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Live Blog – The Emerging Knowledge Service Hub – Seminar


From Press From Press Nov 15, 20136:05 pm

Mano Sekaram gives away the vote of thanks and shares few thoughts.

This concludes this session of tonight’s.

Good Evening.

diGIT team sign off.

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” Do you think our Industry is capable of to get the most out of these knowledge based persons?” – Imran

“amount of exposure you get in this industry is very high, and also government is being very supportive” – Mano

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For you to operate an IT//BPM company, you don’t have to be in the exact city where the company is based on. – Mano

Educated labor force
ability to communicate and do the work , are the 3 main key things you need for an effective service.

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Madu concludes.

A question from an audience, ” What does SLASSCOM do exactly?”

Mano Sekaran answers this question. He says that they are a body where they recognize the potential start-ups, make them go through a barnstorming session and find the the best investors for them.

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The cultural compatibility SL has, is very unique. Location advantage is just a bonus, he says.

Sri Lanka is getting in the Global rank. He doesn’t forgets to mention that SL won the National Best Outsourcing Destination of the Year, few weeks back.

From Press From Press Nov 15, 20135:40 pm

This quote as well.

“As one of the first banks to be established in the region, HSBC Bank Plc has had a presence in Sri Lanka since July 1892. We opened our Group Service Centre [HDPL] in 2004 and now employ over 2,400 local and talented employees who make GSC Colombo [HDPL] a great place to work. For HSBC, how we do business is incredibly important and so it is a priority for us to operate ethically, responsibly and sustainably in order to deliver our long-term goals. We remain committed to our HDPL operations and employees in Sri Lanka, and look forward to playing our part in the continued development and prosperity of the country with the help of government agencies which support the strategy of the HSBC Group.”

David Grimme,
Global Head of Service Delivery, HSBC Technology and Services.

From Press From Press Nov 15, 20135:39 pm

Madu also talks about some of the achievements of SL as a Destination.

Madu also shares this quote with us.

” Partnering with a Sri Lankan based company has been refreshingly straightforward and we have been impressed by the warmth of our welcome over the past 4 years and the quality of highly educated talent working at MillenniumIT. Our presence in Colombo provides us with an important footprint in Asia.”

David Lester,
Group Director, Corporate Strategy, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

From Press From Press Nov 15, 20135:34 pm

UoM being the 7 year consecutive winner of ‘Google Summer Code Competition’ is recognized very well for its out put. – Madu

From Press From Press Nov 15, 20135:33 pm

Sri Lankan government recognizes this IT/BPM with very thrust. – Madu

Sri Lanka has a growth of new opportunities by 25% each year, Madu says.

From Press From Press Nov 15, 20135:30 pm

Madu shares a pic of Colombo in the night, where it looks as a western city.

He also gives a shot description on IT/BPM and business opportunities in it

From Press From Press Nov 15, 20135:27 pm

We are Live from the ‘Refection of Sri Lanka’ CHOGM convention.

Mr. Madu Rathnayake will be talking on ‘Emerging Knowledge Service Hub’




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