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Live blog: Launch of 4th Generation Intel Core processor family


For your convenient, the Video coverage is also available below. Do check it out.

We are live from Launch of 4th generation Intel core processor family at Galadari Hotel.

Stay tuned for live updates from the launch:

admin Jul 10, 201312:06 pm

Thanks for tuning in to the updates, this is digit live team signing out from the launch.

admin Jul 10, 201312:05 pm

Looks like we are about to wrap up the launch from Galadari hotel

admin Jul 10, 201312:03 pm

A person from audience asks ‘why have you cut the Iris feature from standard core?’
Rajiv replies saying they like to differentiate from the enthusiastic gamer from normal consumer so that both get what they want

admin Jul 10, 201311:58 am

And to summarise Rajiv says a few things to rem
- biggest gen-over-gen batteery life improvenemtn in Intel history
- Unprecendendted graphics in ultra thin computing
- amazingly thin and flexible touch pc designs

admin Jul 10, 201311:56 am

We can’t do this along, we work with a global ecosystem with numerous software partners and hardware vendors – Indika

admin Jul 10, 201311:55 am

Reinventing the Desktop PC experience – New AIO experiences a broad ecosystem of innovation

admin Jul 10, 201311:54 am

Indika now showing video clip which highlights features of the new 4th gen core processor and then shows the AIO touch enabled desktop/device to the audeince

admin Jul 10, 201311:50 am

Indika says that Desktops should go to the museums now

admin Jul 10, 201311:49 am

Indika takes the stage once again

admin Jul 10, 201311:49 am

We have Dinesh with a Ultrabook showcasing the wireless display feature

admin Jul 10, 201311:46 am

Low power – From 35 W in 2010, now its only 6W in 2013 thanks to the 4th gen core

admin Jul 10, 201311:46 am

with the 4th gen core, all the untrabooks will wake in 3 seconds. More demanding battery life

admin Jul 10, 201311:45 am

In 2011 we launched the ultrabook with the 2nd generation Intel Core processor. In 2012 we had 3rd gen processor. Now in 2013 we have the 2-in-1 computer with the 4th gen processor. Ultrabook has touch facility. 4th gen is going to be the foundation for more 2-in-1 devices in the coming year

admin Jul 10, 201311:42 am

Faster JPEG and MJPEG decode with the 4th gen – Dinesh

admin Jul 10, 201311:41 am

When we compare to our previous generation, we have 2x improvement for graphics performance in Ultrabooks.

admin Jul 10, 201311:39 am

Intel Iris and Iris Pro graphics are available in select processors. Can run the latest games without a graphic card

admin Jul 10, 201311:38 am

We have 1.4 billion transistors in the processor. 1-Chip BGA solution, this gives room for innovation for future.

admin Jul 10, 201311:35 am

We now have a video being shown

admin Jul 10, 201311:33 am

What are the advantages of 4th gen?
Biggest gen-over-gen battery life improvement in Intel history
Unprecendented graphics in ultra thin computing
- Rajiv

admin Jul 10, 201311:31 am

Rajiv bhalla leads Intel’s efforts towards ensuring faster IT adoption in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and positioning Intel as a trusted advisor for technology verticals. He also drives relationship with Strategic partners across South Asia, working closely to develop tailored solutions for customers especially in the telecom and education sectors.

admin Jul 10, 201311:30 am

Indika and Rajiv now shows the audience the 4th Generation Intel core processor

admin Jul 10, 201311:28 am

A sudden entertainment segment as 6 drummers come on stage and do a bit of rhythmic beating to entertain the audience

admin Jul 10, 201311:26 am

Indika now invites Rajiv Bhalla, Director Strategic Initiatives, South Asia onto the stage.

admin Jul 10, 201311:25 am

Touch is everywhere and changing everything

admin Jul 10, 201311:23 am

Mobile computing lines are blurring. trend has been for most to have 2 devices. One a notebook/ultrabook for creation/productivity and a tablet/smartphone for consumption. But now 2-in-1 value proposition is going to be available with the 4th gen processor

admin Jul 10, 201311:21 am

The 4th gen was launched a month back in the US and now within a short time we have the latest product in Sri Lanka

admin Jul 10, 201311:20 am

We have Indika De Zoysa Country Business Manager, Sri Lanka Intel EM Ltd up on stage

admin Jul 10, 201311:19 am

Welcome to the live blog for launch of 4th gen Intel core processor family





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