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Isura Silva of Sarvodaya Fusion speaks about Fusion Awards 2013

Sarvodaya Fusion Manager,  Isura Silva talks with us and answers few questions regarding the Fusion Awards 2013, which is scheduled to happen on 6th of January 2014 at BMICH. This will be the 4th consecutive Fusion Award Ceremony and Entrepreneurs will be given away Awards as well.

Q - How did Fusion come up with this initiative? What was the main goal at that time?

It started in 2010. Maithree, Deputy Manager of Fusion thought of having a convocation to rural students. She was inspired by her graduation around that time.

So what started in 2010 is still the only graduation ceremony for rural students who get their IT training at rural telecenters.

We wanted to appreciate their success and show  young rural generation about opportunities in higher education and employment.

 Q - How many were there with the founder and how many are there now with Fusion? How quick are you growing?

If you mean the number of centers, we started the ‘Fusion Education’ with 15 centers. Now we serve over 60 centers.

 Q - Up to where have you reached so far in SL? What kind of wider coverage is Fusion hoping to get in the next 5 years?

We are operating in all districts in the country. We have trained around 4000 students in 4 years. We want to increase the number of students to at least 2500 per year from 2014.

 Q - Within a very short period of time, 2 years you say; this being your 4th annual Award Ceremony, how do you select the Award Winners? Is there a Nomination and Voting process or it is given away by a Jury/Fusion members?

Awards will be delivered for graduates of “Diploma in Computer Application certificate”. The event will also witness the twenty most outstanding graduates from Fusion Education’s KIDS 1 and KIDS 2 programmes that offer recognized ICT qualifications for children aged 5-9 and 10-14 respectively.

Plus from this year, we celebrate the best entrepreneurs from our mobile for development programs; ‘Smart Village’ and ‘Android Village Hubs’

 Q - What kind of programs do you offer at Fusion? Why mainly focus on IT?

We believe IT and English skills are essential for future. We want to align these students to be IT literate, so they engage to broader national goals of Sri Lanka becoming a ‘knowledge hub’.

Q - These SMEs’, were they powered by you? How did Fusion support /encourage them?

We connect with Enterprise Promotion Officers of SEEDS, the micro finance arm of Sarvodaya. Fusion gives training for these officers who train and mobilize the entrepreneurs in business skills and necessary technical skills. See more : http://fusionsmartvillage.blogspot.com/2012/01/social-media-for-enterprise-promotion.html

Checkout the pics from past Fusion Awards.

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See this video for more. http://j.mp/McmyGp 




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