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INTEROP Colombo Conference Day 2 live blog


We are live from 2nd day of Interop Colombo Conference.


admin Sep 5, 20133:32 pm

Thanks to all who tuned in to the updates, we will also have the full video coverage of the event on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/gihangamos
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admin Sep 5, 20133:29 pm

We now have a raffle draw and a lucky participant walks away with an apple device! This is courtesy of Fortinet.
2nd draw we have coutesy of Plantronics, 6 gifts given away

And that wraps up proceedings from 2nd and final day of INTEROP

admin Sep 5, 20133:26 pm

If you are going to the cloud, there are lot of vulnerabilities, so please be aware of the risks involved
- Thilak

With that, Thilak concludes this presentation.

admin Sep 5, 20133:22 pm

Thilak shares some interesting slides with a long list of vulnerabilities, his speech can be viewed on video shortly once we have it on our youtube channel

admin Sep 5, 20133:21 pm

How are you going to tackle a malicious insider? Thilak points out from the list of top security risks

admin Sep 5, 20133:18 pm

Top security risks
- Loss of governance
- Lock in
- Isolation failure
- Compliance risk
- Data protection
- Insecure or incomplete data deletion
- Malicious insider

- Thilak

admin Sep 5, 20133:15 pm

What are the legal recommendations?
- Consider negoitable contracts
- Obligation of the CSP for data security breaches
- Minimum data protection standards

- Thilak

admin Sep 5, 20133:07 pm

CSP best practices
- Application security
- Encrypting and key management
- Identity, entitlement and access management
- Virtualisation
- Security as a service
- Business continuity
- Data center operations

- Thilak

admin Sep 5, 20133:05 pm

Deployment model
- public cloud
- private cloud
- community cloud
- hybrid cloud

- Thilak

admin Sep 5, 20133:01 pm

Now we have the last speaker Thilak Dharmananda, CISO, GoodHope Asia on the topic of ‘Cloud Security Risk Assessment’

admin Sep 5, 20133:00 pm

Sujit addressing the gathering

admin Sep 5, 20132:57 pm

Communication is a major challenge, ensuring that a good platform in which the senior managers can understand
- Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:56 pm

Every country has its own cyber law – Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:56 pm


1- Strategy
2- Collection
3- Analysis
4- Execution

Recommendation is
1- Assume you are a target
2- Defense in depth
3- Data loss prevention
4- Educate employees

- Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:53 pm

Sujit shares this image with the audience, anyone interested can have a look at the article that was published via this link http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,983318,00.html

admin Sep 5, 20132:49 pm

When adversary is out there, could be just 1 individual (lone wolf), terrorist, foreign intelligence..
- Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:47 pm

The threats are always there, we need to identify, else could compromise economy of even national security
- Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:46 pm

If you don’t have a methodology in place to identify how vulnerabilities are dealt with, then you are as risk – Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:39 pm

Mobility – BYOD (Bring your own device) or GYOD (Give your own device)?
Do we have to run a standard virus guard, or will the company force such?

- Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:36 pm

1/3 of the collaboration market will be delivered via the cloud
- Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:35 pm

We are reminded of big data by Sujit
50,000 million connected devices by 2020 – Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:33 pm

Technology has changed our lives. Has it changed the lives of IT? askes Sujit

admin Sep 5, 20132:32 pm

So we now have Sujit Christy, Director – Solutions & Professional Services, Layers-7 Seguro Consultoria Private Limited to talk on topic ‘Tackling Security Challenges in the 21st Century Sri Lanka’

admin Sep 5, 20132:31 pm

After a lovely filling lunch, we are just about to get back to the final session of INTEROP

admin Sep 5, 20131:16 pm

With that, Tilak concludes his talk and we are off for the lunch break, we will be back in just under an hour

admin Sep 5, 20131:15 pm

Future trends in ERP
- Cloud ERP
- Open source ERP
- Mobile ERP
- Social ERP
- Big data

- Tilak

admin Sep 5, 20131:13 pm

Critical success factors for successful ERP implementation
22% – Executive custody and strategic solution and accountability
20% – Effective change solution
19%- Strategic architecture and alignment
17% – Data engineering and configuration
14%- Engineering approach and design against failure
6% – Business integrating, training processes
2% – Technology

- Tilak

admin Sep 5, 20131:05 pm

Challenges in ERP implementations
- For Company – Clear business objective and strategy; management support: lack of standard business practice
- For employees – Team formation and trust building; lack of ownership and active ; training and computer literacy ; incomplete and incorrect data
- Project management – Relaxed milestone and deadline ; implementation process; software functionality; insufficient funding

- Tilak

admin Sep 5, 201312:54 pm

Trend in ERP deliveries
- in 1992 – 70% of the ERP implementations did nto deliver what present

Biggest ERP failures in 2011
- UK government scraps the 12 million pounds National program for IT in the NHS
- New Yorks city’s cityTime project

Even the bigger nations are failing ERP
- Tilak

admin Sep 5, 201312:51 pm

Four reasons to implement ERP
- For company – ERP solves IT multi platform issues;
- For company – Standadises business practices
- For customer – Increases and improves interaction
- Cost effectiveness – ERP improves performance in a down economy

- Tilak

admin Sep 5, 201312:46 pm

Tilak addressing the gathering

admin Sep 5, 201312:44 pm

We need to have solid infrastructure to implement an ERP
- Tilak

admin Sep 5, 201312:41 pm

Now we have Tilak Ratnayake , Group General Manager – ICT, Mclarens Holdings Limited with the topic ‘Challenges in ERP implementations’

admin Sep 5, 201312:41 pm

With that we move to the next speaker

admin Sep 5, 201312:39 pm

Namal now shares an interesting video

admin Sep 5, 201312:38 pm

Namal shares the following image with the audience

admin Sep 5, 201312:35 pm

What is the technology we used?
We had on our table with so many technologies, but we used based on the need.
There should be a meaning, being able to quantify. Can we reuse the technologies, those were few concerns we had.

Few technologies
- Android mobile apps
- Call recording
- GPS tracking
- Web services…

- Namal

admin Sep 5, 201312:32 pm

The Assessor mobile application saved us on avg Rs 200 saving per accident
- Namal

admin Sep 5, 201312:30 pm

We managed to reduce the outgoing calls by having ‘google locator’
We also push SMS, to the relevant people when an accident happens, this reduced the inbound calls (3 calls reduced per accident and 50% reduction in time per call)

- Namal

admin Sep 5, 201312:27 pm

We have online call monitoring, so that the customer is not discomforted with the same questions like policy numbers etc.. thereby reducing the call time
We used different technologies, sending sms, recording calls to better serve the customer and keep the interaction time to a minimum
- Namal

admin Sep 5, 201312:20 pm

A company in Sri Lanka today lets you issue a motor insurance policy in just 3 minutes
- Namal

admin Sep 5, 201312:18 pm

We have 22 insurance companies in Sri Lanka (12 companies offer both Life Insurance & General Insurance)
- Namal

admin Sep 5, 201312:17 pm

Namal addressing the gathering

admin Sep 5, 201312:14 pm

Next up we have Namal Gunawardhane, Head of IT HNB Assurance PLC with the topic ‘Optimizing Insurance business – A step beyond ICT’

admin Sep 5, 201312:14 pm

Alpna addressing the gathering

admin Sep 5, 201312:11 pm

Alpna also adds, on regulations, for social media, enough work is going behind the scenes with controlling, its like a newspaper, you cant really control what is published

admin Sep 5, 201312:10 pm

Dihan from University of Moratuwa asks what are done for privacy.
Alpna says privacy is like hygiene, it is important to tackle privacy and ensure that data is well protected, keeping the customer’s mind at ease

admin Sep 5, 201312:06 pm

With that Alpna concludes her keynote and opens the floor for questions

admin Sep 5, 201312:04 pm

Predictive analytics is the future
- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201312:04 pm

RELIANCE alignment with industry
- Single invoice and bill consolidation
- Mobile device management
- All share data plan
- Info at your fingertips via SAS
- Recommendation engine
- Sales force automation
- New age customer care
- E-commerce

- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201312:01 pm

Success stories
- Big data use cases has brought in new revenues and reduced churns
- Enterprise mobility has increased productivity
- Video portal
- mobile apps

- Shorter shelf for innovative products/apps
- Regulatory challenges
- Technical resources availability
- Skepticism towards the cloud adoption

- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:59 am

Predictive data analysis of big data would be key, things are changing faster, whatever method was used last year wont be enough for present and future
- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:57 am

We need to work together to crack the sophisticated customer to create a effective marketing concept.
- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:52 am

We should create capability to access information in multiple devices
- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:51 am

Time to leverage
- Impulsive buying
- Personalised recommendation
- Promotion bundling
- Emotional quotient analysis

- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:48 am

Pillars of change (with user in centre of this circle)
> Social streams > Big data (structured/ unstructured) > Predictive analysis > Context sensitive events > mobile device

- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:46 am

Push technology is what is going to get the right engagement
- Aplna

admin Sep 5, 201311:44 am

We are sitting on a lot of data – Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:44 am

Drivers of change in telecom space
- Social media heralds volume
- Big data heralds variety
- Mobile heralds velocity
- Cloud, the back bone to enable volume, variety and velocity
- Volume, variety and velocity is what drives customer experience

- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:42 am

Don’t teach me technology, I just want to enjoy my movie is what the Z generation would say.
The seller would need to be a lot more smarter, make the customer more independent.

- Alpna

admin Sep 5, 201311:33 am

Back after tea break and ready for the keynote by Alpna J Doshi, CIO, Reliance Group. Her topic is
‘The Amalgamation of Social, Mobile, Cloud and Data forces’

admin Sep 5, 201311:04 am

We now break for a bit for morning tea, back soon

admin Sep 5, 201311:03 am

Amit concludes his presentation, you can also check his speech given on the first day, for proceedings from first day, pls see link here -> http://digit.lk/interop-colombo-conference/

admin Sep 5, 201310:53 am

Cloud is creating the any-to-any problem
- Amit

admin Sep 5, 201310:52 am

Current networks were not designed for cloud
- Typical branch cant handle more than 20 VDI sessions
- 90% of businesses back haul internet traffic over WAN for security

- Amit

admin Sep 5, 201310:48 am

Global cloud – Current networks are not ready

50% – percent of CIOs who say the majority of thier apps will be in the cloud by 2015
37% – Consider cloud ready WAN to be the most critical infrastructure for cloud

- Amit

admin Sep 5, 201310:46 am

Cloud changes the IT like never before
- Amit

admin Sep 5, 201310:45 am

Amit addressing the gathering

admin Sep 5, 201310:41 am

Amit starts off his talk by sharing a video

admin Sep 5, 201310:38 am

Up next is Amit Didolkar, Business Development Manager, Data Center, Virtualization & Cloud, Cisco to talk on ‘Securing The Cloud Intelligent Network’

admin Sep 5, 201310:33 am

Parakum ends his keynote with a comic

admin Sep 5, 201310:31 am

What is LOLC’s approach?
- We formulate a social media strategy
- Policies, procedures, guidelines, tone at the top
- Experiment where its possible and learn
- Corporate culture vs social media
- roles and responsibilities
- Employee awareness and empowerment
- Learn from near mistakes

- Parakum

admin Sep 5, 201310:28 am

Social media governance model – core components
- Updated social media policy
- Awareness and training
- Continuous monitoring
- Crisis management plan should this be part of your BCP?

- Parakum

admin Sep 5, 201310:24 am

What is ‘Social media governance’?
- More than a policy
- Has a greater significance

The bigger picture
- Companies leverage on social media from a marketing point of view
- Risk management point of view

Risk concerns
- How is social media aligned to the business?
- How should social media decisios be made?
- How do we manage social media investments
- What controls do we need in place?
- How do we measure and reward?

- Parakum

admin Sep 5, 201310:21 am

Parakum shares the features of ‘graph search’ on facebook and scares the audience with the search results you can get

admin Sep 5, 201310:19 am

Parakum addressing the gathering

admin Sep 5, 201310:15 am

Good morning, we are live from Waters Edge bringing updates from 2nd day of Interop Colombo Conference.
First of, we have Parakum Pathirana, Head of IT Security & Compliance/Principal Consultant – LOLC Technologies; Vice President – ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter with the keynote ‘Social Media Governance – guidelines for IT managers’

He opens up with a video by Eric Qualman




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