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Live Blog – FUTURES: Social Innovation Forum


FUTURES is a platform for social innovation which brings together selected group of people representing the private sector, public sector, not-for-profit organisations, community groups and consumers to develop innovative ideas for products, services, business models and policies that address emerging social issues and needs in Sri Lanka. The social sectors in focus for this year (2014) are:


More info on the Event can be accessed here and here as well.

admin Mar 22, 20143:09 pm

And with that we wrap up things at Futures Social Innovation Forum to an end. Thanks for joining with our coverage. Do join us again next week with plenty more IT coverages. Got more than 5 next week! Adios

admin Mar 22, 20143:04 pm

round of applause as Keith Davies, Country Director British Council Sri Lanka mentions a number of individuals who helped make this forum happen.

admin Mar 22, 20143:04 pm

‘Go big or go home’, ‘begin with the end in mind’, 2 quotes from the concluding speech by Charitha from Dialog

admin Mar 22, 20142:59 pm

We are almost done, about to wrap up things from the 2 day programme

admin Mar 22, 20142:58 pm

Its a 2 days programme, but this is not a sprint, its a marathon, long term goals for impact and change – - Eranda Ginige

admin Mar 22, 20142:52 pm

The BIG IDEA – is now being written down by each table & showcased.Bees are busy at work writing them down. Each line is gold!

admin Mar 22, 20142:22 pm

We have action planning task underway, ideas into action. We have few changing tables to help with ideas of different table.

admin Mar 22, 20141:57 pm

We are back from break and have a short presentation by Harsha Liyanage MD of Sarvodaya Fusion

admin Mar 22, 20141:08 pm

ok, here you go, pics from each tables
Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

Table 7

Table 8

Table 11

Table 12

Table 13

Table 15

admin Mar 22, 201412:33 pm

Nutritional Convenience Food, an idea seriously discussed @ Table 8. Almost 22% of #lka children r afftected by malnutrition. – Kishor Hameed

admin Mar 22, 201412:02 pm

Ideas criteria, how to deal with it
- Delivers breakthrough
- Meets clearly defined need
- Demonstrates social value
- Financially viable
- Gut instinct tells us it has potential

admin Mar 22, 201412:01 pm

ok, we are about to have another small task for the audience.
This is how it will go:
Introduction -> Ideas generation -> prioritization > prototyping -> social value proposition -? whats the big idea -> market place -> match making -> action plan

admin Mar 22, 201411:58 am

Kate shows to the audience a tweet from one person yday and how change and challenges can be met by audience today

admin Mar 22, 201411:52 am

ok we are back. Designing sustainable solutions (presentation) by Kate Dempster – British Council now on

admin Mar 22, 201411:35 am

A short break and we will be back. stay tuned

admin Mar 22, 201411:32 am

Breakthrough: In 2020 #lka children will be taller (owing to better nutrition)

Photo credit – Eranda Ginige

admin Mar 22, 201411:29 am

Health – If we focus on health, our kids could be healthier, have better IQ, have energy result in having having better society

admin Mar 22, 201411:28 am

Mutant diseases by 2040 if we do not focus on Health, audience is scary at times!

admin Mar 22, 201410:49 am

What we are hearing from all corners of this oval table is that Education system in Sri Lanka needs to change!

Harsha Purasinghe also adds few discussion from his table:
EducationLK breakthrough 2020
- ubiquitous tech driven content delivery
- Replace a large number of poorly paid teachers with small number of well paid facilitators
- Credentialing is holistic: better citizens, not just A grades; competency, not just knowledge
- Flexible life long learning – don’t assume 7:30–1:30;peers of same age, or same content for all

admin Mar 22, 201410:38 am

The audience is going from breakdown -> change as usual -> breakthrough, lots of discussion

admin Mar 22, 201410:32 am

We also did an analysis at Volans. – Amanda

admin Mar 22, 201410:15 am

What is the theory of change? We need e systemic rather than incremental change – Amanda

admin Mar 22, 201410:11 am

You can see the impact and likelihood of many scenarios by interacting with this page -> http://reports.weforum.org/global-risks-2012/#ol=data-explorer

admin Mar 22, 20149:46 am

We need to look at systematic change, not piece by piece or project by project but on a larger scale. – Amanda

admin Mar 22, 20149:43 am

Innovation Chasm – People jumping from early enthusiasts to people actually using products & adopting practices. – Amanda

admin Mar 22, 20149:34 am

We start off with ‘Introduction to Breakthrough Capitalism by Amanda Feldman, Director – Volans

admin Mar 22, 20149:26 am

Good morning folks, we are live from day 2 of the forum. Stay tuned for live updates. We are about to begin shortly.

admin Mar 21, 20144:54 pm

With that, we are about to close Day 1 of FUTURES forum. Good evening, see you again tomorrow morning from 9am. Adios!

admin Mar 21, 20144:53 pm

We have lots of education material for free online, what if we can connect those to each classroom?- From audience

admin Mar 21, 20144:50 pm

How do we leverage technology? We need to connect with the knowledge base and mentoring, execution is key – Harsha Purasinghe

admin Mar 21, 20144:39 pm

I am not a slave to technology, but can kids be encouraged to connect with nature? – audience person speaks out

admin Mar 21, 20144:32 pm

We are almost coming to close of day 1 now. last set of questions before we wrap up

admin Mar 21, 20144:31 pm

Next success story Isura points out is of Santhusha from Udubaddawa

admin Mar 21, 20144:28 pm

A case study of a success story from Kantale being presented by Isura. Ishara Madushanka is a social entrepreneur who nearly went abroad, he stuck by in Sri Lanka and did his own thing using tech.

admin Mar 21, 20144:28 pm

Now up we have Isura, Manager at Sarvodaya Fusion

admin Mar 21, 20144:25 pm

Water is another component where Google is focusing. Giving clear water. We are looking for local partner to take this forward. – Rohan
And with that, he concludes

admin Mar 21, 20144:24 pm

Can Google solve DEATH? – We are seriously working on this, I kid you not, we are! – Rohan

admin Mar 21, 20144:23 pm

Health is something we are focusing.
We have been able to successfully track the flue trend. – Rohan

admin Mar 21, 20144:21 pm

The waves of innovation online
Past – Need assessment, business model, technology or product idea
Current – Technology, behavior, business model

admin Mar 21, 20144:19 pm

There is common misunderstanding about the internet.
For me, there are 2 sides.
Internet of the West
Internet of the East

Internet of the west – Premium, individual, information, PC + mobile, Global
Internet of the east – Cheap, collective, entertainment, mobile, local

admin Mar 21, 20144:16 pm

Now we have Rohan talking quickly in 5 mins about his side for Social Innovation

admin Mar 21, 20144:15 pm

DEWN is actually being actively used by Disaster management department in Sri Lanka – Harsha

admin Mar 21, 20144:09 pm

Harsha shares a case study with us.
He shows us an image of Tsunami from 2004

admin Mar 21, 20144:07 pm

ok, now we have ErandaGinige calling Isura, Rohan and Harsha to address the gathering.
Technology: the social innovation enabler (presentation) by
-Harsha Purasinghe, CEO – Microimage and WSO2 Mobile
-Rohan Jayaweera, Country Consultant – Google
-Isura Silva, Manager – Sarvodaya Fusion

admin Mar 21, 20144:04 pm

Its a journey, its start of debate, lets continue innovation and create a better future – Eranda

admin Mar 21, 20143:54 pm

The real social impact you create in the end is empowering the people you help – Anoka

admin Mar 21, 20143:11 pm

One from audience answers Harsha saying that Echanelling was a social enterprise

admin Mar 21, 20143:08 pm

Do we have successfully social enterprises in Sri Lanka? – Harsha Purasinghe

admin Mar 21, 20143:04 pm

Uva Wellassa University can be called Sri Lanka’s first entrepreneurial universtiy. – Eranda

admin Mar 21, 20143:02 pm

We were more than happy to help the villages, building toilets, and at the time during Dr Ariyaratne’s initial stages, we didnt know what to exactly call what we were doing – Dr Chandra Embuldeniya

admin Mar 21, 20142:52 pm

What is a social enterprise – Its a business.
social entrepreneur – Core dedication towards a social cause while running a successful business
- Amanda Feldman, Director – Volans

admin Mar 21, 20142:40 pm

Private sector plays a big role – Michael De Soyza

admin Mar 21, 20142:39 pm

Funding, what sort? – Eranda
mostly seed funding – Anoka

admin Mar 21, 20142:26 pm

Deepal concludes and we are ready for the panel discussion

Panel discussion
-Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, General Secretary – Sarvodaya (Social Enterprise sector)
-Michael De Soyza, Head of Group Corporate Office – Dialog Axiata PLC
(Corporate sector)
-Deepal Sooriyaarachchi, Chairman – Sri Lanka Inventors Commission
-Dr. Chandra Embuldeniya, Founder and Former Vice Chancellor, Uva Wellassa
- Anoka Abeyrathne – Environmentalist/Social entrepreneur. Changemaker @BCGlobalChange.
-Dr. Palitha Mahipala, Director General of Health Services – Ministry of Health
-Dr. Herath Manthrithilake, Head, Sri Lanka Development Initiative – IWMI
-Nissanka Weerasekare- Abraaj Group (Social impact investment)
-Dan Gregory,Head of Policy – Social Enterprise UK
-Amanda Feldman, Director – Volans

admin Mar 21, 20142:24 pm

Challenge inventors -> incubate -> market

- Deepal

admin Mar 21, 20142:22 pm

Aggregate –

What corporates can do is challenge inventors to get them to do challenges which you like to take on.
Take water, is there way to trap used water at home level
If inventor can solve this, we will help commercialize

admin Mar 21, 20142:19 pm

We have blind people who can hear.
We can have people who have time to get involved to facilitate by providing time to help out by converting books to audio.

- Deepal

admin Mar 21, 20142:17 pm

Social need, corporate, beliefs – components we need to connect together
- Deepal

admin Mar 21, 20142:10 pm

We now have Deepal Sooriyaarachchi,
Chairman – Sri Lanka Inventors Commission – From CSR to Social Innovation: case study

admin Mar 21, 20142:03 pm

social investment -> social value

Would people find value, e.g. Liverpool city council, bus stop created using local material
- Dan

admin Mar 21, 20141:58 pm

The Big Issue is a good example from UK about social enterprise

admin Mar 21, 20141:57 pm

Social investment -> social enterprise
5 tests
pricipally reinvesting profits
embedded social purpose
transparent and accountable
- Dan Gregory

admin Mar 21, 20141:52 pm

Social what?
Social investment -> social innovation
When talking of social innovation, few case studies being showcased including raspberry pi technology and edible packaging.

- Dan Gregory

admin Mar 21, 20141:44 pm

Social Innovation: the big picture by Dan Gregory,
Head of Policy – Social Enterprise UK

admin Mar 21, 20141:43 pm

We are back after the lunch break, and now we have a panel discussion

admin Mar 21, 201412:45 pm

we now break for lunch. back at 1.30pm. stay tuned

admin Mar 21, 201412:35 pm

We are not saying that finance is the only cure for education to work out, all components need to come into place

admin Mar 21, 201412:33 pm

when it comes to duplication
lots of companies are doing CSR but its all scattered.
GDP in Sri Lanka is low.

admin Mar 21, 201412:33 pm

what are the main areas in the financing of education?
Access to finance
duplication to finance
inequity of receiving of funds
under funding
gaps in the process

admin Mar 21, 201412:32 pm

we have table 3 presentation up now

admin Mar 21, 201412:29 pm

Need to have precise methodology to test outcomes after each stage in education from pre school to graduating from uni

admin Mar 21, 201412:28 pm

kids should be encouraged to innovate at an early age.

admin Mar 21, 201412:28 pm

lack of innovation – we need to give freedom to students, to encourage innovation. curriculum changes to give room for innovation

admin Mar 21, 201412:27 pm

cultural prospective – girls are encouraged to be teachers, so that you can be back home by 2.

admin Mar 21, 201412:26 pm

have all teachers understood the teaching methods?

admin Mar 21, 201412:25 pm

innovtion, quality, internationalism of education.
lack of guidelines and monitoring system, quality is not maintained properly.
lack of resources, uneven distribution of financial support.

admin Mar 21, 201412:22 pm

ok, we now have table 2 presenting their cause

admin Mar 21, 201412:21 pm

no vision, no target.
no target, what can the students look forward to?
lack of technology, lack of creative areas to focus on.

admin Mar 21, 201412:20 pm

failures are looked down upon. which leads to students sticking to norms.

admin Mar 21, 201412:20 pm

education industry and other industry – what is the connection?
from the schools to the universities, there is anti social problems issues too.
government also needs to connect with private sector for growth.

admin Mar 21, 201412:19 pm

principles have to look at different angles out of the academia itself. e.g look into the finances.

admin Mar 21, 201412:18 pm

we have 3rd group giving their presentation now to the audience. table 5.

admin Mar 21, 201412:16 pm

lack of sex education, girls having to drop out due to unwanted pregnancies.

admin Mar 21, 201412:16 pm

We have issue with students dropping out cause of their disability. University and institutes don’t cater to taking care of and ensuring that disability issues are met.

admin Mar 21, 201412:13 pm

We need to do a paradigm shift, change the attitude, the culture view point.

admin Mar 21, 201412:13 pm

team lead from table 4 pointing out the concerns.
mother leaving the country.
young marriages in rural areas

admin Mar 21, 201412:12 pm

ok, now we have 2nd group presenting

admin Mar 21, 201412:12 pm

Legal – move away from free education system to a fairer distribution

admin Mar 21, 201412:11 pm

Political issues, transferring of teachers are based on who you know in the government.

admin Mar 21, 201412:11 pm

We have ethnicity issues too, maybe remove ethnic branding from schools?

admin Mar 21, 201412:10 pm

All education is now looked upon as a venture (group 1 presenting their concerns)

admin Mar 21, 201412:04 pm

We are now ready for presentations from each group. 5 mins allocated for each.

admin Mar 21, 201412:01 pm

lack of career guidance – should happen after OL, not AL – Harsha Purasinghe

admin Mar 21, 201411:56 am

Talking of dropouts in university level, students actually struggle and get into uni and dropout cause its not their interest.

admin Mar 21, 201411:54 am

The vision I got was that u have to get into Uni Moratuwa or Peradeniya or ur doomed. Culture shit needed, are others failures? – Harsha Purasinghe

admin Mar 21, 201411:32 am

3 year degree programme in public universities is actually completed in about 6 years due to strikes and other issues.

admin Mar 21, 201411:32 am

Most of public level students are too old? graduate at 26? private students graduate at 22ish.

admin Mar 21, 201411:31 am

Attitude is a major problem in employability, adds participant from table 4.

admin Mar 21, 201411:12 am

All the 150 participants are very busy, hectic but organised activities happening right now.

admin Mar 21, 201411:03 am

Anuradhapura & Monaragala – from 20,000 kids sample, there is trend that girls are married at 14 on avg more from Muslim com..

admin Mar 21, 201410:55 am

We are back from the break and we got ‘Understanding the problem’ session happening now.
- Introduction and open discussion by moderators for each group (5 min)
• Selected social issues
• Key statistics
• Cause and effect (fish-bone) analysis

Group discussion (10 members in each group) led by group leader (60 min) – Questionnaire driven
cause and effect analysis (different aspects in each table, aimed at understanding the causes for
each issue) – each group rotates (world café style) after 10 min

Presentation by each group (30 min – 5 min each)

Open discussion led by moderators – plenary (30 min)
Identify key points

admin Mar 21, 201410:25 am

We have Kishor Hameed at Table no 8 talking on Health & Nutrition.

admin Mar 21, 201410:23 am

We got Ananda Galappatti On table 9, assigned to work on road traffic deaths in #LKA.

admin Mar 21, 201410:11 am

ok, so we are at table number 4. We are focusing on Education, no surprise there :)

admin Mar 21, 201410:06 am

Make a pledge, I am interested in the X idea, go and pursue it – Eranda

admin Mar 21, 201410:04 am

Pls try to refrain from using the notepads given by the hotel, use technology pls to make notes – ErandaGinige

admin Mar 21, 201410:03 am

We have Bees, they make the word go around, the social entrepreneurs – ErandaGinige

admin Mar 21, 201410:02 am

We have 3 clusters here, Education, Water and Health – 5 tables for each. – ErandaGinige

admin Mar 21, 201410:00 am

We want to bring different sects of ppl through a process and make a change in everyday living – - ErandaGinige

admin Mar 21, 20149:59 am

Now onto the stage we have Eranda Ginige

admin Mar 21, 20149:58 am

It is key to tap into the rural areas and empower them with Education. We at British Council try our ways – Stephan Roman

admin Mar 21, 20149:55 am

Stephan Roman mentioning few projects from around the world on the projects to work on the Education gap

admin Mar 21, 20149:53 am

This event would not be happening without the partnerships from all here, we at British Council try to work on the Education gap – Stephan Roman

admin Mar 21, 20149:46 am

The need for us to create sustainable environments is now! – Stephan Roman

admin Mar 21, 20149:45 am

Michael de Soyza concludes and now we have Stephan Roman, Regional Director – British Council South Asia onto the stage

admin Mar 21, 20149:38 am

You deliver innovation through social enterprise – Michael de Soyza,
Head of Group Corporate Office – Dialog Axiata PLC

admin Mar 21, 20149:33 am

We have a triangle stage in the middle with 15 tables (10 each) facing, novel way, not bad. We got person from Dialog addressing the gathering.

admin Mar 21, 20149:29 am

Welcome, things are now underway at FUTURES forum. Keith from British Council welcomes the crowd

admin Mar 21, 20147:29 am

Good morning folks, we will be live from the event scheduled to start from 9am. Stay tuned to this page for live updates as it happens




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