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Let’s play ball! #TPLSL 2 is on!


Twitter Premier League Sri Lanka, organized by Etisalat will take place on 01st of September at the Wesley College Grounds from 8.30 AM onwards. #TPLSL is celebrating its second consecutive year and so far it has inspired immense enthusiasm among the local cricket loving Twittersphere. We have brought you a detailed article earlier about the format of this year’s edition and also about how it all happened last year. This however is an update just a week before the big day.

Twenty four teams have been chosen from a community vote, where the Twittersphere voted for the respective Franchise Owners. The selected teams have been creative this year and have created their own social media profiles on Twitter and even on Facebook. Currently the teams are handling these profiles very imaginatively and has attracted a lot of support from their fellow Twitter comrades by becoming what Etisalat has termed as ‘Cheerleaders’.

Teams that would be playing in this year’s TPLSL are:

After the final twenty four teams were announced, the Franchise Owners were then given the chance to reserve four players for each of their respective teams. Afterwards they had the opportunity to bid for the rest of the team members based on a ‘Bidding Currency’ that was influenced by the Tweet Count of the owner.

Etisalat had the draw on the 28th August (video which is shown below) in front of a live audience via their Hangout YouTube channel.

With that we have the full #TPLSL Fixtures scheduled for 01st of September and they are as follows:


TPLSL Team Draw (Thank you Isuru Dodangoda for the tweet earlier containing the team list)

It would be fascinating to watch how the Twitter comradery  transforms into friendly cricketing rivalry on the coming Sunday. All of us here at diGIT.lk wish all the very best to all the contesting teams and their supporters. 




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