aug 1, 20136:42 pm

Modarue, the user can find all the new exclusive fashion releases and offers, they can get style recommendations according to their style preferences and also reserve items for a time period until they visit a particular shop.

admin Aug 1, 20136:41 pm

Zkylark already have their website hosted -> http://modarue.com/

admin Aug 1, 20136:40 pm

Next up, we have team Zkylark and their product is Modarue.lk. We have Madushi Dias giving the presentation.

admin Aug 1, 20136:40 pm

That concludes the questions to team BeeHex

admin Aug 1, 20136:34 pm

What will prevent fake CVs and the referrals asks Katuri, one of the judges.
For the initial moment, we will only include CVs of close known people. In the near future, we will have a regional representative and he/she will be responsibily for the CVs submitted.

admin Aug 1, 20136:31 pm

We have something similar to whats happening with LinkedIn endorsements. – Asma answering to question by judge.

admin Aug 1, 20136:31 pm

How will the referrel system work – asked by a judge

admin Aug 1, 20136:30 pm

Now onto the questions from the judges for ClickNpick

admin Aug 1, 20136:29 pm

We have understood that our competitior sites have cluttered user interfaces, irrelevant ads that distract vistors, lack of privacy policies, no mechanism to check availability of tutor or verification of their qualification.

admin Aug 1, 20136:26 pm

How will we generate revenue – We will have advertsing to start with.
Subscription in the near fuutre
- Asma Naphiel

admin Aug 1, 20136:26 pm

What is the value proposition for say a Tutor – They can have an online profile, advertising facilities, they can improve based on feedback given- Asma Naphiel

admin Aug 1, 20136:25 pm

ClickNPick is an envision to make hiring services and renting products easier in Sri Lanka. Tutors can post their expertise to solve the huge demand for tuition classes – Asma Naphiel

admin Aug 1, 20136:19 pm

We had an article about BeeHex a few days back too, have a read here for those who missed http://digit.lk/introducing-beehex-technologies-startup-from-mit-global-start-up-lab-programme-2013

admin Aug 1, 20136:18 pm

We now have Asma Naphiel presenting ClickNPick, a solution by BeeHex.

admin Aug 1, 20136:17 pm

With a few interesting questions form the judging panel, that concludes presentation by VMart

admin Aug 1, 20136:17 pm

Shopify is a global website, VMart is caters to the Sri Lankan market and will be an ecosystem for online business says Team AquaVision

admin Aug 1, 20136:13 pm

A judge asks the competition from existing sites such as http://www.shopify.com/ to VMart

admin Aug 1, 20136:10 pm

5% of transaction, isnt that a bit too much – asks a judge from Anuththara Silva

admin Aug 1, 20136:08 pm

We expect to generate additional revenue through our advanced features, including SMS order notifications and customer follow up, sales tracking, and analytics through our upcoming mobile app – Anuththara Silva

admin Aug 1, 20136:05 pm

Our primary revenue stream is comprised of yearly subscriptions by our merchants and per trasaction costs through the online stores. – Anuththara Silva

admin Aug 1, 20136:03 pm

VMart is a new online platform where any budding entreprenuer can easily set up an online business within 5 to 10 minutes. – Anuththara Silva

admin Aug 1, 20136:01 pm

First up we have team AquaVision with their product VMart as we have Anuththara Silva giving the 5 min presentations and introducing the startup

admin Aug 1, 20136:00 pm

Each team will be presenting about their products for 5 minutes to a panel of judges now

admin Aug 1, 20136:00 pm

The event judges include
- Rohan Jayaweera, Sri Lanka Country consultant, Google Asia
- Prajeeth Balasubramaniam, Founding partner at Lankan Angel Network
- Kasturi Wilson, MD at Hemas Holdings PLC
- Nissanka Weerasekera, Partner, Aureos Capital
- Dumindra Ratnayake, CEO, Etisalat
- Anthony Rodrigo, Group CIO, Dialog
- Udena Wickremaesooriya, Member board of Brandix
- Prabath Gamage, GM, Product Development and Customer Solutions

admin Aug 1, 20135:57 pm

Now we have the compere introducing the judges to the front who will be judging the startup preentations

admin Aug 1, 20135:56 pm

With that Harsha concludes his somewhat interesting keynote

admin Aug 1, 20135:56 pm

Harsha de Silva cracking some jokes saying he wishes he was in the working government so that he could do something

admin Aug 1, 20135:54 pm

I wish the best for the budding entrepreneurs, and I am happy it is going to be an year long programme next year – Harsha de Silva

admin Aug 1, 20135:53 pm

You should be make it an absolute priority to make sure you do business ethically -Harsha de Silva

admin Aug 1, 20135:52 pm

Harsha de Silva talks on ethics and how important it is in business and for lessons for entrepreneurs

admin Aug 1, 20135:49 pm

In a corrupt market, how do you win? where only the end matters?- Harsha de Silva

admin Aug 1, 20135:47 pm

We have the most ethical entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka – Harsha de Silva

admin Aug 1, 20135:45 pm

Google is the tech sponsor for GSL Sri Lanka launch day while SLASSCOM is the strategic partner.

admin Aug 1, 20135:42 pm

We now have Harsha de Silva, Consultant Lead Economist and MP on stage to give the keynote speech

admin Aug 1, 20135:41 pm

Because today is the day the students launch into becoming entreprenuers and for them to succeed, we need you to help them past the 7 week mark. We hope that the Sri Lankan community will be as nurturing to them as they were to us – Akanshka Midtha

admin Aug 1, 20135:39 pm

Good businesses are not created in 7 weeks, they take years. In this respect, today is called ‘Launch Day’ not ‘final day’ – Akanshka Midtha

admin Aug 1, 20135:38 pm

The support from the Sri Lankan business community has been tremendous. As a result of the collaboration, we have partnered with SLASSCOM and will go nationwide from next year – Akanshka Midtha

admin Aug 1, 20135:37 pm

Even though the four of us instructors (Amber Houghstow, Dhaval Adjodah, Valarie Young) came to Sri Lanka well prepared with honed skills, we learnt a lot in Sri Lanka – Akanshka Midtha

admin Aug 1, 20135:33 pm

Akanksha Midtha is now up on the stage who is giving an introduction and goal of Global Startup Lab

admin Aug 1, 20135:31 pm

We are live from Kingsbury Hotel and ready to get things going. Chief guests are invited for the traditional lighting of the oil lamp




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