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Live blog – Google Developer Group July meetup at UoM


We are live from University of Morautwa, Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Scheduled to begin at 6pm.

Follow live updates from the meetup:

admin Jul 10, 20137:44 pm

This is digit live team signing out from University of Moratuw, CSE. Thanks to all who tuned into follow the updates.

admin Jul 10, 20137:42 pm

Looks like we are about to wrap things off now as Shamika concludes his presentation

admin Jul 10, 20137:38 pm

Shamika shares what his responsibility is as a GSA

admin Jul 10, 20137:37 pm

What I want to do? – Do cool things that MATTER – Shamika

admin Jul 10, 20137:35 pm

Shamika is an undergraduate from University of Peradeniya. He will also share a few words about Search Summit 2013

admin Jul 10, 20137:35 pm

Before we conclude we have Shamika, another Student Ambassador who will share a few words with the audience

admin Jul 10, 20137:33 pm

We are almost done with the google map makers session now as Dihan concludes his session

admin Jul 10, 20137:29 pm

You can register as a google mapper via this site https://sites.google.com/site/mapyoursrilanka/register

admin Jul 10, 20137:24 pm

We will organsing few map ups, it you are interested you can visit our G+ page http://sites.google.com/site/mapyoursrilanka

admin Jul 10, 20137:21 pm

Your added road may not appear on google maps right away, once it is reviewed (mostly likely by Dihan or the other 6 admins)

admin Jul 10, 20137:18 pm

We have a map maker showing the audience on how to add a new road to google maps

admin Jul 10, 20137:15 pm

Give it a try and see, add your home or office now and see http://google.com/mapmaker

admin Jul 10, 20137:12 pm

Now we are shown a live demo on how it all works.
You can also try it out by visiting http://google.com/mapmaker

admin Jul 10, 20137:10 pm

How you can contribute
- You can add line features (roads, railroads,..)
- Point features (business listings, tourist attractions)
- Polygon features (buildings/ boundaries, political boundaries, water/lake, parks, playgrounds

admin Jul 10, 20137:08 pm

How you can contribute
The missing link
- You know your part of the world better than anyone else.
We’d like to help you share what you know with the rest of the world.

admin Jul 10, 20137:07 pm

Ever changing world
A need for maps that are:
– Accurate – Up-to-date in our rapidly changing world
- Comprehensive – high quality everywhere
- Usable

admin Jul 10, 20137:06 pm

Why maps are important – 30% of google searchers are looking for places – Dihan

admin Jul 10, 20137:03 pm

Now Dihan is showing a time lapse video

admin Jul 10, 20137:03 pm

Dilan shows a comparison of Colombo City map, the earlier map hardly showing any details and the present one having an almost complete detailed info thanks to the contribution from the public. Anyone can become a map maker. You need a gmail account

admin Jul 10, 20137:00 pm

Map maker started in 2008.
What we did..
- Low res imagery
- Few national highways
- Highway (E01)
- National roads (AA,AB,AC,B)
- Double lines
- Flyovers
- Major/Minor artery, local roads
- Parks, water bodies

admin Jul 10, 20136:58 pm

Power mappers – 7 active leaders
- Organising event
- Approving edits
- Setting guidelines with local knowledge
- Solving problems with GMM Engeering team

admin Jul 10, 20136:57 pm

We have 200+ active mapers, 7 google appointed volunteer group. – Dihan

admin Jul 10, 20136:56 pm

With the conclusion of @arunoda’s session, we have map maker session, headed by @Dihan_Perera

admin Jul 10, 20136:54 pm

You can follow Arunoda on twitter -> @Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:53 pm

Why you should learn Meteor
- Its the future
- Lots of opportunities
- Active community
- $11 million funding – Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:52 pm

Meteor isnt the first to do- alternatives are ‘derby’ and ‘firebase’ – Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:51 pm

@Buzzradiolk is made of meteor – Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:50 pm

Community –
Github watchers = 9000+ (in 2 years)
Very active google group

admin Jul 10, 20136:49 pm

Reactivity- When you change something on the db, it will get automatically rendered.

With meteor you need to focus on the application, forget the server end of it, meteor will take care of it -Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:47 pm

The principles of meteor
- Date on the wire
- DB everywhere
- Reactivity
- Built in authentication- Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:46 pm

Meteor allows you to build a realtime application- Arunoda

admin Jul 10, 20136:43 pm

Now we have Arunoda Susiripala who will talk about ‘meteor and nodejs #GDGcolombo

admin Jul 10, 20136:40 pm

That concludes session by Laksheta

admin Jul 10, 20136:38 pm

We showed how we party Sri Lankan style and we got a pool party started! – Laksheta

admin Jul 10, 20136:37 pm

Laksheta just did a rag to the audience and got the audeince to stand and raise their hands and make an ‘ooo’ sound!

admin Jul 10, 20136:33 pm

I am a business student, I am not an IT student – you might wonder how I got in. they look for students who can make a change

admin Jul 10, 20136:33 pm

We got very valuable training at Search Summit 2013 – Laksheta

admin Jul 10, 20136:32 pm

We almost missed our flight, and its just a small story from our adventure – Laksheta

admin Jul 10, 20136:31 pm

She is a student from APIIT, a Business Management student

admin Jul 10, 20136:30 pm

Now onto the Stage is Laksheta Moorjani

admin Jul 10, 20136:30 pm

We created the luck, so you’ll also can make that luck, ‘plan, prepare, practice’ and then might be able to be a GSA – Shafraz

admin Jul 10, 20136:28 pm

You can follow us on G+ and each of the universities in Sri Lanka will have its own G+ page – Shafraz

admin Jul 10, 20136:27 pm

Shafraz shows a pic from Indonesia

admin Jul 10, 20136:25 pm

Chamini now introduces Shafraz to the stage who has a presentation ready ‘How to feel lucky’

admin Jul 10, 20136:24 pm

Hasini now invites Chamini to the stage.
What are we going to do – Chamini.
We are going to organise many events. We will have games, events and you might even get a chance to represent being a GSA in 2014

admin Jul 10, 20136:23 pm

video concludes and applause from the audience. Hasini said the experience they got was invaluable as they got to mingle with other student ambassadors from around the world. We shoulder a lot of responsibility as the first Student Ambassadors.

admin Jul 10, 20136:20 pm

* admin comment * – you can also check the article written by Rashmika on the experience http://digit.lk/my-experience-at-search-summit-2013-with-google/

admin Jul 10, 20136:20 pm

and now Hasini is showcasing a video of their experience at Search Summit which was held in Indonesia

admin Jul 10, 20136:19 pm

Hasini introduces the other student ambassadors –
Rashmika Nawaratne(University of Moratuwa), Shafraz Rahim (National School of Business Management), Pasindu De Silva (National School of Business Management), Laksheta Naresh Moorjani (Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology), Irma Shennon (Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology), Hasangi Kollure (University of Colombo School of Computing), Anaz Ashraff (American Education Centre) and Shamika Dharmasiri (University Of Peradeniya)

admin Jul 10, 20136:18 pm

Hasini says that she or others were not aware of what the Google Student Ambassador was. and its the first time that this is happening and they selected 10 of us from a wide variety from all universities in Sri Lanka

admin Jul 10, 20136:16 pm

We are about to kick things off and Keshan is now inviting the first speaker. Onto the stage goes Hasini, Student Ambassador

admin Jul 10, 20136:08 pm

For the evening we have the following agenda:
- A talk about Meteor and NodeJS by Arunoda
- Dihan will talk about Google Map Maker so you can improve your Google Map
- The Google Student Ambassadors will talk about GSA




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