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Ramadan season for Muslims started few days back and trend of Iftar is back in the town. Twitter community of Sri Lanka being so popular for exclusive events for Tweeps, is back with its very own #TweepsIftar. Iftar refers to breaking fast or ending the fast at the sundown after approximately 13 hours of avoiding food and beverages.

The Tweeps Iftar 2014 is the third time that an event of such nature is being organized by the Twitter community of Sri Lanka. First ever Tweeps Iftar was held in 2012, in a very small scale with few tweeps gathering to break fast. However, Tweeps Iftar – 2013 was attended by a large number of Tweeps and received many positive comments. Check out our coverage on Tweeps Iftar 2013 here.

Tweeps Iftar 2014 will be held on 25th of July 2014 (Friday) at CIOCONAT lounge (107, Barnes Place, Col – 07). The entrance fee is Rs. 1,000/= , subject to reduction based on securing sponsorships. The entrance will be limited only for prior registrations and having a Twitter account is compulsory to attend this event. You can get yourself registered for Tweeps Iftar here.

The Tweeps Iftar 2014 is not limited to Muslims and open for all the ethnicities. The main aim of the event is to educate non-Muslim Twitter users about practices of Muslims during the Ramadan including rituals of break fast (Iftar) events while allowing them to network with fellow Twitter users. The event also aims to promote the ethnic harmony in a challenging time, by creating awareness about religious practices and sharing food and beverages with generosity.



Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013


Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013


Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013

Some of the tweeps at TweepsIfthar 2013

The Twitter Iftar will include an awareness session on Ramadan season, catered to Non-Muslims who will be attending the session. Further, you can witness Muslims performing religious rituals, including the Maghrib group prayers. If you are a foodie, the most important element for you at the event will be the delicious iftar food and the dinner buffet. The Tweeps Iftar will serve Kanji, a rice porridge which is an exclusive item at Iftar. Tweeps Iftar will also serve more yum yum, including salads and a variety of vegetarian dishes too.

In a nut shell, Tweeps iftar is all about promoting religious harmony, networking.. and of course FOOD!! Be there! Get to know more about Ramadan! Talk to fellow tweeps!! And most importantly, enjoy yummy food!!



From Dorm Room to Wall Street
Time has passed and the way we connect with our friends and family has changed thanks to Facebook. The company has reached a key milestone of operating for a decade changing many things in the world with its 1.23 billion monthly active user base.

Following is a recap of Facebook’s journey which has become one of the greatest startups of all time.

  • Thefacebook days

Facebook was started in February 2004 in a dorm room at Harvard by Mark Zuckerburg and his friends as a tool to find and interact with friends in the university. The innovative concept soon became popular among friends and started to catch on like wild fire. It not only became a buzz in Harvard, but it became popular at other universities and various different social groups.

Initially the network was named “Thefacebook” and after the first year of operations it changed to “Facebook”. Given the value addition it brings to the people on connecting with each other, Facebook had almost 6 Million users at the end of first year.

Since then, the trendsetter expanded in to business pages catering to needs of companies to interact, obtain feedback and provide various other benefits to its customers.

  • Reaching the masses

Facebook reached the masses in a very short time since inception and today has become a basic utility for every one of us. As the journey turned out to be a historical one, Mark Zuckerberg and the company had to go through number of great challenges.

Changing the mindsets of traditional thinkers, regulators, governments and security authorities are few of those.

Among many changes that Facebook has done to this world, following are noteworthy.

    • Way people interact with each other

This is one of the major changes Facebook initiated through Facebook chat. This change was applicable to all age groups and made life much simpler to people in terms of connecting with friends and family. This overtook traditional SMS and email services and remains as a highly effective way to communicate. Statistics prove that Facebook Chat is the 12th highest downloaded free app on Apple’s App Store placing it even ahead of the Facebook main app itself. This is a clear demonstration of widely embraced success of the concept.

    • Giving boost to many industries and giving birth to some

Facebook has made mixed impacts on many industries. Making the users to stay connected online all the time has created an avenue for telecom service providers to shift gears from traditional SMS and other messaging services. Among new industries that Facebook has given birth to, social media marketing takes prominence. Companies around the world started to emerge to facilitate big brands to make their online presence customer friendly.

    • Convenience in sharing content

People have forgotten the days where they struggled to share photos and videos via email and therefore using CDs. Thanks to Facebook, people can share photos and videos with their friends in matter of seconds. This has reached a level where about 350 million photos are being uploaded to Facebook every single day.

    • How businesses interact with customers

This change availed many opportunities for businesses to get closer to their customers and vice versa. Companies had to pay additional attention on their presence on Facebook as it became the most viral channel to advertise and communicate key messages to intended customer bases. Cola giant Pepsi in 2010 opting to run a campaign on Facebook and other social media channels over a Super Bowl slot demonstrates the strength of this.

    • Redefining privacy

As Zuckerberg strongly believes, the world is becoming an open place and new generation’s definition of privacy is very different from the old. Facebook’s contribution to this has been huge. Options such as sharing, life events, feelings, check in and various other features are popular among users which enable them to tell their friends what they are doing or how they are feeling.

Among many other reasons for Facebook to become a success across the world, ability to be relevant to all demographics has been the key. Facebook has demonstrated this through provision of options in terms of privacy settings, business related applications, analytics etc.

Sharing his thoughts with CNBC in a recent interview, CEO Zuckerberg still believes that being relevant to all groups is the top priority of the company and Facebook will continue to facilitate this.

  • Performing under the limelight

As Facebook managed to gradually convince the youth and obtain acceptance of majority, critics continued to make the journey even tougher by questioning the suitability of a young dropout as the CEO. Zuckerberg had to go through extremely tough situations when he was publicly interviewed. However, with the support of his management team Zuckerberg managed to steer the company forward.

During the past decade, Facebook has come across ups and downs. Below are some of the notable ones.

    • One of the main steps Facebook took in executing the future mobile strategy is acquiring “Instagram” for $1 Billion in April 2012. This acquisition was mainly considered based on the negative developments experienced by the company among teen users. It was later admitted that Facebook is losing its “Coolness” among its teen users which resulted in decline in active usage. Though this acquisition was seen as overpriced by media, increases in user adaptation hold the validity in Zuckerberg’s decision.
    • The company considers photo sharing as one of the main avenues to remain “cool” among the core users, it went for another bid last year to acquire “Snapchat” another photo sharing social media tool. The $3 Billion bid was turned down by the 23 year old co-founder Evan Spiegel. Though Snapchat has not revealed the number of users, some reports suggests its users share more photos than Facebook every day.
    • Among the ventures which didn’t do well for Facebook was “HTC First” (also known as Facebook phone). This was unofficially declared as a disaster as AT&T had to drop its price from $99 to 99 cents at one point mid last year. Main reason for failure is considered as the feature “Facebook Home” which dominated user experience. In addition, feature failures such as Facebook credits, Poke & Facebook questions were also noteworthy.

Battling through these challenges, Facebook has continuously learned from its mistakes. The willingness of Zuckerberg to learn from mistakes comparing with other social media networks is a lesson for all entrepreneurs. This was validated by Facebook’s former Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor stating “Mark is very willing to recognize the strengths in other products and the flaws in Facebook”.

  • Going public

In May 2012, continuing its success, Facebook decided to hold an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The start was not good as expected by the company. The stock lost about 50% of its value on debut after opening at $38. This being the first social media company to be listed in NASDAQ, Facebook attracted millions of eyeballs in Wall Street as advertising was the only main revenue generator for the company and the predictions were not favorable.

However, since the IPO, Facebook has worked hard to meet and exceed Wall Street targets. Using the IPO date as the starting point, Facebook became the fastest US Company to reach $150 billion in terms of market capitalization. Currently, only 26 US Companies have reached the $150 billion mark in terms of market capitalization.

Analysts comment that growth has been fuelled by the new strategic steps related to “Mobile First” initiative.

  • What’s next

At this point of time as Facebook completes 10 years in operation, many question its possibility of surviving another 10 years. However, Zuckerberg believes being relevant to all groups would be the survival strategy for Facebook.

As an outcome of this, Facebook is planning to build apps outside Facebook which can sustain user acceptance and hence would keep the company moving. The recent launch of “Paper” a standalone news aggregation app is a clear evidence for this.

The company has stated that “Paper” would be the first out of a series of apps that would be part of an initiative named “Facebook creative labs”.

In order to drive these new initiatives and be relevant to the upcoming generations, Zuckerberg requests governments to provide higher level of wireless connectivity. He believes in doing so, people in many economies could enjoy the facility and stay connected with the whole world.


The most highlighted event of the Twitter community of Sri Lanka in 2013 – #TweetupSL4 was held on 7th December at Mercantile Cricket Association Ground with the participation of over 500 tweeps. There had been many conversations around how good the event was.  Since there were many talking of the success of the event, we thought of  unveiling the hardworking committee behind this major event.

#TweetupSL4 had  nine organizers who were from various backgrounds with one common element, which was their passion for social media. The organizing committee included @UdaraUMD @MoAwesomeSauce @GihanGamos @Gopiharan @UdithaUmesh @HimalKK @Chamara @rebelinpurple and myself (@hajara_).

One of the founders of #TweetupSL, @UdaraUMD who is proud about the journey of #TweetupSL says:

“It was the 4th time that I was involved in organizing TweetupSL. I never thought this event would go this far when we did come up with the first TweetupSL way back in 2010. It grew year by year and tweeple are always eagerly waiting to attend it.”

He is right, none of the tweeps would have thought that #TweetupSL would become an annual event, but thanks to the anticipation of tweeps and committed organizing committee, it has become the most popular annual event among the Sri Lankan Twitter community. Another founding member of TweetupSL team, @rebelinpurple says,

‘It really is humbling and pleasing to see how far TweetupSL has come, from nearly 70 attendees in 2010 to the over 500 last month.’

Organizing an event of this scale requires huge commitment and there was one person who kept reminding all the orgainzers about their pending duties. He is none other than @MoAwesomeSauce. If not for his follow ups, most of us would not have put in such an effort and he says:

“Organizing an event of this magnitude isn’t easy and will never be easy. But then again, being able to work with an awesome team who contributed in any way possible to make this event a success, did help to pull it off. This year we faced many difficulties in terms of finding the time to dedicate ourselves to get this off the ground, finalizing a venue and date and finally securing the right sponsors. Once these major obstacles were overcome, it was smooth sailing ahead till the actually event took place.’

There were new faces in the team who were not involved in organizing previous TweetupSL events. For them it was a new experience, but they were able to fit in perfectly well among all the odds. One of the newcomers to the team, @Gopiharan says:

“At first I wasn’t sure whether I would fit into the team, but eventually I liked being part of something exciting. It was a great experience, even though my contribution was relatively low. For me, it was more about learning from the awesome team.”

@UdithaUmesh also added:

“As a person who is coming from an analytical and consulting background it was great to be a part of a volunteer driven nationwide event like TweetupSL. This set a different tone to my personal day to day activities which is why it was exciting. There was lot of experience gathered by being a part of this team. “

For the organizers, it was all about the experience that they got and also the fun of being a part of a great team. @GihanGamos says :

“It was indeed a pleasure to be back with the TweetupSL team in brainstorming and organising an entertaining and fun filled event. It was great to work with the team with new faces who did an immense contribution towards making the event a success. Look forward to many more TweetupSL events in the coming years to bind together a closer knit family of tweeps.”

However, being an organizer of TweetupSL is not easy, when all of organizers are employed full time. For the participants, the event day was all about networking, but for the organizers it was all about making sure a smooth flow of the event occured. Commenting on the experience, @UdithaUmesh says :

‘Being a part of the organizing committee of an event like this is in one word was exciting. But I must say, on the day of the event it was exhausting.’

And @Gopiharan believes that the learning experience should continue to make future events better :

‘The event may not have been perfect due to various challenges we encountered, but it sure has taught us what to avoid and where to focus more, if we end up organizing again.’

This is not the end, concluding note from @UdaraUMD says:

“May #TweetupSL live long !”

In case you missed out in attending, view the video here


I’ve never owned a (stand alone) camera in my life. But I’ve been using smartphones that come with decent cameras, for sometime now. It’s amazing how smartphone cameras have evolved over the years. Back in the days “having a camera” on the phone was considered a luxury, even if it was a VGA camera. And then the megapixel wars started. A mid range smartphone these days will have at least a 5 Megapixel camera, while we’ve seen some some flagship models boasting up to 41 MP ones. While the megapixel and UltraPixel wars continue on one side, one cannot deny the fact that this revolution also has contributed to new ways of social networking through photo sharing apps and services. And Instagram does not require any introduction in 2013.

Started off as a photo sharing app on iPhone (iOS devices), it is now available on Android, Windows Phone and as a web based social network. I love Instagram (and for the record, I don’t share food pics). It’s about filters and “no filters”; and hashtags. There has been this age old debate as to whether Instagram is good for photography or not. Regardless of what people think, the growth and popularity of the service has never slowed down. Instagram is not limited for smartphone cameras either. There are a large number of professional photographers whose instagraphs are captured with Digital SLR cameras.


Instagram is hugely popular among Sri Lankans. Even TweetupSL had an award category for Instagrammers this time. Few days before TweetupSL, Halik, one of my favorite Sri Lankan Instagrammers, tweeted this:

He was talking about an InstaMeet. Few days later I met him during TweetupSL and he mentioned about having a InstaMeet in Slave Island area and documenting the places and happenings there. The idea was simple. It had no cost involved. Above all it was about meeting people (cool kids?), which is fun. You carry your camera (again, not necessarily smartphone) and do what you are good at – Instagram! And thus, the InstaMeetSL idea was born.

So what are InstaMeets?

InstaMeets are a way for Instagram users to meet the fellow Instagrammers in their locality, offline (i.e in real life). Well, it is basically like having a Tweetup for Instagrammers. Instagrammers can take this opportunity to build real connections, discuss about photography (or should I term it as Instagraphy?) and discuss how they share common love for filters (*cough*). To quote Instagram, participants can “discuss your favorite filters, exchange tips, or just take photos together!”

The Community

There are many Instagram communities around the world. http://www.meetup.com/instagram/ lists all (1700+) of them. Everyone is welcome to join the “Colombo Instagram Community” meetup page here: http://www.meetup.com/Instagram/Colombo/ This meetup page will be monitored by Instagram staff too, and events will get featured in their blog etc. An InstaMeetSL Facebook group has also been set up.

(And, interestingly InstaMeets are not new to Sri Lanka. The “Kolamba Instagram Community” page has details of few meetups that were planned in 2012.)

Soon after InstaMeet Colombo announcement by Halik, we have seen announcements about InstaMeetGalle by Kasun. (Following is a confession) For someone who has never been to Galle (hides face in shame), I think these kind of meetups will give an opportunity to explore beautiful places.

The Plan?

At the time of writing we have more than 60 members in the InstaMeetSL Facebook group. If you’re an Instagrammer and not in the group, do feel free to join. The first edition of the meetup, InstaMeetCMB (InstaMeet Colombo) has been planned to be held on the 16th December (Monday) from 4 pm onwards at the Maradana Railway Station. Interested people can RSVP to the event here that the Facebook event page and the Meetup Community Page.

Sri Lanka has a rich Railway history. Stations in and around Colombo offer so much for the keen eyes. There are things that have never changed over the years and things that may be gone very soon. Hence, the selection of Maradana sure is interesting. To quote the event description, “Sri Lanka’s first Instameet, we will brave the elements and explore the ruinous remains said to conceal all manner of juicy photo ops North of Maradana Station, the station itself is quite happening.”

Instagram and hashtag have an interesting love and hate story. We’ll discuss that in a later post. For now, the hashtags for the event will be #InstaMeet #InstaMeetSL and #InstaMeetCMB. Participants are encouraged to use all three hashtags in their posts along with any other hashtag of their choice. If you can’t make it to the meetup, you can follow the above hashtags in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

I can’t wait to take part in the event and meet fellow Instagrammers. What about you?


Hype and excitement is growing with less than a day remaining for the #TweetUpSL 4, the largest gathering of the Sri Lankan Twitter community which will be held on 7th of December at Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA). As the online media partner of #TweetupSL 4, Digit Magazine will be bringing back the memories of Sri Lankan Twittershpere by digging into popular hashtags that were used by Tweeps.

Anyone watched the original version of Asterix or Top Cat? You would find the contrast striking and be amazed by how the personality of characters is changed through dubbing. Sinhala language was used with an innovative comic touch which was both novel and alluring. Such cartoon characters made an everlasting impact on Sri Lankan children & adults. They became characters that Sri Lankan kids of 80s and 90s grew up with.

Titus Thotawatta’s productions such as Dosthara Honda Hitha, Pissu Poosa, Ha Ha Hari Hawa, Casper became immensely popular and looking back I feel that it was years before any other cartoons attained the same adoration or popularity among children. The second wave of cartoons dubbed in Sinhala was born in the new millennium. Cartoons like Soora Pappa, Cow the Boy, Api Raja Ibbo, and Scooby Doo not only used wit, but also enhanced the comic element through names of characters and their personalities. The dubbing was done in a pretty impressive manner to acculturate to Srilankan audience.

@AshenR2 , decided to recall some of the epic dubs from some our favorite cartoons.

Soora Pappa seems to have the highest number of epic sinhala quotes.

( LOKU PAPPA – “SooraPappa”)



(MandukaBhavana “Wind In The Willows”)  Manduka (Mr Toad ) is portrayed as a narcissistic , self centered , pompous frog who often gets told off  by MahathunAiya (Mr. Badger).

(ChawChaw – Dosthara Honda Hitha)

This is the fourth article of our prequel to #TweetupSL4. You can find our first article covering all the interesting tweets that were tweeted under #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters here, the second article on #SriLankaInThe90s here and the third article on #IfIBecomeThePresidentOfSriLanka here.


TweetupSL, the biggest social media activity in Sri Lanka is about to take place for the fourth consecutive time on 7th of December at MCA grounds.  To mark this event, diGIT and the rest of the Tweeps are digging up their tweets to share the moments they had on Twitter with #TweetUpSLBook and Sri Lankan hashtags. So here am I, in a quest to pen down another article on Sri Lankan Twitter Hashtag memories, unearthed #IfIBecomeThePresidentOfSriLanka which ruled the timeline on August 10, this year.

Who doesn’t dream? Well Poorna (@PoornaCW) dreamt too. He dreamt of becoming the President of Sri Lanka.

Isn’t it sweet when President is giving free Wi-Fi to everyone?

Well this is just the beginning of a series of creative tweets where Tweeps tweeted their thoughts on it. Following tweets are some of the best considered by the writer.

Well Shashika at least trying to remove the bad omen of Sri Lankan cricket team by not watching cricket matches any more, Way to go Shashika.

Popularity of Ex-Alien song eh?

Gihan in a sarcastic manner pointing out the mistakes that journalists sometimes make when tense situations arose in the streets with STF personnel.

Gayan wants another harbor in Galle because it is too mainstream to have just ‘one’ harbor.

Isuru wanted to build a harbor in Kurunegala, I wonder how the Sri Lankan map would look afterwards though.

Mahesh in a very diplomatic manner highlighted the importance that General Fonseka played in fighting and winning the war.

Sachitha, a recent A/L student letting out his frustration at Chemistry subject.

And there was some tweets on food and beverage too.

With food and beverages we also saw Hiran  hinting at the massive stomachs that is prominent among Sri Lankan ministers :)

And we had a comic-con fan too.

This was the scary part, Dodan threatened to deport everyone who used this hash tag :D .

Some bus-song fans too joined in.

Ashen wants to send a Sri Lankan astronaut to moon. A good ambition Ashen!

Doesn’t every kid love this?

Ya. Depinitely!

Well, Gihan had his own ulterior motives and created this fake tweet.

This is the third article of our prequel to #TweetupSL4. You can find our first article covering all the interesting tweets that were tweeted under #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters here and the second article on #SriLankaInThe90s here

TweetupSL 4: Vote Now!

TweetupSL, as we all know, is the largest gathering of the Sri Lankan Twitter community. And from TweetupSL 1 to TweetupSL 3 which was held last year, the community has seen strong growth. This year, preparations are underway to have TweetupSL 4 in a grander scale. A number of interesting activities have been planned for the event, which will be held on the 7th of December at Mercantile Cricket Association, Colombo 7.

Entry Requirements

 This time around, the organizing committee has introduced a set of entry requirements. Tweeps who want to register for the event should meet the following criteria:

  • Should have been active in Twitter for at least 6 months.
  • Should have at least 500 tweets in his/her account.
  • Should have minimum 50 followers.

And more importantly, should be actively tweeting and interacting with the Sri Lankan Twitter community. At the time of writing, the registrations had exceeded 700.

Tweetup is a fun event focused on getting tweeps together and providing a chance to meet and interact in real life. So why have such restrictions, you may wonder. Well, there are many reasons. The Sri Lankan Twitter community is very large. It is also a rapidly growing community. So it is important to make sure the crowd at the event is manageable. These rules will allow to filter the most deserving & active tweeps who will benefit from the event. Also, this restriction will mean, the online votes for the competitions remain free of manipulations by any fake or spam accounts, thus contributing for a fair voting. (A tweep needs to register/login to vote for the categories)

 Supporting a worthy cause

This year will also see TweetupSL having something beyond the “fun” aspect. We will be having “Water With A Difference” (an initiative by late friend and wonderful tweep @sarathsc) on board as a partner and all participants will get a chance to contribute to the project. This will be done through the purchase of a ticket priced at 100 LKR. In return participants will get a WWAD bottle of water along with  a food voucher sponsored by Prima Kottumee. The fund collected will be donated to the representatives from WWAD at  the end of the event.

We will also have Needy Readers team  and the participants can donate any books in usable condition, which will be used to set up school libraries in less privileged areas. A target of collecting 5000 books is anticipated and tweeps are encouraged to bring books for this worthy cause.

 Furthermore Gihan Fernando (editor at digit.lk) is working on a special edition TweetupSL book, which will document the history and special events of Sri Lankan twittersphere. Such a book is published for the first time ever and it will surely be a great souvenir for the Sri Lankan Twitter community. What is worth mentioning about this book is that the book is compiled with the help of the tweeps, so its a one of a kind crowdsourced book in our views. The book is available to all tweeps who pre-order at a very reasonable price of Rs 250 (which is 50% off from retail price of Rs 500).


Moving on to competitions, the organizing team has planned for some really fun filled competitions for the event. We will also have our regular competitions to recognize the deserving tweeps among us. Voting started on the 25th and will go on till the 1st of December.

At the time of writing, the leaderboard for Mr.Tweep & Miss.Tweep, two of the hugely popular categories looked like this:

Mr.Tweep and Miss.Tweep leader-board at the time of writing

Mr.Tweep and Miss.Tweep leader-board at the time of writing

Surprisingly there isn’t a huge margin between the top 5 and the positions seem to be changing quite often. Looking at the number of votes for each participants in ‘Mr.Tweep’ category, I can tell you this will be a highly competitive and unpredictable one till the last moment.

The leaderboard of some other popular categories like Tech Tweep of the year and Twitterholic, looked like this:

Top contestants: Tech Tweep & Twitterholic of the year!

Top contestants: Tech Tweep & Twitterholic of the year!

Apart from the regular categories, few more interesting categories have been introduced. One of them is the “Twitter News Breaker of the Year” which will require the tweeps to vote for the tweep who is usually fast in providing news (of any nature). I’m sure a number of tweeps and journalists will have some tough competition. And I don’t think brands or news agencies will fit into this category, which is aimed at recognising individuals. At the time of writing, this category was among the ones with lowest total number of votes. And thus one of the unpredictable categories.

Twitter News Breaker of the Year Top contestants!

Twitter News Breaker of the Year Top contestants!

The organising team has also introduced few restrictions to the voting. As mentioned before, only those who register will be able to vote. So there cannot be vote manipulation. The members of the organizing committee cannot compete/ tweeps can’t vote for them. This is mainly intended in maintaining the transparency of the whole event. Also, this time tweeps cannot vote for someone who won the same award at TweetupSL 3, last year. This rule has brought mixed reactions from Tweeps. This was in no way intended to cause any difficulties in selecting a suitable candidate.  It was simply intended to allow more tweeps (from the now large community ) to get noticed and recognised. And to maintain a high level of competitiveness and interest in the competition.

What's your take on the "Most Controversial Tweep" and "Diplotweep"?

What’s your take on the “Most Controversial Tweep” and “Diplotweep”?

What the organizing team expects is to see people taking more interest in voting and vote for the most fitting and deserving candidates so their work/talent gets recognized. At the end of the day, the tweetup event should be a fun filled as well as a meaningful event. The Sri Lankan Twitter community is a very diverse one comprising of people from various beliefs and backgrounds but thus far we have managed to stand as one and celebrate as one. Let us unite once more, bigger and stronger, as ONE.

And before I finish, here’s a sneak peak into the leader-board of few more categories:

Who will end up winning these categories? I of course see some of my favourites in the list!

Who will end up winning these categories? I of course see some of my favourites in the list!

(Note: The above leader-boards reflect the status at the time of writing (28.11.2013). Each category has recorded different number of votes. Not everyone who registered has voted, yet. Tweeps have the option to vote all categories at once, or at different times, until the registration portal is closed. Once voted, the votes cannot be changed.)


Tweeps are generally more up-to-date with the latest technologies and happenings than those from other social networks. The news reaches them the fastest and lots of interesting conversations happen. However, it’s not rare to find them becoming nostalgic every once in a while. Especially with the TweetupSL 4 coming up and a book about the Sri Lankan twittersphere being written, people are digging up their old tweets, reminiscing how their timelines were like back then and remembering the epic moments in the past few years. We love talking about how things used to be.

When someone mentions an unforgettable thing that used to happen when we were young, it is very natural that rekindle the memories of other tweeps who join the conversation and make it a trend. That’s exactly what happened when @GayanMW tweeted about a brand of tinned fish from the 90s.

And thus, the #SriLankaInThe90s tag was born. Other tweeps soon followed suit, tweeting about the fond memories from the 1990s, back when most of them were pretty young. The majority of the tweets were related to the old school nostalgia.

Well, no one can possibly forget one-bump cricket.

Many were reminiscing the popular TV shows, movies and adverts back then.

Lots of tweets reflected how the Sri Lankan society used to be back then.

The Oberoi!

Life wasn’t easy as it is now.

One cannot simply forget the horrible war that was going on back then. War was a major part of everyone’s lives.

Some techy tweeps remembered how the computers used to be back then.

There were quite a few hilarious political mentions as well.

Several tweeps even posted photos of the memories from the 90s.

Many tweeps claimed that #SriLankaInThe90s was trending on Twitter countrywide. The hashtag was becoming popular beyond limits.

#SriLankaInThe90s took everyone to a time when there was no Twitter and things were very different.

We initially planned to feature only 20 tweets. But there were so many good ones, we just could not contain ourselves from featuring more.

This is the second article of our prequel to #TweetupSL4. You can find our first article covering all the interesting tweets that were tweeted under #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters here


As many of you know, #TweetUpSL which is the largest gathering of the Sri Lankan Twitter community will be held on 7th of December at Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA). As the online media partner of #TweetupSL 4, Digit Magazine will be bringing back the memories of Sri Lankan Twittershpere by digging into popular hashtags that were used by Tweeps.

Sri Lankan tweeps are known to create conversation around a topic which then converts into a popular hashtag among the community for a given time. The most important aspect is the fun element in these hashtags, where tweeps make it a way to have entertainment on their timeline. Sri Lankan Twitter community seems to be very democratic with voting rights for tweeps to vote for different categories of Tweeps. Since the voting for TweetupSL has already started, we thought of digging into a hashtag which is related to elections and politics - #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters

The interesting point to note about  funny hashtags is that they initiated by a tweep, based on a current incident or a situational factor. #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters was initiated on 27th of January 2013 with the reshuffling and the expansion of Cabinet of Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka is on its way to the Guinness record for the largest cabinet, Twitter community also made their own version of the cabinet which was initiated by Mr. Tweep @GayanMW.

That was the birth of one hillarious hash tag! With this tweet, the hash tag started to get viral on Sri Lankan Twittersphere. These tweets were full of fun and creativity while communicating messages about many issues in the community.

Some tweets were related to the lifestyles of tweeps, then converted to a ministry.

Many tweeps were talking about celibrities, sports and many more random aspects of life.

There were also tweets related to tweep’s full time jobs, which had made them masters to handle the ministries related to the field of work.

Some of the hash tags also talked about the Twitter personalities and also the Twitter routine of Tweeps

Once the ministers were appointed, these Twi-Ministers were also planning for their deputy ministers.

Among these tweeps, there were also tweeps trying really hard to get certain ministries under them with ‘promises and manifestos’, which is very similar to normal situation with Sri Lankan cabinet.

Similar to the situation with any cabinet reshuffle, we also noticed many clashes and fights for few popular ministries such as food and beverages and SRK related activities.

Tweeps were also suggesting that @PresRajapaksa should check out these #TweepsAsCabinetMinisters tweets to get an idea of the preferences of the citizens.

And this is what happened!

It is about fun! But at times, it goes beyond that! The note below, sums up all :)


The much awaited event of the year for the Sri Lankan Tweeps, the TweetupSL 4 will be held on the 7th of December. And the portal for tweeps to get registered for the event is about to go live at 5 pm today! Yes, that’s few minutes from now and the excitement among tweeps can be seen everywhere on our timelines!

 We managed to capture some of the excitement here:

And to add to that excitement, we learn that they’ll be more exciting stuff happening this time at the event. TweetupSL will be partnering with ‘Water With a difference’ project and participants will be able to donate to the cause. Tweeps will also be able to donate books to needy Readers, so bring those books that you have read that are just lying around in your homes!

And as usual everyone can hope so many cool goodies including TweetupSL T-shirts. The Digit team is also excited to be an Online media partner at the event and we are also working on the TweetupSL book, for the first time ever. So, hurry to the TweetupSL website to register and learn more!