Enumero 2014 wins Darrel Chong Gold Award


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    “Enumero” is a technical workshop that brings the three main chapters titled as IEEE Power and Energy society (PES), IEEE Robotics and Automation society (RAS) and IEEE Computer society (CS) of IEEE University of Moratuwa together. Enumero had the utmost intention of accrediting the technological knowledge of undergraduates, and it lead to expose several aspects of modern technology with the collaboration of the IEEE members. The successful event caused IEEE University of Moratuwa Student Branch to claim their second consecutive IEEE Darrel Chong Student activity award after winning the Silver award for CodeExpertz 1.0.

    Enumero 2014 has provided the best solutions to improve the practical aspects of the students who are with the thirst of newest trending technologies. It was done via three parallel sessions of Hackerspace, Robozone and Electrica. Expertise intellectuals conducted those sessions. Hackerspace was a kind of an overview of the real problems in telecommunication industry and the human hacking techniques. Robozone was followed by three lectures under Quadcopters, UAVs, MEMS, NEMS and prosthetic technology. The remaining session, Electrica focused on the future trends of the electrical industry. The event was winded up with the Flight 93 gaming session, which helped to uplift the collaboration among members of IEEE student Branch and to expose the analytical skills of the participants and volunteers.

    Success of Enumero 2014 has led to hold Enumero 2015 in this year. The success behind the event was the team effort and the commitment of the volunteers of IEEE student branch of University of Moratuwa. Since it was a novel workshop, each and every volunteer had to face different kinds of challenges that came across. So it was a huge platform for them to improve their confidence and management skills and also to sharpen inter personal capabilities through organizing such a session. Significance of Enumero is that, it brought all the different disciplines like Robotics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering to a single manifesto where students of different interests could fulfill those aspects and also step in to be experts in their relevant fields.

    Enumero 2014 won the title “Darrel Chong Student Activity Award” in the Gold Category due to the quality of the activity and for the attempt to foster knowledge sharing among students. The purpose of this recognition serves to change the mindset of student groups, from being number-driven, to becoming value-driven and to acknowledge excellent student activities around the world. Ultimately this achievement will improve student-membership growth as well. IEEE student branch of University of Moratuwa has the sole pride of celebrating their accomplishment in organizing exemplary student activities, which is reflected back through the Darrel Chong Student Activity Award.



    W.G.T. Fernando is an author of over 15 ICT books and Founder/CEO at GTS. Gihan is a former lecturer at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He began his education at Thurstan College before going to Wycherley International School. He graduated with Honors in Computer Science at University of Liverpool in the UK and MSc in Advanced Software Engineering at Kings College, University of London.


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