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Global Startup Labs – Pitch Day


After the trial run on 16th this month, MIT Global Startup Lab’s actual Pitch Day took place on 27th of January 2014 at Park Street Mews. This was a revised Pitching session after consulting the mentors and going through their ideas once again if they had to change their topic of research. Industry experts and Mentors took time to attend this event from their bust Monday schedules.


Same teams but revised ideas were presented yesterday. Four of the outstanding teams, Team Alpha Q, Bigya, A Team and Team WII Charge from the last pitch were selected to have a separate pitching session. Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of MicroImage was amazed by the ideas and the potential these participants have and encouraged them to carry on with their market research. Amber Houghstow and Akshita Puram, Instructors at MIT Global Startup labs said that Sri Lanka has this amazing bond between the Industry and the Students, like they have never seen anywhere before.  Ruwindhu Peiris, Director at Stax Inc and a well wisher of this program gave away the thanking note and said this would be a  huge push towards SLASSCOM’s 1000 tech-Startup vision by 2022.


Pitch Day was followed by an Open Bar Networking session where the Students met their mentors and other industry experts and got their insights as well since there is room for corrections and improvements.

You can find the Photo album for this event here, and catch the conversation regarding Global Startup Labs- Pitch day under the hashtag #GSLPitchDay, here.




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