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The FIFA World Cup ended as a disappointment for most of us. We all waited anxiously for the past four years for it to start and within a week after it was started I couldn’t wait until it was finished. The football quality that we see week in week out it the major European leagues was not there and there were so many controversies. What’s more, my favorite team got their butts kicked by the team that I hate the most. But most importantly to us gamers, usually with every world cup we can get our hands on the official FIFA World Cup game as well. But this time around we PC gamers didn’t get that opportunity either and that made the time period even more boring. The reason being that EA sports did not release a PC version of the FIFA World Cup game so the less fortunate people like us who cannot afford a PS3 or an Xbox360 (even iPhone users got a bite of the cherry) could do nothing but to watch YouTube videos about it.

New Home Screen for Manager Mode

On that note I thought of writing about EA’s new installment of their football game, FIFA 11. If you are a FIFA fan, you will be aware that EA tends to release the game with the start of the European football season. PC gamers would be delighted by the announcement that EA has implemented the same game engine and the gameplay that they’ve been using for the PS3 and Xbox for the PC platform as well. Well it took them more than 3 years to implement a next gen engine for PC and maybe that’s an indication that EA has finally sensed that Konami game engine is far better that there’s and lets thank god for that.


Better Transfers

Now if you are a PC gamer let me just add something before you go taunt your console gaming buddy. The consoles will still be getting something more, as they will receive a updated game engine, which still leaves PC gamers one step behind. Again. But to be honest different stories breakout everyday with mixed feelings since some people say nothing much has changed but on the other hand EA is saying that this will be a totally new and a different experience for PC users. But one thing remains certain. Console users will still get a better game.


As usual FIFA have upgraded the players’ appearances and mind you Wayne Rooney looks more handsome than last time which is in fact good news. A new feature called Personality Plus is introduced and this feature claims to add another layer of real-life authenticity to the players from their stature and size, down to their playing attributes and technical skills.

As Konami catching up fast lest hope that this edition of FIFA will be a life saver for EA and we the PC users can finally experience something new. I have to say, over the last couple of seasons, the Japanese have their noses ahead in my book. Let’s hope we have a new favorite after 28th September.


Game   FIFA 11

Platforms   PC / PS2 / PS3 / Xbox360 / DS / Wii

Developer   EA Sports

Publisher   Electronic Arts

Release Date   28 September 2010

Genre   Football Sim

ESRB Rating   E


System Requirements

Operating System   Windows® XP SP3 / Windows Vista® SP2 / Windows® 7

Processor   Intel® Dual Core 2.4 GHz or equivalent

RAM   1 GB for Windows® XP / 2 GB for Windows Vista® and Windows® 7

Graphics   256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800, ATI Radeon™ HD2900

Disk Space   Approx 7 GB


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