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We are live from Interop Colombo Conference happening now at Waters Edge, Battaramulla

For full agenda of the event, see here

admin Sep 4, 20135:59 pm

That’s all for today, do join us again tomorrow for the 2nd day’s proceedings from the event.
Do check our facebook page for pictures and video updates http://facebook.com/digitlk

- diGIT Team signing out. D

admin Sep 4, 20135:56 pm

We are almost done with day 1 of INTEROP as Conrad concludes his presentation

admin Sep 4, 20135:51 pm

Conrad Dias presenting to the audience

admin Sep 4, 20135:49 pm

We try to find the relationship in the investment and how it can be articulated to the busienss growth – Conrad

admin Sep 4, 20135:38 pm

How ICT strategies are developed in general
- For most organisations IT strategy is nothing but just list of systems requirements that is more operational
- For some IT strategy is just a hardware or software investment plan
- Some organsiations copy what the competitor is doing

- Conrad

admin Sep 4, 20135:35 pm

What is our approach?

- We begin with ICT strategic planning process
- We look at business value creation before we look at a cost

- Conrad

admin Sep 4, 20135:34 pm

So still many CIO live in the same dilemma as many years ago -> Do more with less
How do we deal with this?

- Conrad

admin Sep 4, 20135:33 pm

CIO’s challenges in todays business
- IT budgets are growing.. but under heavy demand for delivering business value
- Need to provide evidence of how IT spending contribute to bottom line
- Requires to show ITs value creation for each currency unit spent

- Conrad

admin Sep 4, 20135:32 pm

Up now is Conrad Dias, Group CIO, LOLC & Managing Director/CEO, Lanka ORIX Information Technology Services Limited who will touch on his topic ‘Business Value of IT and Strategic IT Business Alignment’

admin Sep 4, 20135:30 pm

Lavi concludes his talk and we look forward to the last speaker for the evening, its been a long day :)

admin Sep 4, 20135:25 pm

Its not unusual to see Chief marketing officer driving the technology purchase – Lavi

admin Sep 4, 20135:22 pm

Seek relevance!

1. Know and understand your company’s business
2. Earn your place at the decision making table where business strategies are discussed and put in motion
3. Be entrepreneurial in orientation and growth focused in action
4. Be agile and innovative
5. Understand how powerful technologies like social computing, cloud, advanced analytics and other can drive the business forward

- Lavi

admin Sep 4, 20135:11 pm

Gartner’s CEO surveys over the past 3 years showed that today’s CIOs are not perceived as business savvy enough. – Lavi points out

admin Sep 4, 20135:08 pm

Lavi de Silva presenting at Interop

admin Sep 4, 20135:06 pm

Why focus on growth?
- The stock market gives growth companies (PEG ratio) twice the value of non growth firms
- Current economic downturn has forced many companies to make significant improvements in their costs structures

- Lavi

admin Sep 4, 20135:03 pm

We are now back after a tea break. We got Lavi de Silva, General Manager (Asia) & Head of Global Services, CAMMS talking on ‘Want to grow? Fire your CIO!’

admin Sep 4, 20134:30 pm

Mr Ajith Kodipillai who wins an Apple TV!

admin Sep 4, 20134:29 pm

We now have a lucky draw, winner gets an Apple TV!

admin Sep 4, 20134:28 pm

Saman concludes his session

admin Sep 4, 20134:27 pm

Pillars of IT Effectiveness

- Leanness of the business process
- Competency level of internal IT staff
- Project/ Portfolio management practices
- Leadership style and organisation culture
- Scale of IT investments and resource allocation

- Saman

admin Sep 4, 20134:06 pm

Saman Wimaladasa addressing the gathering

admin Sep 4, 20133:58 pm

Now we have Saman Wimaladasa, Head of IT, Sadaharitha Plantations Ltd to talk about ‘Six Pillars of IT Effectiveness: A Research in Sri Lankan mid-sized Private Sector Organizations’

admin Sep 4, 20133:54 pm

For more information on Fortigate, see their website


admin Sep 4, 20133:48 pm

On which day does most phishing happen? Mon-Sun?

- Shakeel

admin Sep 4, 20133:40 pm

Shakeel Khan addressing the gathering

admin Sep 4, 20133:36 pm

“Two years from now, SPAM will be solved” – Bill Gates, World Economic Forum, 2004
- Shakeel Khan reminds the audience

admin Sep 4, 20133:35 pm

Now we have Shakeel Khan, Regional Manager – Sri Lanka, Fortinet talking on ‘What is Next in Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)’

admin Sep 4, 20133:34 pm

Rohan Muttiah addressing the gathering

admin Sep 4, 20133:31 pm

with that we wrap up session by Rohan Muttiah, CIO, Commercial Bank of Ceylon

admin Sep 4, 20133:28 pm

Framework for IT banking strategy
- Increase profitability

– Higher internet speed (assets & liabilities management, product/customer profitability, BI)
– Cost efficiency (Green IT, Governance, Cost:Income ration)
– Channel migration (KPIs)
– Increase non interest income (payments, bank assurance)

- Rohan

admin Sep 4, 20133:18 pm

Framework for IT banking strategy
- Achieve favorable brand positioning
– Awards – STP, Products/channels, Green IT
– CSR – volunteer
– Innovation – Customer convenience
– Marketing – 4Ps/7Ps
– Rating – Risk management & certifications

- Increase revenue
– Increase market share
– Market expansion
– New Markets
– More products and services

- Rohan

admin Sep 4, 20133:13 pm

Differentiation is achieved by the ability and desire of a bank to undertake and execute a given strategy
- Rohan

admin Sep 4, 20133:13 pm

The overall objectives of most banks are generally similar, they are threefold
- Increase revenue
- Increase profitability
- Achieve favorable brand positioning


admin Sep 4, 20133:12 pm

- Branch banking is popular wih customers, and is a large source of revenue for banks.
- Rapid branch expansion in the past 3 years has resulted in approaching geographic saturation.

- Rohan

admin Sep 4, 20133:08 pm

We are now back after the lunch break. Now we have Rohan Muttiah, CIO, Commercial Bank of Ceylon talking on ‘A Framework for Banking IT Strategy’

admin Sep 4, 20132:22 pm

We’ve had a very interesting panel discussion, don’t miss the full coverage of it in our video segment which will be uploaded to our youtube channel. Now we break for lunch. We will be back in just under an hour.

admin Sep 4, 20132:09 pm

There is a movement called ‘work in Sri Lanka’ which tries to tap into the Sri Lankans living abroad to help them to come back home – Mano

admin Sep 4, 20132:03 pm

1000 startups will be the real game changer – Mano

admin Sep 4, 20132:03 pm

SLASSCOM wants 1000 startups by 2020 – Jeevan

admin Sep 4, 20132:02 pm

Doing business is about convenience – Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 20131:56 pm

The panel discussion happening now

admin Sep 4, 20131:47 pm

What is the value proposition that Sri Lanka offers? asks Brain from the panelists
50% of the IT/BPO service are certified. We have developed lot of niche products. 50% of revenue comes from products. We have the largest pool of uk certified personal- Mano Sekaram

admin Sep 4, 20131:43 pm

It would be wrong to compare India with what we can offer in Sri Lanka. Its 20 million vs over a billion
- Rohan Muttiah

admin Sep 4, 20131:29 pm

Now we have the panel discussion.
Brian invites the panelists
Panelists : Jeevan Gnanam, Director/CEO SAKS & CEO, Orion Development & Director, SLASSCOM
Hariharan Padmanaban, BDM, Orion Development & Member – General Council, SLASSCOM
Mano Sekaram, CEO & Co- Founder 99X Technology & Vice Chairman, SLASSCOM
Ramesh Shanmuganathan, Executive Vice President / Group CIO, John Keells Holdings PLC
Rohan Muttiah, CIO, Commercial Bank of Ceylon
Moderator: Brian Pereira, Editor-in-chief, InformationWeek

admin Sep 4, 20131:16 pm

Ninad Desai presenting to the audience

admin Sep 4, 20131:12 pm

What is the ideal temp for servers? 23. But most operate under 18-22 which results in less efficiency
- Ninad Desai

admin Sep 4, 20131:10 pm

The secret truth is
Standards are not inviolable scriptural injunctions!

- Ninad Desai

admin Sep 4, 20131:08 pm

Role of standards in ITSIA

- Set performance norms and promote interoperability
- Ninad Desai

admin Sep 4, 20131:07 pm

What is ITSIA? (ITS Infrastructure Assessment)
- Independent, expert check up

When is ITSIA suggested?
- When adding to, or simply reviewing your network
- When dealing with capacity bottlenecks performance limitations and security vulnerabilties

- Ninad Desai

admin Sep 4, 20131:03 pm

Constituents of an ITS infrastructure
- Hardware & Software
- Data and networks
- Facilities and serices
- Human resources

- Ninad Desai

admin Sep 4, 201312:59 pm

Why do we switch off the mobile phones when we fly?
Is it a hazard to the airline if we have the mobile on? Is it a myth?
Whats the reason behind it?
Risk? risk to what? risk to you, the airline?
It might work in same frequency as the airline?

IT WONT HAPPEN, its a myth.
It is not for your safety but because it might clog the networks on the ground.

- Ninad Desai

admin Sep 4, 201312:55 pm

Next up we have Ninad Desai, RCDD, NTS. Secretary – BICSI INDIA District. talking on the topic ‘The Busted Myth of an ITS Infrastructure Assessment Audit’

admin Sep 4, 201312:51 pm

A question by Brian, editor of InformationWeek
What is being done for security since there are lots of transactions happening in a very small pace of time.
Is it safe?
Of course there is a risk factor, what are banks doing, with each transaction, its going through risk scoring. What is the typical transaction that customer does, does he do trasnactions in a certain city,object, all these happen in the background.
The least risky is to shut down the bank, jokes Pravir. We are all the time trying to balance discomfort with risk. We would put boundaries, set limits on transactions etc..

With that concludes keynote by Pravir Vohra

admin Sep 4, 201312:41 pm

ICICI bank sends out 30 million bank statements each month, its waste of paper – Pravir Vohra

admin Sep 4, 201312:40 pm

cyber security is key for banks – Pravir Vohra

admin Sep 4, 201312:31 pm

Pravir Vohra addressing the gathering

admin Sep 4, 201312:30 pm

forces of change
- Data based decision making
- convergence of collaboration, communication, community and content
- Mobility – what is so unique about mobility? we don’t go anywhere without it
- Internet computing

- Pravir Vohra

admin Sep 4, 201312:13 pm

recent developments
- Availability of desktop and mini computers at affordable price points
- Initial rush of automation targeted solving house keeping issues
- Released management and staff time to focus on marketing product design etc
- The last 15 odd years have seen the emergence of universal banks
- Technology being leveraged in unparalleled ways

- Pavir Vohra

admin Sep 4, 201312:07 pm

A quick historical perspective
- For hundred of years banks and banking changed very little, if at all
- Debts instruments like promissory notes evolved over time
- And these were graudally followed by supporting legal and regulatory frameworks
- Technology led to the first major innovation – the ATM in 1967

- Pravir Vohra

admin Sep 4, 201312:05 pm

Pravir Vohra, an experienced banker and economist from India, does some crystal ball gazing on the future of Banking (aided by technology). He will offer some insights on how the dynamics of the market place may impact this future – and where technology can help

admin Sep 4, 201312:03 pm

Back after the tea break.
Now we have Pravir Vohra, Former President & Group CTO, ICICI Bank to talk on ‘What will banking be like by 2015?’

admin Sep 4, 201311:27 am

We now take a short tea break, will be back in 10-20 minutes, stay tuned for the panel discussion:
Outsourcing and the opportunity for Sri Lanka
Jeevan Gnanam, Director SAKS;
Hari Padmanaban, Business Development Manager, Orion Development;
Rohan Muttiah, CIO at Commercial Bank of Ceylon;
Ramesh Shanmuganathan, Executive Vice President / Group CIO, JOHN KEELLS Holdings Plc

admin Sep 4, 201311:25 am

Reasons customers choose Polycom
1 – Ease to use
2- Open standards and itneroperable
3- Best TCO
4- Investment protection

With that Ranjan Sinha, Regional Head for South India/ Sri Lanka & Maldives, Polycom concludes his session

admin Sep 4, 201311:23 am

Ranjan now shares an interesting Polycom video

admin Sep 4, 201311:18 am

Ranjan Sinha addressing the gathering

admin Sep 4, 201311:17 am

For more details on what Ranjan Sinha is talking about regarding #Polycom services, visit http://www.polycom.com/?ss=false

admin Sep 4, 201311:15 am

Future of video collaboration is here now
1- Superior polycom user experience and next generation end points
2- Enhancements to RealPresence platform deliver 3x HD video capacity via open standards based SVC
3- New portfolio of mid market solutions
4- Industry first! Realpresence cloudAXIS – suite lets customers extend enterprise grade video collaboration to users of skype, fb, google talk
- Ranjan

admin Sep 4, 201311:11 am

Polycom UC&C innovation journey
1992 – Conference calling
1998 – Video conferecing
2007 – Immersive telepresence
2011 – Cloud delivered video powered by Polycom
- Ranjan

admin Sep 4, 201311:09 am

Most of the editing for skyfall James Bond movie was done in Bangalore, this was done via video conferencing in high definition thanks to Polycom – Ranjan

admin Sep 4, 201310:58 am

Next we have Ranjan Sinha, Regional Head for South India/ Sri Lanka & Maldives, Polycom who will touch on the topic ‘Video communications Emerging Trends’

admin Sep 4, 201310:58 am

The keynote speaker Ramesh along with a few other speakers for the day

admin Sep 4, 201310:56 am

A snap we took earlier, the registration desk at INTEROP.

admin Sep 4, 201310:55 am

In a nutshell, we have covered the demand the supply of cloud services. Amit concludes his session after thanking the gathering.
Amit Didolkar is Business Development Manager, Data Center, Virtualization & Cloud, Cisco

admin Sep 4, 201310:54 am

We have no idea where the data is coming from, what matters is that the data is available when you need it
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:50 am

Brian Pereira addressing the INTEROP gathering

admin Sep 4, 201310:46 am

Legacy DC management – Slow, complex, brittle, expensive
Future DC management – Fast, simple, flexible, cost effective
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:42 am

Cisco vision
A world of many clouds
Enabling the cloud’s demand supply eco system

There are many clouds emerging, media/healthcare etc..
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:41 am

CISCO’s cloud strategy
Enable cloud providers and enterprises to deploy Differentiated cloud services

Provide application platforms for selected cloud categories, where cisco has differentiated applicaiton IP
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:38 am

Cloud plays a part in all these trends:
Open application SaaS consumption
Explosion of video as a service
Personalsied collaborative workspace
Virtual desktop
Social networks
Security and compliance
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:35 am

Amit asks the audience to get a friend and go to google.com and type the same thing, you will notice that your friends search results might be different to yours. This is because Google is tracking everything you search and will give search results which are most likely to be relevant to you. Big data at play.

admin Sep 4, 201310:34 am

Business & IT
Workloads driving deplyoment choices
Fast speed -> mobility / big data / analytics / cloud / XaaS
Slower / Normal speed – > traditional IT
– Amit Didolkar

admin Sep 4, 201310:32 am

Market transition – Trends shaping the market
Cloud computing – cloud services, 5.7 million new servers added annually.
Video – Video will triple IP traffic
Device proliferation – by 2016, 18.9 billion network connections (devices) 2.5 for each person on earth
Bring your own device (BYOD) – 56% of desktops will be vitualised
Collaboration – 1/3 of the collaboration market will be delivered via the cloud
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:29 am

We are at the beginning of a fundamental innovative shift in the way IT services are consumed.
The shift requires a next generation data center, capable of supporting self service access, rapid elasticity
- Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:28 am

Without the network, we can’t have cloud – Amit

admin Sep 4, 201310:27 am

We now have Amit Didolkar (Business Development Manager, Data Center, Virtualization & Cloud, Cisco) talking on the topic of ‘Enabling the World of Many Clouds’

admin Sep 4, 201310:25 am

Ramesh Shanmuganathan concludes the keynote with a few inspiring quotes from Mahatma Gandhi

admin Sep 4, 201310:22 am

Ramesh Shanmuganathan shares another very interesting video about a ‘future hotel’ (this video is actually 2 years old)

admin Sep 4, 201310:16 am

Unleashing value. Drivers
Global hyper competition
Acquiring and retaining the required talent
Handling the cost pressures
Adapting to consumer needs
Enhance productivity/performance
Reduce wastage/ environmental impact
- Ramesh Shanmuganathan

admin Sep 4, 201310:14 am

Unleashing value – CIO’s mandate
Innovate with the business.
Hettison all that’s non core
Support mosaics of small companies and free agnets
Create solutions that optimise mega systems
Focus on the ‘i’ n IT
Balance privacy and security with personalisation and access
Manage IT performance vs Risks
- Ramesh Shanmuganathan

admin Sep 4, 201310:11 am

Unleashing value – CEO’s perspectives
- CEOS are demanding more visible value from their CIOs in terms of generating revenue, gaining new customers, and increasing customer satisfaction.
- Increasingly, the CIO and IT must be seen less as developing and deplying technology, and more as a source of innovation and transformation that delivers bsuiness value, leveraging technology instead of directly delivering it.
- Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 201310:09 am

Ramesh shares a telefonica video with the audience

admin Sep 4, 201310:06 am

Beyond Technology – Transformation
From ‘build, or buy vs build’ -> Application implementation > towards ‘Buy AND Build AND intergrate
- Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 201310:04 am

Cloud is getting transferred for everyone to use, not just for enterprise – Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 201310:02 am

What is the mega wave we are seeing today?
We can’t have a value proposition which is more than 1 year.
Changes happen rapidly
- Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 201310:00 am

Beyond Technology – The imperatives –
Capitalism is being challenged.
Transformation to CREATIVE and knowledge work.
- Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 20139:57 am

Crowdsourcing is going to become a norm, business will be driven by a new breed of CIOs- Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 20139:54 am

We are very specific about brands currently, in 2020, it won’t matter, the IT services that are up there on the cloud, you will use it irrespective of who created, if its useful, you will use it- Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 20139:53 am

Computation is going to happen at a phenomenal pace, humans will have a lot of insights, for e.g. you don’t have to be expert in culinary, you can easily get instructions on how to cook a good meal from 0 knowledge – Ramesh

admin Sep 4, 20139:49 am

Ramesh shows a video of how the businesses will operate in 2020. In one slide, he mentions that in 2020 there will be 50,000 million connected devices

admin Sep 4, 20139:47 am

Ramesh Shanmuganathan starts off the keynote speech on the topic of ‘Beyond Technology – Unleashing Business Value’

admin Sep 4, 20139:47 am

We have started proceedings here with Brian Pereira welcoming the gathered invitees




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